Tips from Career Services: No. 1 Mistake to Avoid When Job Hunting

At Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC), help finding a career doesn’t stop when you graduate. One of the biggest advantages of going to MSC is the continued help you will get throughout your cosmetology career. Whether is your first job or a transition in between, out dedicated career services staff is there to help you.

Our employment assistance starts with our curriculum to ensure students are educated on being Jobs Search Applicant Career Employment Hiring Conceptprofessional, job search tools and resources and career-planning strategies.

MSC cannot guarantee you a job after you graduate, but we can do the best we can to help you find it. Some of the services we help with include:

  • Finding current job openings in cosmetology
  • Cover letter writing, resumes and portfolios
  • Interview do’s and don’ts
  • Networking and advice

“Since the average job search can take about 6-9 months, I advise students to make an appointment with me early to begin planning their career,” said Mindy Meyer, career services coordinator at MSC. “I encourage them to get acclimated to school during basics class and then seek assistance with their job search when they reach intermediate class. This gets students thinking about what type of salon they would like to work for so when they reach advanced class they can apply to salons and land their first job before they graduate!”

Resume Building Tips from MSC

Get Involved in School! Join MSC Student Council, work as a tutor or volunteer as a mentor.

Develop Professional Relationships with your instructors, MSC staff and peers.  They are a built-in network and will become very valuable to your job search!

Get Good Grades and include them on your resume: Graduate with honors with an overall grade 95% or higher, perfect attendance, highest retail sales, etc.

Join a Professional Organization such as Salon and Spa Professional Association. Attend beauty shows, outside classes by industry leaders and learn new trends!

Gain Relevant Experience now through part-time employment or even volunteering at a salon! . It’s a great way to gain experience, make contacts and get your foot in the door at a salon. Contact a salon of your choice. Introduce yourself and ask if they need any help sweeping hair, stocking the dispense, etc. You will learn a lot from observation and will begin building your network!

ALWAYS Look for Ways to Enhance Your People Skills.

The following list will help job seekers locate job postings and research their field and prospective employers.

If you are looking to enhance your career, you could go back to school for a degree in business administration or business management. MSC graduates can qualify for a scholarship or transfer credits at Globe University, a member of the Globe Education Network.

If you are ready to get starting on a career in cosmetology, email us or call 651-432-4635 to speak with a representative today.

For Minnesota School of Cosmetology Graduate, Beauty is More Than Skin Deep – It’s in Her Blood

You could say cosmetology runs in Kennidi Schultz’s family.

Growing up, her mom would take Kennidi to the salon owned by her grandma, where she would watch all the stylists and do little chores for them. Then, when Kennidi’s parents bought Salon Ultimo in Woodbury, Minn., she worked there as a receptionist. Kennidi always knew she wanted to be the one doing hair, so she enrolled at Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC) right after she graduated high school.

“Ms. Donna [Dungy] caught my attention,” explains Kennidi on why she chose MSC over other cosmetology schools. “She has so much passion and love, and that really stuck in my mind.”

Kennidi says everyone at the campus was welcoming and friendly, and it felt like a great atmosphere.

“The whole staff was awesome,” she says. “I loved all the instructors. They are so helpful and really care; they take the time to get to know you. I also got to know a lot of really great girls and made a lot of friends.”

MSC offers many resources to its students, which were a plus for Kennidi. Students have the opportunity to learn specialty skills from outside professionals in the industry, as well as hear from salons and other various organizations about possible career paths. Kennidi says she also enjoyed the applied learning and community outreach projects she got to do with MSC.

“Doing the hair, makeup and nails for the kids at Shriner’s Hospital Prom was a great experience,” she explains. “There are so many other volunteer opportunities, too, and I really enjoyed that.”

Kennidi graduated in May of 2015, and was hired as a stylist at Salon Ultimo. As for the future, she says she’s thought about owning her own salon or taking over her parents’, but she’s seen first-hand how much work goes into it.

“In one or two years I would like to go back to school for my business degree,” says Kennidi. “But for now, I want to work on building my clientele, mastering my skills and getting more education in the industry.”

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Minnesota School of Cosmetology Student Serves as Inspiration to Others

Many Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC) students lead busy lives, but Rachelle (Shelly) Blackstone stands out. Not only does she attend school full time, but she has recently branded her own makeup line and opened her own salon, all on top of being a mom.

Before deciding to pursue her passion for cosmetology, Shelly earned an associate degree at a community college and worked in the medical field for six years.

“I knew [hair and makeup] was always what I wanted to do,” says Shelly. “I was almost 30 and decided to drop my full-time career with benefits, move back home with my mom and sell my car to go back to school.”

Shelly is such a hard worker and has such a positive attitude that many of her classmates and instructors don’t know she runs her own businesses in addition to going to school. Her makeup line, named Eve after her 5-year-old daughter Evelyn, was officially launched in January 2015, five months after she began classes at MSC. Her salon, La Croix Salon and Spa, opened in Stillwater, Minn., on April 1, and Shelly says she still can’t believe it.

“When I got the keys to the salon it was so surreal and scary at the same time,” she says. “Sometimes I still say to myself, ‘Wow, this is mine.’ It was always my dream, but I never thought it would happen.”

Students look up to her and educators admire her initiative, but Shelly says it’s the support from her fellow classmates and her instructors that keeps her going.

“MSC was the last school l toured, and from the time I first stepped into the building, everyone was so welcoming and helpful,” says Shelly. “I love the way everybody makes you feel. It just felt good.”

Shelly says she appreciates the variety of the instructors and that they are all creative, genuinely care about her success and make her education personal. She is set to graduate in September of 2015, and she doesn’t plan to stop achieving her goals.

“I hope to branch out and eventually be running two salons, but my main goal is that after all this time I’ve put into this and everything I’ve sacrificed, I want to slow down, travel and do things with my daughter, and have my own schedule.”

Shelly says she hopes to help other MSC students reach their goals, too.

“I believe that we as students here at MSC are a family ladder,” she says. “We are connected in so many ways and hold one another up, so we’re all able to see the top and keep pushing to reach it if we want to.”

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Advice from an MSC Grad

By: Brittney Klingl

While still in school, it might be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But with hard work and determination, you WILL get there! It’s important to soak it all in and learn as much as possible so that you will be successful in your career. Take it from someone who has been there herself, 2013 MSC graduate Chantel Jonas.

Chantel was given some important advice when she first started at MSC and says she tried to follow it as closely as she could:

Take every client the front desk gives you.

“Without hesitation, without whining. When you don’t have anything to do, ask for more clients!” says Chantel. “Even if it’s the 200th men’s cut or 150th pedicure you’ve done, there’s not only something to be learned with your technical skills, but also how you communicate with clients.”

During the cosmetology program at MSC, students learn to perfect hair, nail and skin care techniques through 420 hours of theory and lab and 1,130 clinical hours, many of which are with clients on the salon floor.

The program at MSC is designed to take 47 weeks to complete, but the flexible scheduling options allow students to go at their own pace and attend when is most convenient for their lifestyles. The Apple iPad® Air is also incorporated into the curriculum, allowing students to use apps to experiment with a new look before ever picking up a brush or shear.

Be aware of all the helpful iPad® apps out there.

“I’ve downloaded a ton of apps,” Chantel says. “Most color companies have their own app, so when you go to a different salon and they use a different color line, it really helps you learn. They even quiz you on different scenarios and what you should use.”

The iPad® also allows students to prepare for state board exams, record and replay classroom instruction, build portfolios and study anywhere, any time. In addition to this engaged learning, MSC’s industry-experienced instructors have a passion for fashion and beauty and a desire to share it with their students. With guidance from her instructors, Chantel learned the techniques she needed, while gaining valuable, real-world experience.

Master the concave haircut Ms. Chris teaches.

“It’s the best blended layer haircut out there and the one that many salons will drill into your head,” Chantel says.

Chantel found this to be true when she was hired at her first salon, Spalon Montage, and where she is currently employed, Embellish Salon in Bayport, Minn. Chantel wasn’t the only one who landed a job after graduation. She was one of 139 MSC graduates in 2013, when the job placement rate was 83 percent.

Chantel hopes her advice will help current MSC students because she knows how important it was to her own career success. “Good luck to you all!” she says.

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