Graduate Performs ‘Man Makeover’ on Twin Cities Live

Holly Kleshold’s, Minnesota School of Cosmetology alum.

“Want it more than you’re afraid of it”, is one of Holly Kleshold’s, graduate from Minnesota School of Cosmetology, favorite quotes and something she reminds herself of every day.

Holly’s journey started seven years ago when she decided to enroll at Minnesota School of Cosmetology. Little did she know, that was probably the best decision she ever made, according to Holly.

“I enjoyed my time at Minnesota School of Cosmetology, I was in the evening program, as I worked full-time during the day. That was the first thing that prepared me for the real world,” said Holly. “I also had to work two jobs my first year in the industry.”

She has been at working at Simonson’s Salon & Spa for more than four years now where she works 30-35 hours a week. Her current income at Simonson’s exceeds what she used to make working two jobs, 70 plus hours a week, according to Holly.

Holly on Twin Cities Live: 

I am so thankful for the opportunities given to me through Simonson’s. We have consistent education, to keep current with trends and we are also partnered with/the official salon of Twin Cities Live (TCL). They do segments every few weeks featuring different services we offer.

Holly’s Man Makeover on Jim on Twin Cities Live.

I was asked to do an on screen men’s makeover for the show, I was so excited but incredibly nervous at the same time. We shot the segment at the salon, with the hosts and a one man camera crew. We focused on waxing, men’s color and cut.

Jim was my model, very nice guy, with a mustache that hadn’t been shaved in over 20 years. We waxed his brows, ears and nose, blended his gray hair and gave him a much needed, updated haircut. Last but not least, Jim shaved his mustache. He looked at least ten years younger and I could tell he felt great, he had that genuine smile, a sure sign of a happy client.

Click here to watch Holly’s Segment on Twin Cities Live. 

Holly’s Experience at Minnesota School of Cosmetology:

My time at Minnesota School of Cosmetology was inspiring, exciting, overwhelming at times. There were many times where I questioned if I was right for this industry, but this industry has helped me discover who I really am. Also, my instructors pushed me to get out of my comfort zone which, I think, is the key to growth.

I am continually faced with challenges, because every client is different and has different needs. However, that’s what I love about my job. I love that I can make people feel good about themselves and in turn they make me feel good about myself. It is amazing how one client can turn your whole day around.

When I graduated five years ago from Minnesota School of Cosmetology, never in a million years did I think I would be teaching people to do the things I struggled with nor would I have ever imagined I would be on television, but hard work and stepping out of your comfort zone sure do pay off.

I am so thankful for the opportunities that I have been given and will go in to every day with an open heart and mind. How rewarding it is to be a part of this ever changing industry. I am so thankful I decided to take my first steps at Minnesota School of Cosmetology.


Minnesota School of Cosmetology Creates 2015 Prom Trends for Twin Cities Live

As we enter prom season, high school girls are beginning to think about their dresses, how they will style their hair, do their makeup and polish their nails. Of course, they can’t do any of this without knowing what the hottest trends are for the season. That’s where Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC) comes in.

On Friday, April 3, Minnesota School of Cosmetology students modeled the latest hair, makeup and nail trends for prom 2015 on KSTP TV’s “Twin Cities Live,” and instructor Donna Dungy explained how viewers can get the styles for themselves, whether they are attending prom or just going out on the town. The three models also got the opportunity to go to Macy’s at Mall of America to choose dresses and shoes to finish off their looks.

MSC students and instructor Donna Dungy on the set of “Twin Cities Live.”

For the first look, MSC student Hayley Buth styled fellow classmate Amber Forchette’s hair into long, beach waves using a 1 3/4-inch curling iron and breaking up the curls with styling serum to make it appear more natural; a look simple enough for anyone to do themselves. The theme was also mirrored in her long, flowing dress, which was pastel pink. Dungy explained that pastel colors are very popular this year, so Hayley chose pastel pink makeup and nail polish for Amber as well.

Amber's complete prom look.
Amber’s complete prom look.

Continuing with the pastel trend, MSC student Brianna Belanger modeled a mint green dress from Macy’s. Dungy pointed out that bold, smoky eyes are in this season, and stylist Sarah Leeper achieved this look for Brianna by using silver and gray eye makeup. Brianna’s hair was styled in a loose updo, which is simple enough to be done at home with help from a friend. By curling and teasing the hair and dividing into three sections, the middle section can be pulled into a loose bun off to the side and the front to sections twisted into the back. This style can be made prom-ready by adding a decorative broach. Sarah also gave Brianna a design on her nails – another popular spring trend.

brianna hair
How to get Brianna’s prom hair.
Brianna's complete prom look.
Brianna’s complete prom look.

For the final look, MSC student Clare McGreal gave Monica Vo a more complicated pin-curl updo, which Dungy recommends visiting a salon like Minnesota School of Cosmetology to have done. Bold lips are also in for prom this year, and Clare use a shade of red to accent Monica’s pout. Dungy explains that embellishments are another popular trend this spring, and they were featured on both Monica’s dress and nails to pull the whole look together.

Watch the full “Twin Cities Live” segment.

Monica Vo's complete prom look.
Monica Vo’s complete prom look.

Students Get Up Close and Personal with Carson Kressley

Last week, Minnesota School of Cosmetology-Woodbury (MSC) students, Michelle Joslin and Brooke Jacobson, had the opportunity to work for KSTP television’s Twin Cities Live program. They created the hairstyle and makeup for Carson Kressley (of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” fame), who was appearing on the show to promote his new fall fashion line. 

Our students did such a tremendous job with Twin Cities Live that we have been asked to return for another great opportunity next week! The producers asked us to assist with their “Host for a Day” shows. A few selected students will once again create hairstyles and makeup for the hosts.  The show will be airing on KSTP each day, Sept. 23–Sept. 27 at 3:00 p.m.

There will be more opportunities to come as we continue to show our students’ amazing potential!  Great work MSC students and MSC instructors for providing such distinguished hands-on training to our students!

By Jill Hocking, Campus Director, Minnesota School of Cosmetology-Woodbury