Guide to Skin Tone and Hair Color

A dye job can completely transform everything from your appearance to your perspective on life. The wrong color, however, can make you appear tired, while also drawing attention to any blemishes or imperfections you may have. Ideally, your color selection will be guided by your natural skin tone.

Skin tone and hair colorDetermining Your Skin Tone

Determining your skin tone can be surprisingly difficult, as its classification is largely directed by undertones not always evident to the naked eye. If you have very fair skin, freckles, and blue or green eyes with few golden flecks, you probably have a cool skin tone. Cool skin tone is also likely if you burn to a crisp whenever you spend the day at the beach. Conversely, if you tan easily and have darker eyes with golden flecks, your skin tone can be classified as warm.

Skin tone can also be determined based on the color of your veins. People with cool skin tones typically have blue or purple veins, while those with warmer tones have a greenish tinge to their veins.

A few lucky individuals have neutral skin, which is not marked by any obvious undertones. These fortunate few can dye their hair just about any color and still look good. If your skin has a definite warm or cool tone, however, it may be in your best interest to follow these basic guidelines:

Basic Rule of Thumb

In general, it is best to select a color that is the opposite of your natural skin tone. Thus, if you have a cool skin tone, you’ll look best with a warmer color that lights up your features. If you have a warm skin tone, cooler colors will complement your healthy glow.

Best Hair Colors For Cool-Toned Skin

In keeping with the standard rule outlined above, it is best to pair cool-toned skin with warmer hair colors such as gold-infused shades of red and blonde. Dark hair does not have to be completely avoided; many cool-toned individuals look great with chocolate brunette locks. Terms such as mahogany and honey typically accompany hair dyes meant for cool-toned women.

Best Hair Colors For Warm-Toned Skin

If you’ve determined that you have warm-toned skin, you can now explore a whole new world of platinum blonde, dark auburn, and very dark brunette hues. A wider array of possibilities are available for warm-toned individuals, who enjoy a lesser risk of appearing washed out while using daring colors. However, warm-toned women are at greater risk of acquiring a brassy look. Common terms that accompany hair dyes meant for warm-toned individuals include ash and amber.

The right hair color can make you look healthier, happier, and more alive, but choosing the appropriate hue can be challenging. Your first step is to determine which skin tone you have. If this is a struggle, consider meeting up with a trusted stylist or color specialist, who can get you on the right track with a hair color that complements your natural complexion.

The Official Guide to Finding the Best Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

What Hair Color Is in for 2015?

Spring is here! The sun is shining and a fresh new batch of beauty trends is in bloom. Are you ready to switch up your style? Here are six of the hottest hair color ideas this season.


The tortoiseshell is predicted to become a popular spring hair color technique, much like the ombré was in 2014.

James Corbetter, celebrity colorist, describes the tortoiseshell as: “…warm browns, honeys and ambers just like a tortoiseshell comb. Blondes are more golden, with a few babylights worked into these tones to create the subtle dimension. Think Jessica Alba and brand new mom Blake Lively. I have a lot of clients asking for this!”


Are you still rocking your dark winter hue? Keep it! An all-over dark brown shade with no highlights is a great hair color for brunettes this spring.

Anne Hathaway, Katie Holmes and Olivia Munn are just a few celebrities sporting the one-dimensional color this season. As a bonus, the upkeep is minimal and doesn’t require frequent trips to the salon for touch-ups.

3.  RED

Red can be gorgeous when it complements the skin tone, but many women are afraid of making a more drastic color change from their natural hues. This season, it might be time to take the risk!

“Red hair is major right now and will be for spring, too,” says colorist Aura Friedman.

There is a red for everybody, whether it’s copper red, chestnut red, strawberry red or a more vibrant, statement-red. Be sure to ask a trusted stylist which shade would work best for you.


One hair color for blondes this season incorporates caramel highlights. Ask your stylist for warm, buttery highlights that blend naturally with your hair color. Keep it fresh and on-trend by not going too light at the ends.

Look to celebrities Diane Kruger, Bar Refaeli and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for inspiration.


Say goodbye to the dip-dyes and ombrés. This season, a much more popular highlight technique will be babylights that start about a quarter down from the roots.

Regardless of the hair color you’re starting out with, babylights can add dimension and shine to your tresses that looks sun-kissed and natural.


If you’re feeling more adventurous with your locks, a pastel hair color — whether in the form of highlights or as an all-over color — is all the rage this season.

Seen on celebrities Hillary Duff, Nicole Richie and Katy Perry, colors like lavender, baby pink and teal are part of the colorful trend.