10 Benefits of Attending Hair School

Every year, many people take their passion for hair to the next level by starting a cosmetology program. Those who become hairstylists may also learn valuable skills like makeup application and wardrobe styling. Whether you want to work with famous clients or simply want to build a devoted client base, you may want to consider attending a hair school.

Working your magic to help others look great can be both challenging and exciting. If you’re interested in being a beautician, chances are you’ve already helped your friends and family get ready for an important event by styling their hair or applying their makeup. If your loved ones count on you to help them achieve the right hairstyle or are constantly asking you for advice on hair products, you could be successful as a beautician. Here are some of the benefits of going to hair school to become a stylist.

Benefit #1 – The Freedom of Being a Business Owner

Once you graduate from hair school and become a licensed stylist, you’ll have professional freedom and the opportunity to own your own salon one day. You can also work according to a schedule that works for you and work as many hours as you want. You can work in a salon during normal business hours until you have your own business, or you can choose to work weekends servicing clients independently.

Most people who graduate from a hair school transition into a salon after graduation and build their own businesses after building a client base.

Benefit #2 – Create the Schedule You Want

If you’re not a morning person and you prefer to work in the afternoons, you can do that! Want to keep your days free? The choice is yours. If you have a young child and prefer to be a stay-at-home parent until your child is school-aged, working in the hair and beauty industry allows you to do this.

If you have dreams of working in a salon, you can set the hours that work best for your goals. A flexible schedule also helps if you want to participate in continuing education opportunities. Many opportunities for continuing education exist beyond hair school to perfect your skills in specific areas, such as hair coloring, cutting and styling hair.

Benefit #3 Income Reflects the Quality of Your Work

When you’re a hairstylist, you don’t necessarily have to wait on a “promotion.” As more people hear about your services and your clientele continues to grow, you can start increasing your prices.

You can also price your services based on the type of work you do. In addition to services, the number of clients you see in a week’s time can factor into your price list as well. If you want to have more control over the money you make, being a hairstylist could be the right career for you. Hair school provides you with the skills and confidence you need to provide quality service to your customers.

Benefit #4 – You Love Working with Makeup and Hair

Transforming your clients by giving them a new look with a fresh hairstyle or creative makeup colors can definitely be exciting. The skills you learn in hair school helps to give people confidence. When you’re a hairstylist, your clients trust you to change the way the world visually perceives them. As a result, this can make your career especially rewarding and give you the motivation you need to do your best every day.

Benefit #5 – Work with Famous Clients

If the thought of working with celebrities excites you, being a hairstylist may be a prime career choice. Going to hair school can provide you with the training you need to work professionally with big name clients. After you hone your skills and are confident in your abilities, you may feel more comfortable branching out. Regular clients may refer you to their model friends, beauty influencers, or you may network with local celebrities. Alternatively, you can service these clients when they come to the salon for a cut, color or makeup application.

Learn Everything Hair School Offers

Make sure that you take advantage of your time in the salon during your time in hair school so you can learn all the newest techniques and methods for ensuring your celebrity clients look and feel great. You may also get the chance to work with other clients who are in the public eye, such as news anchors and politicians, which will give you even more practice so you can transition from colorful, eye-catching looks to conservative and classic styles depending on the client you’re servicing.

Sometimes Less is More

If you find that you prefer having a few high-profile clients to working in a salon, you can market yourself as a personal stylist or beauty professional so you can work with your favorite celebrities on a full-time basis.

Benefit #6 – Earn Commission

Styling hair for a living gives you control over your income and you’ll have a say in how much you work and which type of clients you service. In addition to this, you can also earn a commission when you sell hair and beauty products. You can promote these products by mentioning to your clients that the products were recommended by your instructors or pointing out that they are a favorite among your other clients. Be sure to choose a product line that you believe in and can vouch for so you can present it to clients without feeling like you’re being a forceful salesperson.

As a result of commission sales, you will be able to make more money per appointment and make adjustments to your schedule. If you’re earning money from commissions, you don’t have to fill your schedule with appointments.

Benefit #7 – You Don’t Have to Work in An Office

One of the best reasons to go to hair school besides having a passion for styling is to pursue a career with the freedom from the 9-5 life. When you’re a hairstylist, you can work in a salon, style clients in their homes or on the sets of movies and photo shoots. If you’re a naturally creative person and don’t want to work in an office or cubicle setting all day, being a hairstylist a good career choice.

Benefit #8 – Meet and Talk to New People

When you go through the necessary training at a hair school, you not only learn techniques and methods for styling, cutting and coloring hair, but you also learn how to relate to people to increase the chances of these people becoming clients. One of the benefits of being a stylist is having interesting conversations with people. When you interact with people on a regular basis, you’ll encounter different personalities which will develop your interpersonal skills and become more at ease with promoting your skills and services.

Benefit #9 – Be Creative

If you have a need to be creative in your professional life and know you won’t be satisfied in a career that has lots of regulations, you may want to attend hair school and find out what it takes to become a stylist. The benefits of going to hair school are numerous, especially if you want to explore several fields in the beauty industry. For instance, you can concentrate on styling hair or develop valuable skills in makeup artistry and nail art. This allows you to build your beauty business.

Additional benefits of hair school also include networking with other creative professionals, so you may want to go into business with one or more of your classmates after graduation.

Benefit #10 – Enjoy Helping Others

If you have a passion for helping others in a way that may be unconventional, there’s a good chance you’ll be successful as a hairstylist. A new hairstyle can instantly boost a person’s mood and help them see themselves in a positive light. We live in a society where first impressions are important, and you can have a hand in helping someone land a job or create a signature look that will follow them throughout their careers.

These are just some of the reasons that hair school could be the right decision for you. Review these factors, along with other personal benefits to becoming a hair school student to make your choice.

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