Top 10 Beauty Gurus on YouTube

I am not a beauty expert, but as the front desk manager at our MSC-Woodbury campus, I have a passion for this industry and am excited to share my suggestions for Top 10 beauty videos on YouTube.

I have be honest. I used to color my own hair and never did my makeup. Then I started working for MSC and it really drew my attention to how I presented myself. I still don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I’ve made it my goal for this next year to learn how to do my own makeup by watching YouTube videos.

I wanted to see what these vlogs were all about. Could these ridiculously popular vloggers really teach me about beauty in the way that enhanced the education that I’ve gotten by watching and learning from our students? You’d be surprised! Most of these vloggers have little to no previous makeup, hair, or beauty experience, but they’re ruling the internet with these videos! Why? Because they are regular people, just like you and me, and they have a passion for this industry.

I set out by searching “beauty blogs” and proceeded to watch dozens and dozens of videos by countless numbers of people. Did you know there are even videos about who to watch? There are, and I watched those too. Then I realized that it’s really up to each individual person and how they relate to who they are watching. Some were crazy annoying. Some covered way more than just beauty tips. There are specific vlogs for whatever you are looking to do. There’s an amazing amount of videos to go through.  It was almost overwhelming.

After all that research, I was able to narrow down a list of my ten favorite beauty and lifestyle gurus on YouTube. Check them out and then make your own decision on who you connect with and follow:


  • Has 220 videos on literally everything related to makeup, hair, relationships, product reviews, collaboration videos, fashion, beauty & homeware hauls, and life in general
  • You can follow her on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, as well as her own
  • She’s funny. She’s real. She’s real funny. There’s a reason she’s at the top. If you follow one person from this list – follow Zoe.
  • One to watch: Boyfriend Does My Makeup




Carli Bybel aka “The Beauty Bybel”

  • Has over 3.3 million subscriber
  • Has over 370 videos on everything from makeup, hair, and fashion
  • She has a couple of blogs, a couple of Instagram accounts, Facebook, her own website, Google+, and Twitter so you can truly keep up to date with everything she is doing
  • One to watch: Makeup Mistakes to Avoid




Michelle Phan

    • Has over 8 million subscribers
    • as over 370 videos mostly about makeup but has some very funny and interesting videos about Pet DIYs, room ideas for Unicorns (yes she really did), to real advice, and hair
  • Has over 8 million subscribers
  • She also has a blog, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you can keep up to date on all of her advice
  • One to watch: The Smolder



Whit aka “Naptural85”


  • Has over 650,000 subscribers
  • Has over 200 videos on everything for natural hair, makeup, storage ideas, hairstyles, product reviews, hair accessories, etc.
  • You can also follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Facebook
  • One to watch: The Perfect Curl Bun



Bethany Mota

        Probably the most actually well-known YouTube beauty guru in the United States
      • Has over 9.4 million subscribers
      • Has over 420 videos on everything about hair, makeup, fashion, DIY & lifestyle informational videos
      • You can also find her on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as another YouTube channel geared just towards her life (it’s gotten that big!)
      • One to watch: New Years Eve Makeup


Lauren Curtis





Andrea Brooks aka “AndreasChoice”

  • Has 3.4 million subscribers
  • Andrea’s on Tumblr, Instagram, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter so you can follow her pretty much everywhere
  • Has 186 videos on easy DIY, beauty, fashion, and makeup – super cool Halloween makeup and celebrity looks
  • One to watch: Lion Hair & Makeup


 Kandee Johnson

  • Has over 3.2 million followers
  • Over 530 videos on everything on how to do makeup, hairstyles, as well as lifestyle videos on cooking and fun.
  • She does a lot of “celebrity looks”
  • Follow her on Google+, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – she has some really amazing transformations that she does
  • One to watch: Kylie Jenner Transformation



Tanya Burr


  • Over 430 videos of everything from Hauls, to makeup tutorials, to how to bake!
  • She’s on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook
  • One to watch: Eye Makeup for Glasses Wearers



Ingrid Nilsen


    Has over 3.8 million subscribers


I hope that you enjoy looking through these videos as much as I did and stay tuned to a future blog when I describe my experience in trying to follow a makeup tutorial given by one of these gals!

Until next time…


Hot DIY Nail Art Trends for 2013

What are ombre nails? There are a couple different ways to get ombre looks.  You can do it on each nail or start with a light color on the pinky and go darker on each nail all the way to the thumb. Either way, the ombre look shows no signs of slowing!

To do it on each nail, you will need at least two colors, a makeup sponge, and scotch tape, cuticle oil, or glue.

  • Tape around each nail or put a layer of glue around each nail without touching the nail or apply cuticle oil carefully on the skin around the nail (don’t forget the pad of the finger!)
  • Polish your nails with a base coat and at least 1 base color
  • Take the square bottom end of a triangular makeup sponge and place a strip of each color on the bottom
  • Stamp it on your nails, do it more than once if necessary bringing it up slightly higher each time if you want more
  • Wait for it to dry and then peel off the tape or glue, or wipe the oil into the skin
  • Apply a top coat and you are done!

Water marblingthis is a really cool looking technique that you can do at home.  All you need is some polish, a shot glass or small cup, warm (not hot!) water, and scotch tape, oil, or glue

  • First, tape around your nails covering most visible skin or apply a thin layer of glue around the skin – not touching the nail and let it dry
  • Polish your nails with a base coat or a base color coat. 
  • Start with a small cup of room temperature water (very important to be room temp 68-72 degrees and don’t try styrofoam cup)
  • Put a single drop of each color in the water  
  • Then take a toothpick and marbleize it in the water.
  • Take your finger and slowly dip it into the middle of the color in the water making sure it is completely submerged and slowly take it out.
  • Let dry and then take off the tape or peel off the glue
  • Cover with a top coat and you’re done! 

Matte Designs

I’ve talked about my love of OPI polish.  When they came out with their matte lines of polish, I wasn’t initially all that impressed.  But they decided they weren’t quite done with the concept.  They finally got it right!  OPI Matte Top Coat.  What a great way to introduce super subtle nail art designs!

What you’ll need:  Base coat, regular OPI color, OPI Matte Top Coat, regular top coat and what else?  Scotch tape!   (Or find other types of netting or things that can create different designs)

  • Use a base coat and apply 2 coats of your color and a regular top coat
  • Wait until completely dry (approx. 30 min) and place strips of scotch tape in areas that you want your regular color to show through nice and shiny
  • Apply OPI Matte Top Coat over the top of the exposed areas
  • Wait until dry (5-10 min) and carefully peel off the tape
  • Voila!  Subtle nail art designs – very classy!

5 Tips to Keep Polish on Your Nails

Ever wonder what works best to keep the polish on your nails?  Did you know that all companies that sell polish in the U.S. have removed the formaldehyde from polish so it is more difficult to stay on?  Here are some great ways to keep your polish on your nails just a little bit longer!

1. Use regular acetone or a polish remover with acetone to remove the natural oils from your nail surface.  It is so important to clean the surface before applying polish because otherwise your polish will not adhere to the surface.
2. Use a product like OPI Chip Skip to place on your nail before you use a base coat.  These products are made to help the polish adhere to your nail even better!

3. Wait 60 seconds between coats!  Trust me – just exercise a little patience and it will pay off later.   Typical application would be base coat, first thin layer of color, second thin layer of color, and then a top coat.  (Bonus tip: Make sure you are putting the color all the way over the edge of your nail and when you put the top coat on, top the edge too!  This is typically the first place people experience chips or nicks.)

4. Polish with a glitter or shimmer polish.  These types of polishes tend to stick to your nails better than regular polish.  And yes, as you probably all know, that means they are a little more difficult to get off!  (Bonus tip for hard-to-remove polish:  Soak a cotton ball in remover or acetone, place on nail polish, cover with a small square of aluminum foil & wrap around finger, and let “soak” for up to 10 minutes for hard-to-remove polish, then use cotton ball to remove.  This same technique is used in a similar way to remove acrylic from your nails so it works great to remove stubborn polish!)

5. Keep applying that top coat!  Seriously!  Think of it like waxing the car – it prolongs the color and fills in all the nicks and dings!  Apply a top coat layer every other day.  (Bonus tip: Put a drop of vegetable or olive oil on each nail after applying the top coat.  This helps for a few reasons – it helps seal the polish and makes it slick so that hair and things like that slide off until it is dry, and it helps moisten your cuticles.)


My name is Cori and I have been a licensed nail technician for 7 years. I work for the Minnesota School of Cosmetology in Woodbury and also received my training here.  Since MSC is an “OPI” school (meaning we use mostly OPI products) I typically will use OPI for my demonstrations, but keep in mind, most of my tips and tricks can be used with whatever nail polish you have.  I always recommend using professional beauty products such as OPI, CND, Zoya, or Venique, to name a few.

I have done a lot of traveling in my life and love experiencing new things and places. And I love people! I love what you can learn about people when you actually take a minute to have a conversation with them.  Networking and learning from others gives me a chance to get their thoughts on what they like for styles and trends.  I have a passion for the industry and love keeping up with all of the new techniques and trends.  Pinterest is a favorite place of mine to visit for some brilliant style ideas. There are so many creative people out there that share great pics!  I am so excited to share tips and tricks from the nail tech world with you.