What an Esthetician Does Day-to-Day

Are you interested in learning what esthiology is, how estheticians helps their clients, what an esthetician does day-to-day, where estheticians work and how to become a licensed esthetician? The job outlook for estheticians is bright and projected to grow 14 percent from 2016 to 2026, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The growth in the demand for quick facials and the increase in baby boomers that want to reduce the signs of aging, points to a growing demand for highly trained estheticians. Both men and women are looking for ways to reduce stress, increase relaxation and improve well-being. A highly trained and experienced esthetician can help.

What is Esthiology?

Esthiology is the study of skin care. It focuses on hair removal, body treatments, make-up application and personal appearance. Esthiology is about making the client feel comfortable, boosting self-confidence, reducing stress, being a friend, creating a look and style, pampering the client, and advising the client about skin care products and makeup.

How Estheticians Help Their Clients

Estheticians work with clients to do more than make them look good. They help the client boost their self-confidence, improving their outside beauty to change their own internal perceptions. Many times, a client will come to an esthetician to reduce stress or tell a secret to a close confidant, and the esthetician create long-lasting friendly relationships with their clients. The esthetician will work with the client to create a look and style, whether it is for a special day or just a day-to-day improvement. Clients look to estheticians to be pampered and indulge themselves. The client also looks to the esthetician for expert advice about skin care products and makeup, so they can look their best every day.

Boost Self Confidence – estheticians help their clients visualize themselves as they want to be seen from the outside to improve their self-confidence on the inside. The client may have a poor perception of themselves and the esthetician gives them a positive outer beauty to create a positive inner beauty. The esthetician will also help those with acne to improve their skin and clear up acne breakouts, further boosting their confidence. Paying close attention to one’s personal hygiene can create a positive view of oneself and an esthetician can help. Helping others will also help the esthetician with their own self-confidence. Nothing is better than seeing a happy client.

Reduce Stress – many clients come to the esthetician to reduce the stress in their lives through skin care and light massage. The esthetician must create a comfortable atmosphere that allows a client to relax and let stress melt away. Through physical contact, the esthetician will allow endorphins to rush the brain causing a reduction of stress and overall calming experience. Similar to yoga or meditation, the esthetician can create a stress-free environment for the client to reduce their stress level while being pampered. A laugh or two will help reduce stress too.

Be a Friend – Many friendly relationships are built between an esthetician and their clients, especially after years of contact. The esthetician will become a sympathetic ear for the client to download the day’s stresses and a confidant to share secrets with. The esthetician will become a close friend to the client and a friendly relationship will build over time.

Create a Look and Style – the esthetician will help the client pick makeup that accentuates their look and style. The client may see a celebrity or model and want to recreate that look. The esthetician will use their creativity to create a look and style that is unique for the client.

Many clients will come to the esthetician for their wedding, prom or other special day. The esthetician will work with the bride and bridesmaid to look their best on the special day. Focusing on skin exfoliation, makeup and other treatments to prepare them for a day they will never forget.

Pampering – much of what an esthetician does is allow the client to indulge themselves through skin care treatments including: skin exfoliation, full body treatments, and massage. The client will not have to worry about the stress of the day and have someone take care of them, giving them the luxurious feel of skin care.

Advise About Skin Care Products and Makeup – With extensive training in skin care, anatomy, and physiology, the esthetician can identify the best skin care products and makeup for the client to look their best and manage their skin properly.

What an Esthetician Does Day-to-Day

Estheticians cleanse and beautify the face and body to enhance a client’s appearance, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Estheticians give facials, full-body treatments, and light head and neck massages to improve the health and appearance of the skin. Some may provide other skin care treatments, such as peels, masks, and scrubs, to remove dead or dry skin.

Estheticians typically do the following on a day-to-day basis:

  • Evaluate clients’ skin condition, skin disorders and appearance
  • Discuss available treatments and determine which products will improve a clients’ skin quality
  • Remove unwanted hair, using wax and/or lasers
  • Application of facials, moisturizing products, skin exfoliation, body treatments, make up and skin nutrition
  • Cleanse the skin before applying makeup
  • Recommend skin care products that will help the client perform at home skin care
  • Teach and advise clients on how to apply makeup
  • Utilize the fundamentals of dermatology, anatomy and physiology
  • Disinfect equipment and clean work areas

Where Do Estheticians Work?

Estheticians work in salons, beauty and health spas, resorts, cruise ships, health clubs, wellness centers and dermatology offices. There are many different opportunities for estheticians depending on the hours to be worked, environment and the esthetician’s training and expertise. Some opportunities are full time, some allow the esthetician to travel on a cruise ship and others give estheticians the ability to work with dermatologists in medical practices. The esthetician has many options to work once licensed in the state of Minnesota.

Becoming a Licensed Esthetician in Minnesota

The Minnesota Board of Cosmetology offers graduating estheticians to apply for a license to practice in Minnesota after passing theory and Minnesota law exams administered by PSI Exams Online. To obtain the license the graduating esthetician must complete the application, pay $139 licensing fee, provide high school graduation transcripts, certificate of completion f a 600-hour esthetician training program, certification of skills/readiness from the esthetician school and the passing scores from the theory and Minnesota law exam.

The exams for theory and Minnesota law include topics on safety in the workplace, infection control, sanitation requirements, Minnesota statute as well as the basics for esthetician’s practice of basic facials, hair removal, makeup application, and general practitioner information.

If you have a passion for skin care and an eye for beauty, you could begin your career as an esthetician at the Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC).  Our Esthiology Diploma Program is designed to be completed in under 5 months (600 clock hours) with full-time enrollment.  Our esthiology diploma program has been developed by talented, caring, real-world professionals, many of whom still work in the field.  We give our esthiology students experience in skincare, waxing, make-up, application of facials, and more.

Contact us today to learn more about becoming an esthetician and starting a rewarding career in the beauty industry.


*Completion time for this program is defined by 35 hours per week.

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