What Training Do You Need to Be a Nail Technician?

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Are you interested in a career where you use your creative talents to help others look and feel their best? A nail technician is a professional who provides nail enhancement services for their clients. These services can range from a basic manicure and pedicure to solar tips and intricate nail designs. Nail technicians enjoy the convenience of flexible hours, creative flair, and job stability.

What Training Do You Need to Be a Nail Technician?

The easiest way to become a nail technician is to take a cosmetology program at a local vocational school. Not only will you learn about nail services, but you will also gain hairstyling and makeup application in the process. To become a licensed nail technician, you will need to complete a cosmetology program, as well as pass the nail technician licensing exam.

What Do You Learn During a Cosmetology Program?

A cosmetology program provides you with a well-rounded education in a multitude of beauty and wellness services. Following is some basic information the courses will cover throughout your cosmetology program. Many of your courses will cover nail services and the science behind healthy nails. However, you will also learn about hairstyling and makeup application. Here are some of the nail knowledge you will learn in this cosmetology program.

The Basics of Manicures and Pedicures

The most requested services provided by nail technicians are manicures and pedicures. All basic manicures consist of filing and buffing a client’s nails, trimming and moisturizing the cuticles, exfoliating the hands or feet, and applying varnish or additional nail products. You will learn the basics of giving a manicure and pedicure, as well as how to properly sanitize all equipment between clients to maintain a hygienic work environment.

Nail Art Designs

Nail art is a fun way to add extra character to a basic manicure or pedicure and can also be a great way for a client to express their personality or celebrate a special occasion. Nail art designs can be as simple as geometric patterns or shapes, or they can be more complex and even incorporate nail gems or other add-ons. In this course you will learn how to recreate popular nail designs, patterns, and other advanced techniques like ombre, stamping, and free-hand art. Mastering these techniques will make you more marketable as a nail technician and increase your clientele list.

Nail Disorder Identification

While nail technicians are not allowed to diagnose or treat any type of nail disorder, they can be the first line of defense in raising a client’s awareness of a potential problem. Nail disorders can often be identified by discoloration, change in shape or thickness, brittleness, pitting, bleeding, swelling, redness, and pain. During cosmetology school, you will learn how to identify all these signs and when to advise a client to visit their physician for further care.

The Basics of At-Home Nail Care

The health and condition of the nails is highly dependent on an at-home nail care routine. A nail technician will educate their clients on a proper routine of cleansing and brushing underneath each nail, moisturizing the cuticles, filing using the correct techniques, buffing, and applying a base coat.

Products for Nail Health

When it comes to the health of one’s nails, it’s important to know what type of products provide the most benefits. There are several supplements, moisturizing products, serums, and oils which can significantly improve the health of your client’s nails. During a cosmetology program, you will learn which products provide the most benefit and enhance the health and strength of your client’s nails.

Other Components of a Cosmetology Program

While the science of healthy nails is a vital component of a cosmetology program, there will be additional topics you will cover through a combination of course work and hands-on training. Following are some of the other subjects that you will cover when you attend a cosmetology program.

Hair Styling

While your passion may lie in providing excellent nail care services, you will become proficient in providing a variety of hairstyles for your clients. You will learn how to style elegant up-dos, trendy hairstyles, and other looks using a hair styling tools. These skills will enable you to find employment in a hair salon or even a health spa.

Professional Makeup

Everyone wants to look beautiful for a big event or special occasion. Unfortunately, many people lack the ability to recreate the looks they see on the runway or red carpet. While you are enrolled in a cosmetology program, you will learn how to provide these desirable looks for your clients. You will learn the basics of makeup, as well as advanced makeup techniques including contouring, highlighting, defining the eyebrows, creating dramatic eyeliner looks, and bronzing. These skills will allow you to schedule clients for professional makeup application, as well as make house calls or special appointments for bridal parties and other events.

What are the Benefits of a Vocational School Program?

You will receive many benefits by attending a vocational program. Not only will you gain the valuable knowledge and skills necessary to become a proficient nail technician and cosmetologist, but you will also gain insight into how the industry works. Following are some great benefits you will receive from attending a vocational school program.

Benefit #1: Receive In-Depth and Well-Rounded Curriculum

As a student in a vocational school program, you will receive a well-rounded curriculum that includes instruction in many beauty and wellness techniques. Not only will you receive in-depth instruction, but you will also gain a deeper understanding of the science behind cosmetology services and how to provide these services in a professional capacity. You will build the knowledge and skills that you can use to improve your client’s well-being, as well as your own.

Benefit #2: Receive Plenty of Instruction and Practice in Laboratory Settings

Many services that you will provide require your understanding of basic chemical properties and how to mix and combine ingredients to achieve the desired effect. You will receive plenty of hands-on instruction and practice to provide these services and combine ingredients, so that you are able to achieve the desired effects that your clients request.

Benefit #3: Enjoy Hands-On Practice on Actual People Within Student-Run Salons

One of the biggest benefits you will receive while attending a vocational school program is the ability to practice your skills on actual clients to hone your skills and build your self-confidence. You will learn how to provide professional services within an actual student run salon, as well as learn how to thoroughly sanitize your station and equipment between clients to prevent cross-contamination or infection.

Benefit #4: Develop Mentorship Relationships with Instructors

Instructors at a vocational program have amassed trade knowledge over the course of their careers. As a student, you can learn from these instructors and gain useful insight and knowledge about the industry. These mentor relationships are priceless and can help guide you as you embark on your own exciting career as a nail technician.

Benefit #5: Apply for Externships

Vocational programs develop great relationships with local community salons. These relationships can turn into externship opportunities for you to gain some real-world experience in a working salon. Externships are great opportunity for students to gain exposure and potentially land a job upon graduation.

Benefit #6: Explore the Benefits of Career Services

Finding a job can be difficult. Fortunately, by attending a vocational program you will enjoy the benefits of career services. Career services can help you build a professional resume, work on your interview skills, and help you land an interview. These services are a great benefit that you can enjoy while you are enrolled in a vocational program.

Where Can a Nail Technician Work?

Everyone wants to look and feel their best. Because of this, nail technicians can find positions in a wide variety of settings, including at nail salons, hair salons, health and beauty spas, and within the entertainment industry. Many nail technicians also offer house call services, and can provide their clients with beautiful, healthy nails at home.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy helping people look and feel their best, and you also love to express your creativity, you should consider becoming a nail technician. By perusing a career as a licensed nail technician, you will enjoy a flexible schedule, a fun and dynamic workplace environment, and the ability to make other people look and feel good. Embark on your journey today and learn more about pursuing a career as a cosmetologist by enrolling in a vocational program.

Do you have a passion for helping others? Interested in becoming a nail technician? At Minnesota School of Cosmetology, we are dedicated to helping our Cosmetology program students develop a solid foundation and a flair for style through hands-on training in basic and advanced industry techniques. You will learn how to cut, color and style hair, give manicures and pedicures, provide spa treatments, and perform various skin care techniques from industry-experienced instructors in a professional salon setting. We keep our class sizes small to make sure you get the individualized instruction you need and attention you deserve. You will graduate with everything you need to be a versatile artist in an exciting industry, including a cosmetology diploma from a respected college.

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