5 Trendy Industries That Hire Cosmetologists

If you’re thinking about getting formal training for the beauty industry, you might assume that working in a salon/spa is your only career option after Trendy Industries That Hire Cosmetologists, Beauty Schoolgraduation.

Yet there are numerous places where you can utilize your creativity and passion for cosmetology—and still be part of the latest trends that help people feel and look good.

Sure, salons can be pretty darn trendy, but they aren’t the only place where you can keep up with, and help develop, the latest and greatest in the profession. Check out these five hip spots where you can take your skills and apply them to a rewarding career.

Entertainment Industry

You can bet Lady Gaga doesn’t look like that before she goes on stage. The woman playing Cinderella at Disneyland? She didn’t look like a princess before she came to work.

The entertainment industry is one place where you can find work as a cosmetologist. Celebrities, musicians and even cheerleaders and dance teams at professional sports arenas need someone to do their hair, nails and makeup.

You should know that cosmetology jobs in this area are highly sought after, and more lucrative, so you’ll need experience and connections—and be prepared to utilize your personal and professional networks.

Getting a job in the entertainment industry can be super fun and put you on the “inside” of the coolest trends in cosmetology.

TV, Movies, Theater

Before the cameras roll or the curtain goes up, someone has to make sure the talent looks good. Cosmetologists can often find work in television, films and the stage.

Of course, the work differs depending on where you’re working. Makeup for a TV anchor will need to be more understated. The hair for actors performing in a movie set in Victorian England will be completely different from what you’d do at your chair in a salon.

Your talents will have to be versatile and you may need to communicate with production designers to give the performer the right look. For films and plays, you will be able to use your education and experience to help define the characters and what they represent.

With a cosmetology career in TV, movies or the theater, you’ll be able to put your creativity into practice and be on the forefront of cultural trends.

Fashion Industry

Hair, makeup, skin, nails… They all need to be just so before a photo shoot takes place.

While the clothes are the real star of the fashion industry, cosmetologists are needed to ensure the models not only look good, but also reflect the tone of Trendy Industries That Hire Cosmetologiststhe clothing and the designer’s theme.

Remember, too, that people who are interested in fashion are also looking for new trends in hair and makeup. You’ll need creativity, the ability to take risks and an eye for new styles to excel as a cosmetologist in fashion.

Beauty Product Manufacturers

If you have a passion for a particular line, working as a representative for a beauty product manufacturer could be the right job for you.

These companies want people who know the ins and outs of the field and are enthusiastic about the beauty industry. This is a job that may require you to travel and teach fellow cosmetologists about new products and how to best use them.

Being part of a company that creates new items puts you on the front line of the latest trends—and you’ll be able to see how the products are received by those in the industry.

Hotels, Resorts, Cruise Ships

High-end resorts and hotels often have their own salon/spas, as do many cruise ships. How cool would it be to work in an exotic locale or aboard a giant boat making its way around the Caribbean!

At these places, you won’t have to worry as much about building up your client base, but you will have to be a good communicator. It’s unlikely someone will sit down and ask for “the usual.” You’ll need to be able to listen and correctly interpret what your client is asking for.

Depending on where you work, you could also have the chance to meet people from across the world, or those who are traveling and simply want to spruce up their look. That exposure may give you insights about trends developing in different parts of the nation or globe.

Careers in Cosmetology

Whether you want to cut, color and style hair, do manicures and pedicures, provide spa treatments or perform skin-care techniques, there are plenty of options available to you.

As you mull potential jobs in the field, think about your interests, education and where you want your career to go. Cosmetology offers a wide range of possibilities.

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