Becoming a Nail Technician: The Artistic Skills of the Trade

Successful nail technicians performing servicesInterested in becoming a nail technician? Nail art is growing thanks to social media and magazines full of inspirational images of nail styles and colors. Nail art ranges from understated designs to the extravagantly elaborate. This means that becoming a successful nail technician requires varying qualities and skills. This is especially true if a nail technician has goals of celebrity clients and high-paying jobs. Interpersonal skills nail technicians need to succeed include communication, reliability, and leadership. A nail technician will also need technical skills to succeed. These skills include the ability to spot trends, be precise, and great concentration. With these skills and the foundation built from a cosmetology program, nail technicians will be set up to become successful.

Interpersonal Skills for Nail Technicians

Getting a manicure is about more than just the finished look. For a client, having their nails done can also be about the experience. Passionate technicians create and elevate experiences so that their clients have the best experience while receiving manicure or pedicure services.

Skill #1: Communication and Conversation

Not all clients will want to chat while they get their nails done, but most will appreciate this. It may come in the form small talk, pleasantries, or a full emotional unload. Clients sometimes use the indulgence of a manicure as a way to treat themselves. That experience can often be enhanced by conversation. Let clients open up, but be sure not to pry. Being warm and inviting will let the client steer the conversation, even if that means a quiet service.

Skill #2: Reliability

A nail technician’s personal time is crucial to their mental health and should be respected by both clients and employers. There are, however, times where adjusting your schedule can strengthen a nail technician’s relationship with a client. Being forgiving of the occasional last minute reschedule can go a long way. A nail technician should know when a client needs more understanding and when someone is exploiting them. Likewise, respecting clients’ time is crucial to maintaining a long-lasting relationship. Be on time and do the very best to keep appointments.

Skill #3: Leadership

There will be times when clients may not know what they want. Often times they will want their nail technician’s input and advice. This may feel like a lot of pressure. Nail technicians should want their client to be happy and feel good about their work. This is your time to shine as a nail technician! This allows nail technicians the opportunity to show off skill and imagination. Nail technicians should come up with ideas that will excite clients, rather than ho-hum ideas the client will accept.

Technical Skills for Nail Technicians

A nail technician’s personality might be great, but without any practical knowledge there is no way for them to achieve their goals in nail art. It takes dedication to the practical aspects of nail technology to become a nail technicians on the cutting edge in their field. While formal training and certification will give them the knowledge they will need as a nail technician, their learning does not end there.

Skill #4: Trendspotting

As with most beauty trends, nail styles are rapidly shift and change. Becoming knowledgeable of the latest trends can help nail technicians to anticipate requests and make suggestions. It will also give nail technicians opportunities for professional development. Keeping an eye on new products can also give nail technicians an edge. Changes to products happen quickly and there is a lot of variety to choose from. It can be fun for both nail technician and client to try new things. Nail technicians should thoroughly research all of the products they use or recommend.

Skill #5: Precision

It is not uncommon for nail technicians to feel like they’ve fallen into a rut. Building a steady client base is a fantastic achievement for any nail technician, but it can sometimes mean falling into a predictable routine. This doesn’t mean nail technicians should settle in for the long haul. You never know when a new client or opportunity might come along! They may also have a client who will surprise them with a request for something new. When these moments arise, nail technicians don’t want to be caught looking rusty! Nail technicians must keep their creative skills sharp by practicing new styles and trends.

Skill #6: Concentration

Maintaining high-quality work is vital to creating and keeping a client base. This means nail technicians must focus on their work, even when the request is not exciting. Small slip-ups and flaws add up after a while. This may be what causes one of a client to find a new nail technician. Being a nail technician can be an amazingly creative job, but don’t forget that discipline is necessary if you hope to stand out. Dedication to your craft will also help you to work efficiently. Don’t hurry through an appointment, but also don’t waste a client’s time by being unprepared. Revisit the basics often to avoid making mistakes.

Final Thoughts

Your formal training as a nail technician gives you a foundation for your career. You may have goals of cultivating a reliable business with customer loyalty. It could be that you are hoping to be a nail artist for celebrities. Or you could be working toward revolutionizing nail fashion all together. An education in nail technology is required regardless of what your goals may be. If you are good to your clients and good at what you do, success won’t have a hard time finding you.

Still interested in becoming a nail technician? Your search for a Nail Technician program ends at Minnesota School of Cosmetology. You will learn all the tricks of the trade to provide the services clients want. We offer two campus locations in Woodbury and Plymouth where you will get an education to become a nail technician. You will graduate with an understanding of the anatomy of the nails. You will also graduate with the skills to perform a variety of nail services including manicures, pedicures, gel applications and nail art.

Both campuses feature salon-grade pedicure chairs and manicure stations where you will perfect your skills in a professional salon setting. If you are looking to become a licensed nail technician, you can gain valuable, real-world experience working with products used in many salons across the country.

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a nail technician and starting a rewarding career in the beauty industry.

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