What is Beauty and Wellness?

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Interested in a career in cosmetology? Helping others with beauty also helps with their overall wellness. But what is beauty and wellness?

Beauty and Wellness: Two Sides of The Same Coin

To begin, the realms of beauty and wellness have a lot of overlap. Being well can help you look beautiful and feeling beautiful can increase your overall wellness. So, it can be kind of difficult to draw a firm line between what is classified as a ‘beauty treatment’ and what is classified as a ‘wellness treatment’.

However, a good general rule to remember is that beauty has more to do with how you visually present yourself and wellness has more to do with how you feel or aspects of your health. Beauty services will usually be more cosmetic in nature where wellness services usually have more to do with your health. Let’s take a look at how both sides of beauty and wellness affect various areas of the beauty industry.

The Beauty and Wellness of Manicures

Your hands are both a useful and expressive part of your body. They can be both fierce and functional.

Expression Through Nail Art

Getting your nails done can be an exciting part of your personal expression. A manicure can help give your hands a personal touch. The shape of the cut and length of your client’s nails can give them very different looks. Hundreds of techniques, designs and color combinations give them seemingly endless possibilities to choose from when it comes to crafting a signature look for their nails. How they choose to wear their nails can say as much or as little about they as they want it to.

Manual Care and Hand Health

The way your client’s hands look can be a great way to boost their mood and confidence. However, taking care of their hands goes far beyond making sure their nails look the way they want them to.

Your client’s hands come in contact with a lot of different things throughout the course of a day. They touch different people, different objects and different substances all the time. Your client also washes or sanitizes their hands on a regular basis.

Activities and environmental exposures can make their hands vulnerable to tears, blemishes and even infections. Even over sterilizing can compromise the healthy balance of their dermal layers. Balancing the moisture and exfoliation of their hands is just as important as making sure they look fantastic. Make sure you are as concerned with their health as with their appearance.

Head to Toe

Don’t forget the pedicure. Your client’s feet may not get as much time in the visual spotlight, but that doesn’t mean they need to be neglected. Getting a pedicure along with a manicure can help amplify the confidence of your client’s nail art while also helping take care of their feet at the same time.

Beauty, Wellness and Hair Care

The presentation and health of your client’s hair says something. It can offer insights into their health while also offering insights into their personality.

Getting the World Out of Your Hair So That You Can Do You

Hairstyle inspiration is all around your client but that doesn’t mean they need to follow the pack. Their hairstyle is a significant part of their outer presentation.

The color, cut and style of your client’s hair says something visually to those around them. The style of your client’s hair can also help them say something to themselves. They should say what they want to say. Pick a color that feels good. Give a cut that makes them happy when they look in the mirror. Style it to reflect their attitude. How they choose to wear their hair should be about their confidence and personal style, not anyone else’s.

Be Happier with Healthy Hair

The foundation of any hairstyle is healthy hair and a healthy scalp. Maintaining a proper moisture balance and repairing damage are crucial if your client wants to keep their hair looking and feeling its best. The impact of the environment around your client along with styling damage can really take a toll on the health of their hair.

Furthermore, chemical treatments and damage done by styling with heat are among the greatest dangers to the strength and growth capacity of your client’s hair. Combating this damage with restorative and conditioning treatments can also help your client look their best no matter what cut or style they end up choosing. Your client should also be aware that their nutritional balance and vitamin intake can have a tremendous effect on hair growth and hair health along with external factors that contribute to hair damage.

Skin That Feels and Looks Fantastic

The way your client chooses to present their skin is entirely personal. Exposing or revealing their body can be both vulnerable and intimate.

Silky, Smooth and Soft to the Touch

Loving the skin you live in is undeniably important. Feeling good about the way you look has a lot to do with your skin, for obvious reasons. This means your client needs to feel good about how their skin looks and feels. They are the ones who should make the decisions about what skin treatments are right for them and which ones they would rather not try.

Most importantly, your client should be the one to make the choice about their body hair. Your client should decide if they want to even out their skin tone or leave it beautifully asymmetrical. If they like their freckles, their beauty mark or their leg hair they shouldn’t let anyone talk them out of showing them off.

Likewise, if they want smooth, hairless legs or a spray tan they shouldn’t let anyone tell them not to look how they want to look. So long as your client is being safe, they should present their body however they want to.

Your Client’s First Line of Defense

Getting rid of blemishes might seem purely cosmetic at first, but it is also connected to the health of your skin. The impact of your hygiene and cosmetic habits can also have enormous effects on your dermatological health. Your skin’s moisture balance is a very significant part of keeping you healthy. Keeping skin moisturized keeps it soft, but it also keeps it strong.

Your client can also do this by minimizing their skin’s exposure to harsh chemicals and avoiding things that may cut or perforate the skin. If your client lets their skin dry out, small cracks can form that break down their dermal barrier. Because of this, the skin is compromised by tears and cracks from exposure or dryness. As a result, it leaves your client open to all kinds of infections, and potentially diseases. 

Skin is the first line of defense against germs and various other contaminants. Make sure the health of your client’s skin is a priority when you are making cosmetic choices for them.

The Beautiful Healing Potential of Makeup

Makeup should be the mask that reveals you instead of the mask that conceals you. Your face, your mood and your individual style should be the foundation.

Fabulous First Impressions

Makeup can be transformative and bold. It can also be understated and subtle. Unlike hair, skin, and nails, the way your client does your makeup can change drastically from day to day. One day your client might want to pick colors that make them stand out. Another day they may feel like highlighting and accentuating their natural facial features.

You may also find an occasion to do their makeup in completely extravagant and totally outrageous ways. Makeup should be used as a way to make them feel good, not a way to make other people feel good. Be daring, but whatever you do, make sure your client wears their makeup in a way that helps them show the world what they want them to see.

Saving Face with A Healthy Face

It is important that you carefully consider each of your makeup related products that are offered to clients. That also means the kind of facial cleansers and moisturizers they use, the brand of makeup you recommend, the beauty application tools they use and the kind of makeup removal method your client uses to take their makeup off.

All of these things can affect the health, as well as the beauty and wellness and appearance of your client’s skin in different ways. Be sure that you have considered any sensitivities their skin might have, as well as the ingredients in your products. No one likes breakouts and blemishes.

Getting Assistance with Your Beauty and Wellness Goals

When your client books an appointment with you, it can make a very big difference. There is certainly a lot you can do at home to keep yourself looking and feeling your best. However, there is a lot that is offered in a professional setting that can be dangerous to try and replicate at home on their own. Cosmetic treatments such as waxing can be unsafe when your client tries them as an amateur. There are also certain things that are incredibly challenging to accomplish without someone to help. Massage therapy, complicated nail art, and intricate hair coloration are just a few examples.

Cosmetic treatments such as waxing can be unsafe when your client tries them as an amateur. There are also certain things that are incredibly challenging to accomplish without someone to help. Massage therapy, complicated nail art, and intricate hair coloration are just a few examples.

Final Thoughts

What is beauty to you? How you feel and how you look can have a lot to do with one another. Taking care of one area can often lead to benefits in the other. Beauty and wellness may not have clearly defined lines that divide them, but they both have pretty clearly defined benefits that connect them.

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