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Halloween Makeup Tips for Kids and Adults

Posted by on October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween from Minnesota School of CosmetologyAre you ready for Halloween? Candy and costumes all set out? Halloween is a great time to be creative and go all out. Halloween makeup can be a great alternative to masks for adults and children. They are more comfortable, safer and you get to show your creative side. Kids love it!

If you’re looking for some ideas for that last minute primping, we have some great tips and tutorials for you. And I’m including tips to remove that same makeup after the holiday without tears and scrubbing. You don’t want the fun to end with red and irritated skin and eyes.

Check out some of these sites for makeup and costume ideas. From cute to scary, we’ve got you covered.

Watch the transformations in these Halloween makeup tutorials from Glamour.

Halloween Makeup Removal

Halloween makeup is great, it’s just getting it off your own or your child’s face that can make for a scary Halloween. Don’t be afraid, here are some expert tips.

1.  Know what kind of makeup you are using. Halloween store makeup may include grease, cream-based makeup or rubber. Find out what you will need to take it off before you put it on. Experts recommend water-based makeup as you can take it off with warm water.

2.  Have plenty of cotton balls, Q-tips, creams and wipes on hand. If you are covering faces, hands or more, you will need plenty of supplies.MSC Halloween Makeup

3.  You may also need adhesive remover if you are gluing something on. You can also use a Q-tip soaked in olive oil or coconut oil to loosen the edges, just go slow and gentle. Don’t pull!

4.  Start washing off makeup with soap or shampoo. Lather up well. Use baby oil on the kids and after washing to remove the residue. Be gentle around the eyes to prevent tears.

5.  If the makeup is cream-based, used cold cream. Use a good amount, massage it in well, then wipe off with a warm washcloth.

6.  Use your regular face wash as a final cleaning step.

7.  Moisturize skin to prevent irritation after. Makeup and multiple cleansers are hard on your skin so pamper it once its clean.

**Bonus tip – If you have used glitter in your costume, it will end up everywhere. You can use scotch tape to remove it from skin. You can also use packing tape to pick it up off larger areas.

Have a safe and fun Halloween. Please share your costume pics with us!


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