What Kind of Jobs are in the Beauty Industry?

Do you enjoy helping people feel and look great? If so, you should consider pursuing a job in the beauty industry. Cosmetologists are professionals that help enhance their client’s self-esteem by providing hairstyling and professional makeup services to minimize their flaws and bring out their natural beauty. There are a wide variety of jobs within the beauty industry, and you can start your journey towards a career in this vocational field.

What Kind of Jobs are in the Beauty Industry?

There are many exciting job opportunities to consider when you pursue a career in the beauty industry. Following is a brief explanation of some of the many options you will have once you graduate from a cosmetology program.

Job #1: Hairstylist

Hairstylists provide clients with a unique hairstyle using various styling tools and heat. Hairstylists use shears, combs, hair treatments, blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons to achieve the client’s desired look. Hairstylists have a number of places they can work with proper licensing. Some provide house calls for their clients that need beauty makeovers for a special event, such as a wedding or a formal occasion.

Job #2: Makeup Artist

A makeup artist uses makeup techniques and products to enhance a client’s best features while minimizing any perceived imperfections. They can provide their services in salons and spas. A makeup artist has spent years perfecting their techniques including contouring, creating dramatic eye makeup looks, bronzing, and highlighting. Makeup artists are often hired to provide services for those attending formal events, as well as bridal parties with beautiful makeup for the big day.

Job #3: Nail Technician

A nail technician provides manicures, pedicures, and other nail services to clients. Nail technicians learn how to clip, file, trim, polish, and apply acrylic nail treatments. Many nail technicians also provide aromatherapy packages to enhance their salon experience. Nail design is another service that is often requested from clients.

Job #4: Special Effects Makeup

The music and film industry employs thousands of highly talented makeup artists to create special effect makeup looks for actors and other entertainers. Special effect makeup is used to make people appear older or younger than they are. Some special effect makeup skills are used for action movies when cast members must appear sick or injured. Makeup artists who are highly skilled in providing these types of special effects can enjoy an exciting career working alongside celebrities and others in the entertainment industry.

Job #5: Advertising Stylist

It takes a lot of work to create a successful advertisement campaign. An advertising stylist prepares a model’s wardrobe, hair, and makeup according to the parameters or specifications the company desires. Advertising stylists work on unique advertisement campaigns for fashion designers, clothing stores, and other retail outlets.

Job #6: Beauty Blogger

One of the fastest growing industries over the last few years has been online blogging. Many people make money by connecting with their fans through blogs. A beauty blogger gives their personal opinions and reviews on different makeup and hair products. Many beauty bloggers create their own makeup brand or are hired by makeup companies as a brand ambassador.

Job #7: Beauty Product Sales

When a new beauty product hits the market, the makeup company hires cosmetologists to test and demonstrate their new product to increase exposure and sales. Beauty industry professionals often work at department stores, salons, and high-end boutiques. They usually have a cosmetology background and have developed the skills to effectively demonstrate new products to potential customers.

Job #8: Cosmetology Instructor

Many professional cosmetologists spend decades perfecting their artistry with hundreds of clients at salons. During their career, they discover a passion for teaching students who may be interested in joining the industry. Cosmetology instructors are seasoned professionals that help cosmetology students develop the skills they need to become successful. Cosmetology instructors work at cosmetology schools and programs across the nation and around the world.

What Training Should You Get to Work in the Beauty Industry?

A great way to learn your craft and work in the beauty industry is by completing a cosmetology program. You will learn a full curriculum, something that can’t be gained on YouTube alone. You will make life-long friends and network with instructors alike. You will also have the opportunity to get a job after graduation, with the help of the school’s career services.

What Do You Learn During a Cosmetology Program?

As a cosmetology student, you will learn important skills and techniques you will need to become successful cosmetologists. Following are some of the many topics you will learn about as a cosmetology student.

Hair Care

Hair care is a fundamental component of any cosmetology program. The proper maintenance and care of a client’s hair helps to determine whether they can achieve the style they desire. Because of this, it is important for cosmetologists to educate clients on the appropriate care and upkeep of their hair. During a cosmetology program, you will learn the many hair types and textures, as well as what types of products keep hair healthy and strong. You will also learn about the most effective ways to detangle and wash a client’s hair, and how to achieve different styles without causing damage to the hair.


One of the services that clients request the most is hairstyling. Hairstyling utilizes hair products and styling tools to achieve the look that the client desires. To create different hairstyles, you must know how to use curling irons, paddle brushes, fine tooth combs, blow dryers, hair straighteners, curlers, hair spray, thermal protectant, hair gel, and leave-in conditioner. While enrolled in a cosmetology program, you will learn how each of these items work, and how to use each one effectively.

Hair Cutting

Another highly requested service includes haircuts of all styles and lengths. As a cosmetology student, you will learn how to cut the hair of men, women, and children. You learn how to work with different hair textures to provide clients with their desired results. You will work with many different tools to provide high quality haircuts. Some tools utilized in haircutting include shears, texturizing shears, feather razors, clippers as well as a variety of different types of combs.

Hair Coloring

As a student enrolled in a cosmetology program, you learn about effective hair coloring techniques and how to provide clients with the best results. You will learn color theory, different types of color, how to formulate and mix color, and different techniques such as foiling and balayage. As a cosmetology student, you will have the opportunity to test your skills with hands-on opportunities throughout the program.


Shampooing is often the first step in a client’s visit to the salon. By shampooing a client’s hair, you can work with clean hair, free from any styling product or build-up. Shampooing is also a relaxing experience for the client and allows them time to unwind and decompress. You will learn how to use the most effective methods to cleanse the scalp and hair, as well as how to choose the right shampoo products for your client’s hair texture.

Nail Care

Some cosmetologists enjoy learning a variety of skills to broaden their clientele. Some of the most popular add-on services that clients ask for at the salon are manicures and pedicures. During a manicure and pedicure, you will learn how to file, buff, shape, and polish the nails according to the client’s preference. You will also learn how to provide nail designs, apply shellac treatments, and fix broken acrylic nails.


Facial treatments are popular among clients since they offer relaxing and rejuvenating effects. Facials are applied through a sheet mask or a serum and used to correct perceived flaws or imperfections on the skin. You will learn how to apply different types of facial treatments, as well as how to consult, personalize treatments, and recommend at home care through product knowledge.

Makeup Application

Everyone wants to look their best for a special event or a formal occasion. Clients often request professional makeup services ahead of a special time in their lives. You will perfect different makeup techniques such as contouring, highlighting, filling in eyebrows, creating dramatic eye looks, and enhancing the lips with gloss and liner. You will also learn how to perfect the most popular makeup looks and provide the client with the look that they desire.

Final Thoughts

There are few career paths that are as exciting and dynamic as the field of cosmetology. As a cosmetologist, you can help people feel great about themselves by enhancing their best features and helping them bring out their natural beauty. If you’re looking for a rewarding career that allows you to showcase your talent and creativity, then becoming a cosmetologist in the beauty industry may be the right career path for you.

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