What Makes a Skincare Specialist Successful?

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What makes a skincare specialist successful? The road to becoming an esthetician is filled with exciting challenges and fulfilling experiences. Esthiology work is both stimulating and rewarding, but it can also be a little bit intimidating when you are first starting out. You might know the general job description of an esthetician, but you may still not know what the exact expectations of the job are.

While every spa, salon, and skincare clinic operates a little bit differently, there are things that are expected of all professionals in the skincare industry no matter where you end up.

Esthetician Efficiency Tips

No matter where you end up working, you need to learn how to be efficient as an esthetician. This doesn’t mean rushing through things or carelessly cutting corners to save time and cut costs. In the end, your client’s skin cannot be sacrificed. Efficiency means avoiding processes, products, and activities that waste time, money, or that are generally unproductive.

Your time, your co-workers’ time, and your clients’ time should all be respected and valued. Taking steps to make sure things run smoothly helps ensure that you aren’t wasting anyone’s time. Here are three areas that you can work on and develop in order to strengthen your efficiency as a skincare specialist.

Time Management

Understanding how long certain tasks and procedures take to complete will be an important part of keeping you efficient. It will also help make both your clients and co-workers happy with your performance. Do your best to gauge how long each of your services typically takes, including any preparation time you might need.

By successfully preparing for your schedule, your clients and coworkers will see you as responsible and respectful of their time. There will always be things that come up that you weren’t expecting, but good time management will help you manage those moments much better.


Before your appointments, it is important to ensure that your equipment and tools are ready. Not only does this save time for your client, but it also keeps you from looking unprofessional. Being prepared for an appointment also helps you feel more prepared and your clients feel more comfortable.

Attitude of Evolution

No one gets everything right all the time. That kind of perfectionist pressure is unhealthy, unrealistic, and unsustainable. However, it is important that you try your best and learn from the mistakes you make along the way. Be honest with yourself and your client when a scheduling or timing error occurs and ask for help when you need it. You can also evolve your efficiency by taking advice from others with experience in the industry. Benefiting from someone else’s experiences can help you avoid time wasted by pitfalls that can hold you back.

Etiquette of a Skincare Specialist

Understanding the etiquette of esthiology is pretty easy. Being a skin specialist means that you will deal with clients in a vulnerable setting. Dealing with someone’s skin tone, texture, as well as their body and facial hair can be a sensitive area of conversation. Particularly when it comes to asking questions and making suggestions to your clients. If you aren’t making an effort to be careful it can be easy to upset someone without even meaning to. But there are a few interpersonal communication values that can help you navigate even the most delicate skincare situations.


Try to understand where your client is coming from to the best of your ability. The more you know about your client and their situations the easier this will be. Be sensitive to their mood. If they seem concerned, take a little extra time to answer their questions. If they seem embarrassed, do what you can to reassure them. Be compassionate by following their lead in how they want to look and feel. Letting your clients lead can help you avoid making offensive suggestions. If you encounter a client who is unsure, ask questions before you make suggestions. Always listen closely to their responses and pay attention to anything else they might say that could be helpful.


Esthiology is not part of the medical field, but you are dealing with and treating people’s skin. We all have to wake up in our own skin every single day. No exceptions. We see it when we look at ourselves in the mirror. We feel it all day long. Skincare has a certain vulnerability to it that isn’t always readily apparent. Some of your clients may have strong feelings about blemishes or unwanted hair. Don’t make them feel as if they were wrong to trust you with their skin issues and challenges by discussing them with other people. Not even colleagues, unless it’s somehow necessary. Do what you can to respect their feelings and their privacy.


It is important for success as a skincare specialist to understand and respect diversity and personal choice. Given enough time and exposure in the industry you will encounter all manner of skin colors, textures, and types. Some clients will feel that they want to correct some of these things. Other clients will want help highlighting those exact same things. Your job as a skincare specialist is not to make people look the way you believe they should. Your job is to help them keep their skin healthy and cultivate and curate the look that they want for themselves.

Education as a Skincare Specialist

Your training and certification are an important first step on your way to becoming a skincare specialist. One of the many good things about choosing this particular career path is that it does not require a huge time commitment to education in comparison to other fields. Where it would likely take you years to become certified in various other professions, your esthetician training can be completed in a mere matter of months. This doesn’t mean that it will necessarily be easy, though. You will need to carefully choose the right program, make sure any support systems you need are in place, and then fully pursue your skincare education.


Your decision to step out on a new career path is one that will require follow-through to achieve. Your dedication to your education, and afterward your career, will help you endure the mistakes and misfortunes that will keep others down. Remember that you are worth it and not to give up on yourself. Even when it might seem exhausting or overwhelming, you are worth it.


Be realistic about your limitations before embarking on your new adventure. Instead of letting those limitations be the excuses that hold you back, begin working on plans and solutions that will allow you to fully focus as you work toward your goals. Do you need to begin thinking about childcare? Are you struggling to find a transportation solution? Has it been difficult for you to balance your family schedule? Don’t hide behind your career obstacles, start confronting them. Prioritize your ambitions and value your dreams.

Careful Selection

Find a program that is worth investing your time, money, and energy into. You are going to need a thorough, complete education if you want a solid foundation to build your skincare success on. Look for a program that works with your current schedule and is compatible with your life demands. Also look for courses taught by expert skincare specialists with significant experience in the field. Who you learn from can mean the difference between a general understanding of esthiology and a deep understanding of all of the course material.

Enthusiasm as a Skincare Specialist

Your success will have a lot to do with your interest in skincare and time investment in becoming a skincare specialist. Both of these things are made easier if you already have a genuine interest in skin health and esthiology. Although you may have a natural passion for skin health and a drive to become a skincare specialist, it can be difficult to consistently maintain that excitement and enthusiasm for your work through the struggles of your education and career. There are however some things you can do to help get the spark back into your work when you feel like your passion is fading.

Connect with the Cosmetic Community

It can be a group of people that you work with, a few fellow estheticians, or even professionals from other beauty field. Whatever the case may be, it is good to connect with people in the industry who can relate with your struggle and potentially offer solutions to issues you may be having. At the very least it can feel good to talk about the obstacles you’re facing with people who can truly understand the circumstances and situations. The encouragement and advice can be just what you need to get back on track.

Revisit Your Roots

What was it that originally drew you to becoming a skincare specialist? Was it a desire to help people feel good about themselves? Was it your love of skincare treatments and products? Did a facet of esthiology connect with you in a creative or artistic way? Were you inspired by a certain look or trend that compelled you to commit to a new career path? Getting back in touch with why becoming a skincare specialist was your dream in the first place might be just what you need to fall in love with your skincare dreams all over again.

Branch Out with Something New

There will be plenty of times that being a skincare specialist will be stimulating and rewarding. But there will also likely be periods throughout your career that you feel bored or stagnant. During these times it may be a good idea to get out of your comfort zone and explore something new. Look into holistic skincare practices. Window shop new skincare products and brands. The constant wave of new trends and developments in skincare products, tools, equipment, and techniques should help you find a place to start if you are looking to broaden your horizons and break from the monotony. There is certainly no shortage of material you can draw inspiration from.

Want to Learn More?

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