Halloween Makeup Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Application

Get gruesomely good results for your upcoming Halloween Party or child’s trick-or-treating adventure. Make the most of the items that you have and create haunting memories. Learn about these makeup tips and techniques for the best Halloween getup ever.


Safety Recommendations

This special time of the year should be a blast but before application of any new products, you should:

  • Perform a skin test of new products and wait 24 hours for any reactions. This is important for those with sensitive skin or a history of allergies. If a rash develops, clean the area and apply a hydrocortisone cream. If it persists, see your physician.
  • Use approved makeup for the face. Make sure that any face paints are FDA certified.
  • Avoid using makeup or baby powder near open flames.
  • Avoid mixing different types of makeup.
  • Avoid using liquid latex near the eyes. The adhesive is ammonia based with strong vapors.

Tips and Tricks

There are a number of things to consider as you plan your makeup and costume. A few of these are:

  • Halloween can be a cold evening. Applying makeup and teasing hair prior to adding turtlenecks or other pullover tops can mess up your efforts. Think about when to apply your final touches to makeup and hair.
  • Start with a clean face. FX artists recommend using an astringent to remove facial oil, followed with a cold water rinse to minimize pores.Make-up tips for Halloween Costumes
  • Apply a very thin coat of Vaseline to make makeup removal easier. Face paints and other applications can be difficult to remove.
  • Work comfortably near a good light source.
  • Think about any types of prosthetics that you would like to include, such as scars or scabs. Spirit gum adheres best to a clean face. They should be applied first. Apply spirit gum to the face and the prosthetic device. Wait for the gum to get tacky before attaching the prosthetic.
  • Latex can be used to create height and different textures. Begin with a base coat and slowly build the area. For scars, the application of a thin layer is followed with one piece of tissue. Repeat as needed. After latex application, you can also pull back a piece of the latex for the appearance of rotting skin. Think how you can play with the possibilities.
  • Apply your foundation after building up areas or application of prosthetics. Apply foundation lightly with light rubbing. Then pat to blend.
  • Makeup can be used to create texture. Brushing with a makeup brush will offer a smooth look, whereas dappling with the brush can generate a more unusual appearance. Consider using a coarse texturing sponge for adding texture in your makeup application.
  • Apply thin coats of makeup, using the guideline of a single color at any time to permit the makeup to completely dry. Setting your hair dryer to cold air can shorten the drying process.
  • Sweat can ruin unset makeup. When you are planning an active evening of devilish fun, it’s critical to set your makeup properly. Commercial products are available but baby powder is cheap and effective. Dusting powder over your face will maintain the appearance of the makeup. Powdering hair and clothing adds the effect of age for zombies and ancient Marie Antoinettes.

Step out and become part of the Halloween magic.

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