What Can I Do with an Esthetician Diploma?

Woman who has received her diploma in esthiology performs spa services

Do you enjoy watching videos on YouTube about beauty and wellness? Do you find yourself helping family and friends with their skin issues like residual skin blemishes, consistently dry or oily skin, and reducing the appearance of scars? These are all challenges an esthetician helps their clients with and is a career you can obtain in as little as five months. Are you asking yourself, “What can I do with an esthetician diploma?” Let’s start by looking at what Esthiology is and what an esthetician does. This will give you a better understanding of what you can do with an esthetician diploma.

What is Esthiology?

Esthiology is a part of the beauty industry concerned with the integrity and presentation of the skin on both the body and the face. To put it in simple terms, it focuses on beautifying a body’s skin. Though there are elements of health and wellness involved with Esthiology, it is primarily concerned with aesthetic appearance and should not be confused with medical skincare services from a dermatologist.

What Does an Esthetician Do?

There are a variety of treatments and services that an esthetician is qualified to provide. Here we will take a look at some of the service options and specializations that you will be able to explore through this beauty and wellness career.

Hair Removal

Hair removal will be the most common service that you provide as an esthetician. A client’s options for hair removal depend on their skin needs. Clients are typically looking for a temporary hair removal solution that isn’t as harsh as shaving or at-home chemical hair removal methods. This is why waxing (of the body and the face) is a highly requested service.

However, some clients are in search of more permanent solution to remove unwanted hair. For this you will use laser, thermal, or other technical hair removal treatments. These options require multiple sessions before the peak results are reached. It depends on the area of the body, hair growth, and general health of the client’s skin. These methods utilize highly specialized tools and equipment, that you will learn how to use during an esthetician diploma program.

Skin Smoothing and Firming

Wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation are highly sought-after services in the Esthiology industry. An esthetician has many options for clients looking to make their skin firm and youthful. Smoothing and firming skin can be done by relaxing and mild services or more invasive and extreme treatments.

A client may come to you requesting a specialty body mask to help balance moisture and skin nutrients. They may want an exfoliation treatment or a product recommendation to fight blemishes that won’t be harsh or irritating. On the other hand, you may have clients that are looking for more aggressive forms of treatment. These treatments can include chemical peels that stimulate growth beneath the surface of the skin using stimulants such as light and sound waves.  During an esthetician diploma program, there are many different ways that you will learn to smooth and firm a client’s skin.

Evening Skin Tone

There are different ways to even the color or tone of a client’s skin. They can be invasive and harsh. However, there are also less harsh topical solutions that can help gradually even skin tone and discoloration over time. A client may want help picking a makeup brand that benefits their skin and evens out their skin’s tone. It is important for you to understand all of the options available for evening out skin tone, so you can pick the one that is right for your client.

Skin tone, pigmentation variation, freckling, and coloration in general are personal for a lot of people. What some consider to be “discoloration” can be exactly what someone else is proud of about their appearance. Remember, it is best to let the client lead the conversation about their look and what they want help “fixing.” Don’t assume you know another person’s definition of beauty if you don’t already know them well.

Reducing Blemishes

Sure, there are some people who are blessed with naturally flawless complexions who don’t need any more than a basic skincare routine. Unfortunately, that is not the case for most of us. Most of us suffer from outbreaks and skin challenges. As an esthetician, you will learn about treatments that can help clients overcome these unsightly obstacles and choose the right products for their skin type. You can even help clients come up with an at-home skincare routine to help them deal with any on-going or recurring issues between appointments. Reducing the appearance of certain scars is also something you will learn during an esthetician diploma program.

Health and Wellness

Along with making sure that your client’s skin is looking its best, part of the job of an esthetician is keeping a client’s skin healthy. While earning your esthetician diploma, part of your training will include the anatomy of the skin. Training will include basic biological information as well as nutritional knowledge that will help you better serve and advise your clients.

What Can You Do with an Esthetician Diploma?

After graduating with an esthetician diploma, it is time to start your career. Exactly what your career looks like will depend on the choices you make and the opportunities in your area. Here are a few of the professional options to choose from when starting down this exciting new path.

Working at a Spa

Spas deal with the relaxation and wellness aspects of skincare such as masks, wraps, steams, soaks, and specialty scrubs. There are variations of atmosphere and services offered, so you should research any spas you consider working at to see if it’s a good fit.

Working at a Salon

Salons are fast-paced and geared toward curation rather than rejuvenation. At a salon, clients book appointments for hair removal, wrinkle reduction services, and technical skin firming treatments. Some salons offer a selection of wellness treatments, but salons are more heavily focused on maintaining appearance than relaxation or balance.

Independent Services

Most entry-level estheticians start their career working at a spa or salon. With some experience, you can start an independent business offering esthetician services. With more online advertising, marketing, and scheduling options it is easier than ever to start your own business. These widely accessible platforms and features have created a simple way for you to create your own client base, order supplies, and master your own schedule. You can choose to rent, lease or buy a space, work out of your home, or work out of your clients’ homes. Whatever you choose, make sure that you are aware of any permits and other official permissions that are necessary in your area before becoming an independent esthetician.

Endorsement Marketing

Being an esthetician isn’t the only thing you can do with an esthetician diploma. Online influencing, video skincare tutorials, product reviews, and other viral marketing methods are an increasingly popular way to create product and brand awareness. With an esthetician diploma, you can secure an official position with a brand and promote their skincare online.

What are Some of the Qualities of a Good Esthetician?

It takes a variety of qualities and skills to achieve lasting success in the Esthiology field. Let’s take a look at some of the most important qualities you can obtain to be successful. They include Esthiology diploma training, a passion for learning, attention to detail, basic social skills, and some creative problem solving.

Esthiology Diploma Training

Getting your Esthiology diploma is the first step on your way to success. Make sure to pick a program that is comprehensive. You should also select a program that is taught by experienced instructors. Pick an Esthiology diploma program that fits your needs and is flexible to the demands and obligations of your life. These considerations will help ensure that you see your education through to the end.

Passion for Learning

A passion for learning and continuous improvement are vital to success as an esthetician. Therefore, it is a good idea to know what is going on in the industry and how it can help your clients. What are the latest trends? Have there been any recent product innovations? Are there any new techniques you need to be aware of? Staying up to date on what is happening in skincare will help you better serve your clients.

Attention to Detail

Some of the procedures and treatments that an esthetician performs can cause harm to a client if done incorrectly. Even something as simple as waxing can go wrong if you don’t pay attention to the temperature of the wax. As a result, paying attention to even the smallest details can help you avoid any problems down the road.

Basic Social Skills

The ability to hold a conversation and how to ask good questions are important to serving your clients. Active listening and engaging can help make a client feel comfortable and prioritized. Basic customer services skills will ensure that you have many repeat customers.

Creative Problem Solving

There will inevitably be a time when you come across a challenge that requires creative problem solving. A client may have a skin sensitivity that requires a more customized skin treatment. A client may come to you with a physical difficulty that needs accommodation for a specific service. Being creative in your problem solving can help you come up with complex solutions for clients that need extra help.

Final Thoughts

Getting an esthetician diploma can open up many doors in the beauty and wellness industry. You can work at a spa or salon, become an independent esthetician or promote yourself and other brands on the Internet. There are many opportunities to carve out your own space as an esthetician.  Starting an esthetician diploma program is the first step in this adventure.

If you have a passion for skincare, you could begin your career as an esthetician at the Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC).  Our Esthiology Diploma Program is designed to be completed in under 5 months (600 clock hours) with full-time enrollment.  Our esthiology diploma program has been developed by talented, caring, real-world professionals, many of whom still work in the field.  We give our esthiology students experience in skincare, waxing, make-up, application of facials, and more.

Contact us today to learn more about becoming an esthetician and starting a rewarding career in the beauty industry.

*Completion time for this program is defined by 35 hours per week.

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