How Do I Get My Esthetician License?

The way a person looks and feels about themselves carries a lot of weight in their day-to-day interactions and quality of life. Those who feel great about the way they look exhibit higher levels of self-confidence, which leads to greater fulfillment and happiness in the workplace as well as within their personal relationships. Beauty and wellness are important aspects of a person’s confidence, which is why the health and beauty industries offer substantial opportunities for employment and job security.

Why Become an Esthetician?

Do you enjoy helping other people feel great about the way they look? Maybe you have a natural talent for fashion and style and can always find ways to highlight a person’s best features. Those who enjoy a career in beauty and wellness also love to solve problems and find ways to minimize a person’s perceived flaws, while helping them feel better about the way they look.

There is proven science behind the beauty and wellness industry. Talented scientists have spent many years perfecting serums, creams, and other skincare products that have revolutionized the beauty industry. For example, there are now many well formulated anti-aging products available in the market that can slow down, or even reverse, the signs of aging. If you’ve always been interested in the science behind your favorite beauty products, a career as an esthetician may be the right choice for you.

What Does an Esthetician Do?

Estheticians are well trained professionals qualified to provide skin care treatments. Prior to the beginning of a treatment, you learn to conduct a preliminary skin care assessment on the client by getting to know them and identify what their skin care goals are. You may then conduct a close assessment of their skin, identifying any underlying issues which may have an impact on their skin’s outward appearance.

After conducting a thorough assessment on your client, you may then recommend additional treatment options they may benefit from, such as serums, masks, peels, or other skin care treatments. After this, you will then educate the client on the treatment process, answer any questions, or concerns they have, and then prepare to administer the treatment. You may even advise the client on aftercare instructions, follow-up appointments, and any additional recommendations you have.

Facial Treatments

Estheticians are also trained to apply professional facial treatments for their clients. These facial treatments are formulated to address a variety of common skin issues including dryness, redness, hyperpigmentation, acne, wrinkles, discolorations, and oiliness. Facials are some of the most commonly sought-after skin care treatments that clients request. Facials are non-invasive and quite efficient at addressing minor to moderate skincare issues and can be conducted during a single session.

Makeup Application

In addition to providing skincare treatments and facials, estheticians can provide professional makeup application. When it comes to memorable events and special occasions, people want to look and feel their best. Clients often book appointments with estheticians for professional makeup application ahead of a special event. Estheticians learn advanced makeup techniques like contouring, winged eyeliner, smoky eyes, highlighting, color correction, shading, and baking a client’s makeup. Professionally applied makeup can help a client look and feel their best for all of their upcoming moments.

Hair Removal

Many people deal with unwanted hair on their arms, lips, face, legs, and other areas. Professional estheticians are trained in a variety of hair removal techniques to safely and gently remove unwanted hair from any area on a client’s skin. During your training, you learn how to safely remove hair using laser hair removal, waxing, threading, and electrolysis. Each hair removal method is different, and certain methods may work better for some clients over others. You consult with your clients on each method of hair removal and provide them with after care instructions as well as schedule follow up appointments if needed.

How Do I Become A Licensed Esthetician?

To get your esthetician license in the state of Minnesota, you must first complete a 600-hour esthetician training program. Upon successful completion of the course, you must then pass the licensing exam. After passing this exam you will then become a licensed esthetician.

What is the Benefit of Becoming Licensed in Esthiology?

There are many reasons why you should consider becoming licensed in Esthiology. Following are some of the main benefits for becoming licensed in this career field.

Increased Trust from Colleagues and Clients

When it comes to personal services that impact the way a client looks, clients want the assurance that their esthetician is fully capable of providing world class service. Becoming a licensed esthetician will help to build your client’s and colleague’s trust in your skills. Not only is this a great way for you to demonstrate your mastery of skills, but it is also an important element of establishing yourself as a proven esthetician.

Higher Self-Confidence

By passing the licensing exam you are proving to yourself as well as everyone else that you have what it takes to work in this field. Estheticians provide many services, and it is important to be proficient in every service you offer your clients. By demonstrating your skillset and passing the licensing exam you will increase your self-confidence, which will show in the way you carry yourself. This increased self-confidence will help you attract more clients and enjoy greater fulfillment in your personal and professional life.

Great Way to Build Clientele Base

Every client wants to know that their esthetician is well versed and capable of providing outstanding esthetic services. Your appearance has a direct effect on your self-confidence and the way you present yourself to others. By passing the exam and obtaining a license, your clients trust in your capabilities as an esthetician will substantially increase. This is a fantastic way to build your base of clients and open doors to more exclusive job opportunities.

What are Some of the Other Benefits of Becoming an Esthetician?

There are many benefits of becoming an esthetician. This career field is highly portable, so you can find employment as a licensed esthetician around your community. The hours are also flexible, and you can schedule your clients around your other personal and professional obligations. Being an esthetician is also great if you have young children with needs of their own or attend to a family member. The demand for highly skilled, licensed estheticians is projected to grow over the next several decades, especially as more people experience the benefits of professional esthetic services.

How Do You Become an Esthetician?

An easy way to become an esthetician is to attend a vocational school. A vocational program will prepare you for your first day as an esthetician and build your confidence if you choose to get your esthetician license. The Minnesota School of Cosmetology offers small class sizes, allowing instructors to offer one-on-one attention. You get the knowledge and skills you need to succeed as an esthetician.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’ve just graduated high school and are looking for a great career or you’re looking for a more fulfilling profession to enter into, the field of Esthiology is a fantastic career field to work in. Not only will you learn the science behind skincare and how to provide professional services to clients, but you will also enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you made a difference in the lives of the people you work with every day. As a professional esthetician you will enjoy making other people feel great about the way they look, which will increase your personal sense of fulfillment. If becoming an esthetician seems like a great fit for you then take the first step towards this exciting career field and enroll in a program today.

Now that you know how to get your esthetician license, ready to learn more? If so, you could begin your career as an esthetician at the Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC). Our Esthiology Diploma Program has been developed by talented, caring, real-world professionals, many of whom still work in the field. We give our Esthiology students experience in skincare, waxing, make-up, application of facials, and more.

Contact us today to learn more about becoming an esthetician and starting a rewarding career in the beauty industry.

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