MSC Partners With KLASS Cosmetics

Written By: Meesa OShanka

Makeup means something different for everyone.  Some people like to keep it natural with just a little gloss and some mascara.  Others might like taking it a little bit further with some eyeliner and some brow filler.  You might even be so bold as to make your lips glitter and wing out your liner like Amy Winehouse. The point is that makeup is a way to express yourself, no matter how much or how little you use.  A variety of products exist, and brands are always coming up with new and innovative things in the way of makeup.  Bold lips and dramatic eyes are not just for the runway now.  You can delve into the world of drugstore cosmetics, natural cosmetics and luxury cosmetics.

KLASS Cosmetics display at MSC Campus

Earlier this year Minnesota School of Cosmetology started a partnership with KLASS Cosmetics as a way to find a good quality makeup line for the Esthiology and Cosmetology programs.  KLASS Cosmetics is a local company headquartered in Hudson, Wisconsin. 

Both Minnesota School of Cosmetology campuses in Woodbury and Plymouth, Minnesota have KLASS Cosmetics showroom displays. Students pursuing Esthiology or Cosmetology receive a full airbrush kit and access to the KLASS display. By using these displays, students work towards meeting their salon board quotas for the state.

Range of Cosmetics

The cool thing about KLASS Cosmetics is that all of their makeup and skincare products are created with natural ingredients and contain no parabens. The liquid makeup products are all moderate coverage and easily blendable as they glide right onto the skin.  The powder varieties are all incredibly silky and melt into your skin for a flawless complexion.  The cream and powder shadows give a great color payoff with very little fallout making it easy for application to achieve any eye look you desire.  With a variety of different eyeliners your options are endless whether you choose a sharp winged look or just a fine line to accent your lashline. 

To finish off your look you can choose from 4 different lip products to fit your desired look: gloss, plumping gloss, liquid matte lipstick or shine lipstick.  They are all velvety and hydrating on the lips.

Beauty With Values

KLASS Cosmetics stands out for a couple different reasons.  In addition to being completely paraben free this cosmetics company has a partnership with PETA and their “Beauty without Bunnies” program.  This means the products are made in cruelty-free labs in the United States.  All the manufacturer’s standards are PETA approved.  With a current trend of vegan and cruelty-free items becoming more popular, especially in the beauty industry, clients are looking for more ethical products in their cosmetics and skincare routines. 

KLASS Act Program

KLASS also stands out for their KLASS ACT program.  This program founded by KLASS Cosmetics COO and President Nick Raehsler gives back to women of domestic violence and sexual abuse. For every purchase made the KLASS ACT foundation will donate an additional item to organizations to help women in need.  Their website commitment mentions, “We believe, at the heart of our business, that charitable giving extends beyond monetary donations. We have chosen to spread love through KLASS ACT by gifting products to charities that empower women who are victims of domestic or sexual abuse, serious illness, and poverty. “Buy One, Give One …and share the gifts of joy and beauty.” KLASS is a pioneer in a cosmetics company “giving back.”  They are truly paving the way for great things.