How Do I Become a Certified Skin Care Technician?

The overall quality and appearance of a person’s skin has a tremendous impact on their self-confidence. From job opportunities to social events, skin can increase a person’s self-esteem, or can make them reluctant to engage in everyday life. Certified skin care technicians are licensed professionals who provide a variety of services for their clients to enhance the appearance of their skin. Whether they are providing hair removal services, facials, or professional makeup application, skin care technicians can boost their client’s self-esteem through enhancing their appearance in a variety of ways. Skin care technicians enjoy being part of an industry which allows them to use their skills to significantly impact a client’s quality of life. Read on to learn more about how to become a certified skin care technician.

How Do I Become a Certified Skin Care Technician?

There are several steps to take before entering the skin care industry as a certified skin care technician. Before embarking on this journey, it is important to do some research and learn about what working in this career field is like. Speak with professionals in the industry and learn about their experiences working as skin care technicians. Those who have been in the industry for a long time can advise you on the changes this industry has undergone over the last few decades.

After conducting research and firmly deciding on this career path, you must then attend a vocational school and enroll in an esthetician program. An esthetician program will cover a variety of skills and topics that you will master to become proficient and graduate. Upon graduation, you must then obtain your professional license to practice in Minnesota. The final step is to receive certification through the National Coalition of Esthetician Association (NCEA). The NCEA is responsible for ensuring that all applicants who pass can demonstrate skills that meet the industry’s national standards, as well as improve your chances of finding a job within the industry.

What Do You Learn During an Esthetician Program?

An esthetician program is designed to help you develop the skillsets necessary for a successful career as a professional esthetician. Following, are a few of the skills that you will learn as you navigate the coursework of your esthetician program.

The Fundamentals of Skin Care

During this course, you learn the fundamentals of skin care, as well as what the basic steps of a well-balanced skin care regimen should contain. An effective skin care routine is the foundation that a client’s overall complexion is based on. Without an effective skin care routine, an esthetician’s treatments may not be as effective as it could be. One of the tasks you will perform is educate your clients on the importance of each step of a proper skin care routine. You will learn about facial cleansers, moisturizers, toners, the importance of sunscreen, and how to take care of a variety of skin types.

Skin Assessment

When a client comes in for a particular service, you first conduct a skin assessment to address your client’s needs, as well as what services they may benefit from. As an esthetician, you assess them for a number of issues, including rosacea, blackheads, acne, discoloration, wrinkles, and other problems which can be improved through a variety of services.

Hair Removal

Hair removal is one of the most common reasons why clients book an appointment with an esthetician. There are many hair removal options on the market today, including waxing, threading, depilatory treatments, electrolysis, and laser hair removal. Some hair removal options are better suited for individuals with a particular hair type or skin complexion. You will learn how to assess your client for their preferred method of removal, as well as how to apply each technique for lasting results.


Advances in the skin care industry have resulted in a variety of facial services for a multitude of issues. Spa facial treatments can include dermaplaning, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion. Some clients regularly book facial services to reduce the signs of aging, while others may be looking for a facial to soothe their acne-prone skin. You will learn how to provide these services, as well as how to educate your clients on which facial treatments may be best for their particular needs.

Professional Makeup Application

Everyone wants to look beautiful for their special occasion. Whether the event is a wedding day, anniversary party, or retirement celebration, there are several reasons why a client may book an appointment for professional makeup services. It can be tricky for clients to perfect their makeup, which is why they turn to estheticians to help them create stunning “red carpet worthy” looks for their special event. During coursework, you will learn a variety of professional makeup techniques, including contouring, eyeshadow application, bronzing, blending, and other enhancements which will help enhance your client’s best features.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a fabulous way for clients to rock a glamorous look for a special occasion, or to enjoy for everyday wear. Extensions are often applied individually with a specialized bonding adhesive that’s designed not to pull or irritate the sensitive skin around the eyes. These can be customized and trimmed to fit the client’s preferences and come in a variety of styles and colors. You will learn the science behind eyelash extensions, as well as how to safely apply them onto your clients.

Are Skin Care Technician in Demand?

The demand for highly qualified professional skin care technicians has increased substantially over the last few decades, and is projected to grow 29 percent over the next decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Because of this, newly certified skin care technicians enjoy a wide variety of benefits that come with entering this rewarding and fun career opportunity.

Why Get Certified as a Skin Care Technician?

While some may want to enter this field without becoming certified, there are several reasons why it is important to receive certification. Following are some of the many reasons why it’s important to receive certification as a skin care technician.

Boost Self Confidence and Help Clients Improve Their Self Esteem

Most clients book an appointment with a skin care technician to address a particular problem or issue they have with their physical appearance. Some may suffer from acne prone skin or are unable to find the right treatments to address their issues. Others may be suffering from the effects of aging and find their wrinkles and age spots embarrassing. Professional skin care technicians have the skills and abilities to help their clients effectively address issues, which can raise a client’s self-esteem as well as your own. Through your professional skillset, you can make clients feel great about their outward appearance, which has a positive effect on everyone’s mental health and quality of life.

Increase Job Prospects and Discover Amazing Opportunities

Professional skin care technicians work in a variety of settings, including upscale spas, resorts, private companies, and medical offices. Each of these options are fantastic opportunities for career growth and offer job stability as well as room for advancement. Some skin care estheticians eventually create their own business and operate out of their own salon.

Another benefit of working as a skin care technician, is that there is a great amount of job flexibility. Skin care technicians can choose the hours that work best for them and schedule their appointments around other obligations they may have. Regardless of the path you choose, you will be embarking on an exciting and fulfilling career path full of amazing opportunities.

Meet Likeminded Individuals and Enjoy Lasting Friendships

Enrolling in an esthetician program is a fantastic opportunity for you to meet other people with a passion for improving people’s lives. By growing your skills and working together throughout your coursework, you can make lasting friendships that span decades. You may eventually become work colleagues. and advise each other as you embark on your career paths.

Enrolling in an Esthetician Program can Become a Valuable Networking Tool

One of the benefits of pursuing higher education in an esthetician program is the networking opportunities that these programs feature. Esthetician programs bring people together from all walks of life, each with their own unique experiences and skillsets. Enrolling in an esthetician program is a fantastic way to network with instructors and classmates. It can also make it easier to land a job after successful completion of the coursework.

Learn From Industry Masters and Trailblazers

Industry leaders and trailblazers in the world of skin care have a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to pass onto the next generation of skin care technicians. These industry experienced instructors can help you gain the knowledge and develop the skills necessary to embark on your career with confidence and awareness of any special issues unique to the skin care industry. By learning from the professionals, you are armed with the knowledge you need for a successful launch into this career field.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a certified skin care technician is a fantastic way to enjoy a career that is focused on improving the life and well-being of others. By attending an esthetician program and embarking on this journey, you enjoy a rewarding career which allows you the job stability and flexibility you desire. Furthermore, as a skin care technician, you can help your clients become more empowered in their personal lives by providing treatments which raises their confidence and quality of life. Find out how to start this new and exciting career by attending a Esthiology program at the Minnesota School of Cosmetology today.

Now that you know how long an esthetician school takes, ready to learn more about becoming an esthetician? If so, you could begin your career as an esthetician at the Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC). Our Esthiology Diploma Program has been developed by talented, caring, real-world professionals, many of whom still work in the field. We give our Esthiology students experience in skincare, waxing, make-up, application of facials, and more.

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