A Day in the Life: 5 Cosmetology Gigs You Never Would Have Expected

Within a traditional salon/spa setting, there are plenty of jobs available, from hair and makeup to nails and skin care.

But with the right education and experience, there are unique paths you can take in your career as a cosmetologist. You’ll still work in a fun industry—you’ll just use your knowledge of beautification in different ways.

Here are five careers in the cosmetology field you may not have even known existed.


You know how to make people look and feel great. Can you tell others how it works?

Industry publications and beauty-product manufacturers themselves need people who know about cosmetology and can write in an entertaining and informative way. Your time in school or on the job may have given you the insider knowledge these employers are looking for.

L’Oreal Paris, for example, has sections of its website dedicated to various aspects of beauty, while Allure has its own beauty writer. Who better to write these types of things than someone with an education and background in cosmetology?

If you don’t know where to start, try firing up your own beauty blog. It will help you:

  •        Build a knowledge of the industry
  •        Learn about the latest trends
  •        Practice your writing
  •        Develop a portfolio
  •        Make connections
  •        Advance your technical and social media skills

Writing about cosmetology also gives you access to the coolest products and trends.

Also, making your own YouTube videos can be super popular and turn lucrative.

Sales rep for beauty supply company

If you like meeting new people and are passionate about a particular line, maybe being a sales representative for a beauty supply company is a good career for you.

The work can take many forms, including showcasing the products at trade shows and promotional events or going to salons and spas and demonstrating the benefits of the products and how they’re used.

Many employers want candidates who have previously worked as a cosmetologist or in some position in the beauty industry, according to Education Portal. Moving forward with your education could also put you in a great position to get hired.

There are similar jobs you get at department stores, working in the beauty department and showing off features of a particular line to customers.

Bonus: You’ll probably get a ton of discounts!

Salon sales consultant

A salon sales consultant works for companies who want their lines sold at salons and spas.

With your schooling and expertise in cosmetology, you’ll know what those in the industry are looking for in a product and be able to tell people why they should display it at their location.

If you have a passion for the beauty industry and love learning about hot new merchandise, being a salon sales consultant could be right up your alley. In this job, you’ll get to travel in your territory, meet new people and talk about consumers’ favorite products.

You can also focus on a particular aspect of the world of beauty—hair, nails, skin, etc.—and find the best fit for your interests.

Brand ambassador

Brand ambassadors work to promote a product at salons and spas, as well as trade conferences and events.

In this role, you’ll be interacting directly with potential customers, giving out samples and generating excitement about beauty products. It’s your job to be professional yet fun and engaging, and represent the brand and educate people about why they should use it.

This is where your cosmetology background is a major plus. You’ll need to know how a potential customer would use the line—taking into account their hair type, skin tone and other factors—and be able to pitch the line with those things in mind.

If you’re outgoing and thoughtful and good at talking to people, being a brand ambassador might be a great fit.

Cosmetology instructor

This is where it all comes full circle.

If you simply love learning about the beauty industry—how to cut, style and color hair, give manis and pedis, conduct spa treatments and do facials—maybe you would also enjoy teaching others!

You will likely need to continue your education to get one of these positions, but it can be extremely rewarding to see people develop their talents and take what they’ve learned and apply it outside the classroom.

Remember your time in beauty school and how fun it was? You can shape the next generation of cosmetologists and help them achieve their dreams.