Where Are They Now? 7 Questions for MSC Graduate Lindsey Moline

Minnesota School of Cosmetology’s (MSC) primary mission is to produce employable graduates into the cosmetology industry. Since we are a career college, our number one goal is for all graduates to be successful in their field!

We were happy to interview our MSC-Woodbury alumni, Lindsey Moline, who graduated in 2011. We love hearing graduate success stories!

1. What was your career path before graduating from Minnesota School of Cosmetology?

Before MSC, I had a few thoughts about doing hair but never jumped in and went for it. After everyone else I knew was mostly done with their college degrees, I finally said, “Im going to do this.” I worked reception jobs at various places but never could find my “dream job” or something I enjoyed doing all day, everyday. I even tried being a stay at home wife but was so bored—until MSC! I started at MSC three years ago, and it has taken me so far since that start date.

MSC-Woodbury Alumni, Lindsey Moline

2. Why did you choose to attend MSC?

I chose MSC because they had the most all-around schooling for cosmetology. They taught you every service offered in a full service salon, with lots of hands-on experience. I didn’t want to sit behind a desk while I attended school—I wanted to do hair from day one—which is exactly what I got from MSC. I also wanted to know the business side of beauty like resume writing, personal skills, people skills, how salons work, etc.

3. How did your education enhance or change your current career path?

I am now able to say I can offer any service in a full-service salon. It has made me a well-rounded cosmetologist. They helped me write a good resume, taught me interviewing skills, and I even learned about working with others in the salon. The biggest advantage was working will all kinds of clients from all ages and personalities.

4. What piece of advice would you give to students considering a career in cosmetology?

MSC will give you everything you need to be successful in this field, so utilize it every day. It is the most rewarding job I have ever had, and I’m not sure there are many more rewarding jobs out there. We, as cosmetologists, are one of very few professions that get to put our hands on our customers. This is a huge bonding experience for any human. It’s so very rewarding to meet people from all walks of life and give back to every one. Also, sell your retail! It will make you lots of money. And to students: take a lot of specialty theory courses, because there is so much information, and you will be so well-rounded because of it!

5. What do you enjoy about the cosmetology industry?

I love that every day is different. I go to the same salon, see the same girls, and provide the same menu of services but everyone client’s story is different. Every service is different. My favorite is when you get thrown a curveball. There is never a dull day in the salon!

6. Where has your job taken you?

I was licensed in Minnesota for the first nine months of my career in which I was a full time stylist at Fantastic Sams. My husband’s job then transferred us to Louisville, Ky., where I became licensed in Indiana (which borders Ky.). I was licensed as soon as I arrived and started applying for jobs. I took a stylist position with Fantastic Sams. My original Fantastic Sams job definitely helped me with knowing their procedures and color, etc. Within four months I became the assistant manager. The store I was at then closed, and I was relocated to a nearby store where I remained the assistant manager. Today, about three years after my first day at MSC, I am proud to say that I am the salon manager for a Fantastic Sams. I have been with the same franchise for two years, and my hard work and dedication has certainly paid off.

7. How has your education at MSC impacted your professional life?

The education I received from MSC has certainly made this all possible. They taught several skills for me to take into the salon and be successful. I meet students right out of cosmetology school at my current job, and there are a lot of hiccups in their skills—mostly things they were never taught. Even the most simple—how to mix color. When I had my first day in the salon, I knew everything they asked me to know.

All the information and education I got while attending MSC has certainly made my manager position much easier. Thank you Minnesota School of Cosmetology!



MSC-Woodbury Student Wins Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship

Minnesota School of Cosmetology-Woodbury student, Katherine Spicer, was recently awarded a Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship. Spicer was one of twenty-seven students across the United States selected to receive the $1,000 Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship, which goes toward tuition costs for cosmetology education.

MSC-Woodbury student, Katherine Spicer
Since its inception 17 years ago, the Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship Foundation has awarded $250,000 in scholarships. It has grown from seven awards in the foundation’s early years to a record 27 scholarships this year! Each scholarship recipient demonstrated a strong commitment to complete his or her barber or cosmetology education and financial need.

From the Joe Francis website: The Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship Foundation memorializes the life and achievements of Joe Francis, founder of The Barbers Corporation and the franchise systems: Cost Cutters, City Looks Salons, and We Care Hair, now Regis Corporation subsidiaries.

Congrats, Katherine! We are very proud of you!


Learning from the Masters: Cosmetology Pros Share Industry Insights

Top cosmetology industry leaders in the Twin Cities visited Minnesota School of Cosmetology in Woodbury to share their knowledge, experiences and professional advice with students. The Master Panel included representatives from Spalon Montage, JUUT, Moxie Salon, Fantastic Sams, Cole’s Salon, Euphoria Salon, Great Clips, and Lili Salon Spa.

To start off the afternoon, our creative students did each other’s hair and makeup and presented their work by strutting down the runway in a fashion show. The members of the panel enjoyed acting as the judges and awarded the top three most artistic overall looks.

The students had the luxury of asking the members of the panel important questions about the cosmetology industry to gain beneficial insight. A few of the many questions raised included:

  • Who was your mentor and how do you suggest finding a mentor?
  • What do you find most challenging about the cosmetology industry?
  • What are your tips for resume writing?
  • What is the best way to network within the industry?

The industry partners also answered specific questions about their particular salons.

Julie Diedrich, Industry Relations Specialist for Great Clips, exclaimed, “Thanks so much for having us…we all thought this was one the BEST panels that we have EVER served on! Mary Jo (Fantastic Sams), Sara (Great Clips) and Steven (Moxie) agreed!  What a blast! I hope the students enjoyed it!”

Our student cosmetologists benefit greatly from the guidance and expertise of our amazing industry partners. The Minnesota School of Cosmetology is very appreciative to have such outstanding relationships with the employers that hire our students to work in the career of their dreams.