How to Become a Massage Therapy Entrepreneur

Female massage therapy entrepreneur and massage table

Massage therapy is a rewarding career that can bring joy to both entrepreneur and clients. Knowing how to make someone feel better through massage is not enough to make a career. The massage therapy entrepreneur has to find a way to get clients to try their services and give them a reason to come back. While there are job opportunities available through spas and gyms, there are a number of massage therapists who work as entrepreneurs. Some work out of their own homes or a rented space, others travel to work in their client’s homes. Where ever they set up their business, being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. It requires discipline and serious commitment. The business aspect of massage should be seriously considered and planned for before diving in. Here are some things aspiring massage therapy entrepreneurs should keep in mind when planning for a successful career as a massage therapist.

Spread the Word

The main concern when going into business for entrepreneurs is marketing. Advertising and promotions are how every entrepreneur generates business. The pressure of drumming up business can be difficult and intimidating, but there are things you can remember to help make it easier.

Have An Internet Presence

Social media promotion is standard practice in advertising. It is an easy way to promote services offered and gives the massage therapist wider reach than other traditional advertising methods. Social media marketing also provides massage therapists with the chance to link up with other businesses and entrepreneurs to cross-promote and get endorsements.

Offer a Bargain

Saving money is a strong motivator for a lot of customers. It is helpful to offer customers an incentive to try your massage therapy services. Promoting a sale or deal can be a good way to generate more business during slow times. It is also a good idea for massage therapists who are starting their business.

Simplify Things for Your Clients

Having a website to schedule appointments online and communicate with the massage therapist entrepreneur online can do wonders. It makes them seen as more professional and accessible. Online and technological features of the massage therapist’s business should be simple to navigate. Easy navigation reduces customers frustration. The website should also be visually appealing, so that clients learn more about the massage therapist’s business and the services they provide.

Client Relations are Key

The dynamic between massage therapists and clients is a tricky area, however it is vital to the longevity of their business. Things like word of mouth, social media recommendations and online reviews can either keep business coming in or stop it dead in its tracks.

Always Remain Professional

Some clients that enjoy conversation during their services, others will prefer silence or background music. The massage therapist must remember that they are providing a service to someone, so if someone feels like opening up it’s okay to let them. However, don’t fall into the slippery territory of offering life advice outside of massage therapy or get tangled into heated personal discussions. A massage therapist should do their best to keep conversation topics positive and neutral.

Be Respectful of Your Clients’ Homes

Many massage clients find it more convenient to have their massages done in the privacy of their own homes. When massage therapy entrepreneurs encounters these clients, they should make sure that they are setting up in a space that they have room to work in. The massage therapist should maintain boundaries for the private spaces of the client’s home. Always ask before entering a room. No one likes to feel vulnerable only to feel violated, so the massage therapist should mind their business and stick to business.

Be Smart about Your Budget

Managing money is vital to the success of any business, but even more so for an entrepreneur. Having a business model that makes sound financial sense means carefully planning in all areas of a business.

Assess Your Expenses

Entrepreneurs should know how much money they need to succeed in massage. This lets them know how much they need to earn. It begins with an analysis of everything the entrepreneur will need to get started, as well as everything they will need to maintain their business. Are you going to be renting space? Want to work out of your home? Do you already have a massage table? Can you offer/promote products to your clients? These are some of the many questions the entrepreneur will need to ask to get an idea of what they will need.

Balance Risk and Reward

Risk is involved with any business endeavor. It is important to know when those risks are worth taking and when a less risky option is more favorable. Investment is inevitable when becoming an entrepreneur. Start small to begin with. There is certainly no shame for the entrepreneur once they have found success.

Calculate Market Fluctuations

Even if business is great right now, there is no guarantee for the future. When starting out, it is important not to over-extend the budget once the cash flow starts to increase. If the entrepreneur is thinking of making new purchases or looking at new locations, make sure that it won’t cripple the business if it begins to slow.

Continue Learning

A massage therapist’s skills should evolve and grow throughout their career. Learning how to better serve clients and run a business more efficiently helps the entrepreneur to increase their income while being able to serve a wider range of clientele.

Continued Education and Refreshers

There will be times that the massage therapist may find themselves in a rut. This can cause some of the knowledge the massage therapist has already learned to fade. The massage therapist should make sure that they don’t get rusty. It is important to keep up on new products and innovative techniques. Enhancing the massage therapist’s abilities will enhance their clients’ experiences.

Embrace New Marketing

New ideas and mediums for marketing are popping up all the time. Keeping an eye on how people engage on various Internet platforms is a benefit to an entrepreneur’s business. The massage therapist should look to the community and local events for promotional ideas

Being a massage therapy entrepreneur isn’t always an easy path, but it is an incredibly rewarding career that can offer you opportunities to provide a service to people who need it. Your skills as a massage therapist can be the best in the world, but without any clients those skills go to waste. You deserve a career that is both fulfilling and successful. Be sure that your talents aren’t hidden by planning for the business aspects of your career.

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