What Qualities Make a Good Esthetician?

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An esthetician helps clients feel better about their skin’s appearance by improving it with skin care techniques and treatments. A client may present with a skin concern, such as acne, redness, dryness, wrinkles, clogged pores, or discoloration. Estheticians provide specific treatments designed to address these issues. Estheticians must possess certain skills and qualities to be effective at their job. If you’re interested in becoming an esthetician, it is important to assess the qualities you possess to see if you are a good fit for this career. Following is a breakdown of the most important qualities a good esthetician should have to be successful.

Quality #1: Compassion

A good esthetician will have a strong sense of compassion. Compassion is the ability to have sympathy for another person’s concerns. Because estheticians work closely with clients to address their issues, it is important that they put themselves in the shoes of the client. A good esthetician will understand how their client’s appearance is affecting their overall quality of life and not minimize any concerns they are trying to address. Having compassion for your clients will also help you build a good rapport with them. By actively listening to your clients and sympathizing with them, you are likely to gain their trust which may lead them to return appointments. They may even refer their friends to you which will grow your clientele.

Quality #2: Patience

Patience is necessary for most careers, but it is especially important for estheticians. Not only do most skincare treatments require multiple steps to be effective, but treatments also require keen attention to detail. Estheticians must focus while working on a client’s skin and use methodical and precise movements for treatments to work. Some treatments may take over an hour to successfully complete. Because of this, estheticians must remain calm and patient.

Patience is also necessary when you are completing an esthetician training program. You are studying to become an esthetician and you must attend and successfully complete the assigned coursework that covers many subjects, from anatomy and physiology to salon management.

Quality #3: Optimism

When a client makes an appointment with an esthetician, they may feel self-conscious about their appearance and are looking to the esthetician to help them improve the way they look and feel about themselves. Estheticians must remain optimistic about the efficacy of the treatments that a client requests. By staying optimistic with your client as you are applying the treatment, you will lift their spirits and raise their optimism levels as well. Because estheticians work with many types of clients, it is important to always remain optimistic with clients regardless of how severe their condition might be.

Quality #4: Respectfulness

Respect is an important quality that you should possess in your career. However, respect is required even more for those who are considering becoming estheticians. Estheticians work with people that have different skin concerns. Some clients may be dealing with severe acne that has caused inflammation or hyperpigmentation. Others may have additional skin issues that cause them to feel particularly embarrassed. It is important for you to be respectful towards all clients to build rapport and effectively address their issues. By maintaining respect, you will be able to perform your job effectively and efficiently.

Quality #5: Responsibility

Responsibility is another quality that an esthetician should possess. Your job is to improve the look and appearance of a client’s skin. This means applying treatments and providing services for a client. It is important for you to be careful not to cause further damage to a client’s face. If this happens, the client can suffer from permanent skin damage, leading to lower self-esteem and decreased quality of life. Estheticians must also be held responsible for maintaining a clean work environment, which includes proper sterilization of instruments as well as disposing of items as necessary to prevent cross contamination between clients.

Quality #6: Reliability

In addition to the previous qualities, estheticians must be reliable. Some treatments require several steps that are performed in a particular order. You must be reliable in providing these services to be effective, otherwise the client may not see visible improvement in their conditions. Clients are looking for an esthetician who has a reputation for being reliable. This can make a huge difference in the number of regular clients you retain and can even have a direct impact in the profit you make throughout your career.

Quality #7: Self-Discipline

An esthetician must go through a training program to learn how to effectively provide services for their clients. A training program consists of several courses as well as hours of hands-on training. It takes self-discipline to successfully complete the program and master all the skills necessary to work in this field.

Quality #8: Thoroughness

Estheticians should be thorough in every task they complete. As an esthetician, you have numerous responsibilities you must attend to throughout a workday. You must evaluate a client’s skin condition, recommend the appropriate products for their concerns, remove unwanted hair, provide cleansing facials, and maintain a safe and sanitary workspace. These are all important responsibilities that require thoroughness and attention to detail. Losing focus or becoming complacent can cause a client to be unhappy. Therefore, you must have a knack for being thorough in every task you perform.

Quality #9: Courteousness

Estheticians work with many unique clients every day. Some clients may be kinder than others, and some may be difficult to work with. Even though it might be tempting to become impatient with difficult clients, it is important for you to remain kind and courteous with everyone. It’s important for you to see things from their perspective. Some clients may be dealing with difficult skin related issues for many years and may be quite frustrated with the way they look. Other clients may have had a terrible day and scheduled an appointment to focus on their self-care. On the same note, it is important for you to set boundaries and never take abuse or cruelty from a client. Whatever the reasons are, it is important that you remain kind to everyone.

Quality #10: Sales Skills

A great esthetician will have a knack for selling products or services to their clients. Estheticians develop a deep knowledge of skin care products and recommend treatments which may be beneficial to their clients. The client may not even be aware of these items. By providing clients with this knowledge and explaining the benefits and drawbacks of skin care products, you are likely to make a sale and increase your profitability.

Quality #11: Listening Skills

Much like hairstylists, clients will likely open up to their esthetician about unrelated issues and events in their lives. They may even talk about problems in their social or professional lives. A great esthetician should always give clients their full attention. By remaining open and receptive to a client’s willingness to speak about their personal lives, that client is likely to become a regular and schedule more appointments in the future.

Quality #12: Dedicated to Self-Growth

The skincare industry is constantly evolving. Cutting-edge skincare technologies and treatments which were once considered state of the art have now become outdated or ineffective. As an esthetician it is important for you to remain dedicated towards self-improvement. It is also important for you to adapt to changing techniques. A great esthetician will strive to learn about providing new treatments or services and will continuously be ready for the latest skincare trends.

Quality #13: Outgoing and Sociable

Finally, the last quality that a great esthetician should exhibit is an outgoing personality. Most successful estheticians have excellent people skills and enjoy talking with their clients. Your energy as an esthetician is contagious. If you seem unfriendly, clients are not likely to return to you for future services. A client should feel like they are important to you and that their needs and concerns are addressed adequately. As an esthetician, you must communicate with clients to learn important information that can directly impact the client’s overall satisfaction with the services they receive. By possessing a friendly demeanor and having a great attitude with your clients, you will gain more repeat customers and enjoy a successful career as an esthetician.

Final Thoughts

Do you think you possess the qualities necessary to become a great esthetician? Estheticians enjoy a career that is focused on helping others feel better about the way they look. Estheticians also enjoy a dynamic workplace and work with new clients every day. By enrolling in a vocational program and becoming an esthetician, you will enjoy making a positive difference in people’s lives and improve their self-esteem. Enroll in an esthetician program today and take that first step towards this fulfilling career path.

Now that you know about the qualities of a good esthetician, ready to learn more? If so, you could begin your career as an esthetician at the Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC). Our Esthiology Diploma Program has been developed by talented, caring, real-world professionals, many of whom still work in the field. We give our Esthiology students experience in skincare, waxing, make-up, application of facials, and more.

Contact us today to learn more about becoming an esthetician and starting a rewarding career in the beauty industry.

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