Top 10 Beauty Gurus on YouTube

I am not a beauty expert, but as the front desk manager at our MSC-Woodbury campus, I have a passion for this industry and am excited to share my suggestions for Top 10 beauty videos on YouTube.

I have be honest. I used to color my own hair and never did my makeup. Then I started working for MSC and it really drew my attention to how I presented myself. I still don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I’ve made it my goal for this next year to learn how to do my own makeup by watching YouTube videos.

I wanted to see what these vlogs were all about. Could these ridiculously popular vloggers really teach me about beauty in the way that enhanced the education that I’ve gotten by watching and learning from our students? You’d be surprised! Most of these vloggers have little to no previous makeup, hair, or beauty experience, but they’re ruling the internet with these videos! Why? Because they are regular people, just like you and me, and they have a passion for this industry.

I set out by searching “beauty blogs” and proceeded to watch dozens and dozens of videos by countless numbers of people. Did you know there are even videos about who to watch? There are, and I watched those too. Then I realized that it’s really up to each individual person and how they relate to who they are watching. Some were crazy annoying. Some covered way more than just beauty tips. There are specific vlogs for whatever you are looking to do. There’s an amazing amount of videos to go through.  It was almost overwhelming.

After all that research, I was able to narrow down a list of my ten favorite beauty and lifestyle gurus on YouTube. Check them out and then make your own decision on who you connect with and follow:


  • Has 220 videos on literally everything related to makeup, hair, relationships, product reviews, collaboration videos, fashion, beauty & homeware hauls, and life in general
  • You can follow her on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, as well as her own
  • She’s funny. She’s real. She’s real funny. There’s a reason she’s at the top. If you follow one person from this list – follow Zoe.
  • One to watch: Boyfriend Does My Makeup




Carli Bybel aka “The Beauty Bybel”

  • Has over 3.3 million subscriber
  • Has over 370 videos on everything from makeup, hair, and fashion
  • She has a couple of blogs, a couple of Instagram accounts, Facebook, her own website, Google+, and Twitter so you can truly keep up to date with everything she is doing
  • One to watch: Makeup Mistakes to Avoid




Michelle Phan

    • Has over 8 million subscribers
    • as over 370 videos mostly about makeup but has some very funny and interesting videos about Pet DIYs, room ideas for Unicorns (yes she really did), to real advice, and hair
  • Has over 8 million subscribers
  • She also has a blog, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you can keep up to date on all of her advice
  • One to watch: The Smolder



Whit aka “Naptural85”


  • Has over 650,000 subscribers
  • Has over 200 videos on everything for natural hair, makeup, storage ideas, hairstyles, product reviews, hair accessories, etc.
  • You can also follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Facebook
  • One to watch: The Perfect Curl Bun



Bethany Mota

        Probably the most actually well-known YouTube beauty guru in the United States
      • Has over 9.4 million subscribers
      • Has over 420 videos on everything about hair, makeup, fashion, DIY & lifestyle informational videos
      • You can also find her on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as another YouTube channel geared just towards her life (it’s gotten that big!)
      • One to watch: New Years Eve Makeup


Lauren Curtis





Andrea Brooks aka “AndreasChoice”

  • Has 3.4 million subscribers
  • Andrea’s on Tumblr, Instagram, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter so you can follow her pretty much everywhere
  • Has 186 videos on easy DIY, beauty, fashion, and makeup – super cool Halloween makeup and celebrity looks
  • One to watch: Lion Hair & Makeup


 Kandee Johnson

  • Has over 3.2 million followers
  • Over 530 videos on everything on how to do makeup, hairstyles, as well as lifestyle videos on cooking and fun.
  • She does a lot of “celebrity looks”
  • Follow her on Google+, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – she has some really amazing transformations that she does
  • One to watch: Kylie Jenner Transformation



Tanya Burr


  • Over 430 videos of everything from Hauls, to makeup tutorials, to how to bake!
  • She’s on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook
  • One to watch: Eye Makeup for Glasses Wearers



Ingrid Nilsen


    Has over 3.8 million subscribers


I hope that you enjoy looking through these videos as much as I did and stay tuned to a future blog when I describe my experience in trying to follow a makeup tutorial given by one of these gals!

Until next time…


Minnesota School of Cosmetology Offers Fabulous Day of Beauty for Women in the Community

Each participant received a virtual makeover using an iPad app.
Each participant received a virtual makeover using an iPad app.

Six women arrived at the Minnesota School of Cosmetology-Plymouth campus salon on the afternoon of Saturday, April 12, eager to learn some beauty tips, tricks and techniques from the students. They are participating in a hands-on class as part of the Wayzata community education program, where they have the opportunity to see what it is like in the life of a cosmetology professional. This is the third class the school has done of this kind, offering beauty advice to members of the community.

“We’ve paired each participant with some of our top students to help with skincare, hair and makeup,” explains MSC instructor Nikki Klenk on what is to come during the exciting day ahead. “We’re here to pamper them today.”

The first part of the class was spent giving each of the women a virtual makeover. Photos were taken of each participant with the iPad and then uploaded to an app with makeover software. The Mary Kay app they used allowed for the women to visualize what different hair styles, colors, cuts and makeup looks would look like on them before trying it out for real. The students consulted one-on-one with their partners about which styles looked best, and once they decided their favorite looks, it was time to try them out.

“It’s really fun to be able to see different hairstyles all at one time and compare colors and lengths,” says participant Mary on her experience with the virtual makeover. “That was my favorite part.”

They started by learning some skincare techniques. The students removed all the participants’ makeup and explained the importance of a moisturized face. They used lotion with beneficial ingredients including seaweed and applied hot towels to the skin.

Next, half the women started with makeup while the other started with hair. With a clean face and freshly washed hair, the students started from scratch with their respective participants. As they showed the women how to achieve the looks shown in their virtual makeovers, they offered little tidbits of advice along the way. The participants were also able to ask questions about how to achieve certain styles and which products and tools to use. The students demonstrated how to blow dry for volume, create waves and control frizz, as well as apply makeup to go from day to night looks.

“I had a lot of fun! I learned lots of tips and tricks, and I like learning new ideas for my hair and makeup,” says participant Lisa. “I’d do it again.”

Each participant not only walked away with some new ideas and techniques to try at home, but they also received a gift bag that included salon products and a printed photo of their virtual makeover results.

To learn more about Minnesota School of Cosmetology visit

Twin Cities Live Viewer Receives Virtual Makeover

The possibilities are endless with the use of iPads at the Minnesota School of Cosmetology. This was seen firsthand as Twin Cities Live viewer, Stephanie, received a complete virtual makeover, courtesy of MSC. Stephanie was a little nervous but definitely excited as she began her transformation with the help of the new technology.

“The integration of iPads into our curriculum not only changes how students learn in the classroom, but allows clients like Stephanie to have a completely different experience on the salon floor,” says Jill Hocking, campus director at Minnesota School of Cosmetology Woodbury campus.

Stephanie wanted a new look for her upcoming birthday, so to begin, Minnesota School of Cosmetology student, Heather, used an app on her iPad to show Stephanie a few different makeover options. After taking Stephanie’s photo on the iPad, Heather was able to upload it to the application to show Stephanie what different hairstyles would look like on her, before even touching a pair of shears.

“The iPad is really good for clients who want drastic changes,” Heather says about using apps to show clients potential new looks. “It makes them feel more comfortable and relieves the tension so that we can just take care of them.”

With the guidance of Heather and MSC instructor, Irene, Stephanie decided on a cut and color, and she was off to the shampoo sinks to begin her transformation. To give her a more mature look, Heather cut Stephanie’s hair to collarbone-length with an inverted style, meaning longer in the front and shorter in the back. She also gave her bangs. Heather then applied all-over base hair color to bring out the natural red undertones in Stephanie’s hair.

While the color set, Heather began working on Stephanie’s makeup. Once again, she used the iPad app to determine the best look. She was able to choose everything from the foundation, lipstick color and eye makeup, all with the use of the app.

Heather applied foils to add some highlights in Stephanie’s hair, and after a few finishing touches and some styling, Stephanie’s new look was revealed.

“I love it,” says Stephanie after seeing the final result. “It’s even better than I expected.”

Watch the Twin Cities Live story:


How to Make the Most of Your Next Makeover

When you see a need for change in your life it may be as simple as a beauty makeover.  Makeovers are a great way to cheer yourself up, diminish boredom, and simply make yourself feel good about how you look.  It may sound superficial, but let’s face it: feeling beautiful plays a major role in self-confidence.

First things first, figure out what you want to change.  Is it your hair and skin? Maybe you need a new wardrobe.  Make a list and begin making changes. Most importantly don’t forget the before picture!  Following are some considerations for a beauty overhaul. 

  1. Haircut – When choosing a new hairstyle there are many options.  You can visit Minnesota School of Cosmetology to meet with a future cosmetology professional and have a consultation during which you will be able to discuss what types of cuts look best on your particular face shape.  You can also upload an image of yourself to a variety of websites and literally try out different haircuts and see the results instantly. 
  2. Color – Altering your hair color is a dramatic change that can transform your whole look.  Again this is a great time to seek the advice of a future cosmetology professional at Minnesota School of Cosmetology.  Pictures speak a thousand words when it comes to explaining what color you would like.  Know your limits and decide how bold you want your change to be. Even something as subtle as adding a few face framing highlights can change the entire look of a haircut.   
  3. Make-up – Most people are stuck in a rut when it comes to make-up.  In order to gain new perspective on what colors would look pretty on you, get advice from others.  Go to a make-up counter or come to Minnesota School of Cosmetology and have a make-up application.  You’ll be amazed at the selection of colors.  Some of which you may never have considered! And remember, sometimes when it comes to make-up, a makeover could mean a make-under. 

You are unique, so don’t compare your looks to anyone else. A makeover is a great time to find ways to make those so-called “flaws” of yours look great! A fresh new perspective from a future professional may be just the place to begin generating fun ideas and help in creating a new you!

By: Tiffany Morvari, Instructor at Minnesota School of Cosmetology