What are the Benefits of a Full Body Massage?

Massage therapist giving a full body massage to a client

Are you interested in becoming a massage therapist? Massage therapists are professionals that provide therapeutic massage services to help clients feel better. Whether they are experiencing chronic pain, need deep tissue massage or are looking for an effective way to relax after a stressful week, there are numerous benefits that you can provide as a massage therapist through a full body massage.

What are the Benefits of a Full Body Massage?

Massage therapy is one of the most effective ways to address discomfort and pain. Following are some of the main benefits that a client receives from a professional massage therapy session.

Benefit #1: Increase Blood Circulation

While therapeutic massage techniques and full body massage help alleviate muscle tension and promote relaxation, they are also quite effective at increasing blood circulation. This is particularly helpful for those who are recovering from injury or major surgery. Certain types of massage techniques are utilized to promote blood circulation. You will learn them during a massage therapy program.

Benefit #2: Reduce Pain and Swelling

One of the primary benefits of a full body massage is its effectiveness in reducing the amount of pain and swelling that a client may be experiencing, especially from pre-existing medical conditions. Back pain and joint pain are two of the most common types of pain that clients would like to address during their massage therapy sessions. For example, many athletes may schedule a session to enhance their athletic performance as well as reduce pain and swelling they may have due to repetitive motion injury associated with their sport. Sports massage is an effective way to reduce pain and swelling and may even improve a client’s rate of recovery after an important athletic event.

Benefit #3: Remove Toxins

One of the most interesting benefits of full body massage is its effectiveness in removing toxins. The techniques used in massage therapy are designed to promote lymphatic drainage. This can help to break up any toxins so they can be flushed out of the system. These toxins are then flushed out and excreted by the body over the course of several days. Removal of these toxins can improve the client’s quality of life and increase their overall sense of wellbeing.

Benefit #4: Boost the Immune System

Every system in the body is interconnected and dependent upon the proper functioning of the other systems. The strength of your immune system is directly impacted by the levels of stress in your life. Full body massage is very relaxing for the client, and a massage session helps them naturally lower their cortisol levels. Lower cortisol levels allow their immune system to strengthen to help ward off illness and disease. By eliminating toxins out of the system and increasing blood flow, white blood cell count increases, leading to a stronger immune system and better health.

Benefit #5: Lower Stress Levels

Just as full body massage improves the immune system, it also improves a client’s mental health. Massage has been associated with increased levels of serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. These hormones are otherwise known as the “feel good” hormones. In other words, when you have an increased production of these hormones in your system, you are much more likely to feel happier and calmer. Regularly scheduling a full body massage is a great way to improve your overall mental health and sense of well-being.

Benefit #6: Increase Range of Motion

Mobility becomes increasingly more important, especially as someone ages. Full body massage consists of purposeful movements and manipulation of joints. These manipulations are effective at breaking up scar tissue and increasing flexibility, especially after injury. Massage therapy can have a huge impact on a person’s range of motion and can be an important component of their overall treatment plan.

Benefit #7: Increase Joint Mobility and Flexibility

A client’s joint mobility and flexibility are impacted by the health of their ligaments, tendons, connective tissues, and muscles. Receiving a full body massage on a regular basis can have a positive impact on their ability to retain mobility and flexibility, especially as they age. Increased mobility and flexibility can also have an impact on their ability to avoid injury.

Benefit #8: Stimulate the Lymphatic System

One of the ways in which full body massage decreases pain is through stimulating the lymphatic system. During a session, a client’s muscles will heat up, and the increase in temperature will stimulate lymphatic drainage, causing a decrease in swelling and pain. This is particularly helpful for those who are dealing with chronic pain conditions.

Benefit #9: Improve Pregnancy Outcomes

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. It can also be one of the most stressful times. Prenatal massage is an important way for an expectant mother to take care of themselves during this time in her life. Prenatal techniques are associated with improved pregnancy outcomes, lowered stress level, and are an effective way for expectant mothers to enjoy deep relaxation before the birth of their baby.

What Does a Massage Therapist Do?

A massage therapist provides therapeutic relief to their clients by engaging in a series of purposeful movements and manipulations on various parts of their body. They may use a specific set of techniques to address aches, pains, muscle tension, and muscle stiffness.

In addition to providing physical relief, massage therapists are trained to help clients with total body relaxation and stress relief. They may provide specific types of massage in conjunction with their client’s treatment plan. They are also tasked with providing a safe, sanitized environment for each client, as well as thoroughly disinfect the area to prevent cross contamination between clients and massage therapists.

Where Do Massage Therapists Get a Formal Education?

Massage therapists obtain their formal education and training by attending a vocational school. Many vocational schools offer a massage therapy program that can be completed in as little as a year. During this massage therapy program, you learn the different techniques and gain the skills to help clients. Nothing is more satisfying than helping a client reduce pain and stay healthy.

What are the Benefits of a Massage Therapy Program?

If you are thinking about becoming a massage therapist, there are many reasons why you should consider attending a massage therapy program. Following, are some of the many benefits:

Benefit #1: Enhance Your Knowledge with a Complete Curriculum

You will receive vital instruction and a comprehensive education that prepares you for a career in massage. As a student, you will learn the innerworkings of the human body, as well as how every system is interconnected. This allows you to build your skillset and prepare you for a successful career as a massage therapist.

Benefit #2: Receive Instruction from Industry Experienced Instructors

Instructors during this program will have lots of experience working with a wide variety of clients. Not only will you learn how to perform therapeutic techniques from these industry experienced instructors, but they will share a vast amount of knowledge about the industry. The can offer one-on-one attention and answer any questions you may have.

Benefit #3: Receive Lots of Hands-On Training and Practice

One of the greatest benefits you will receive is the hands-on training that will give you real world experience. You will learn how to administer a variety of massage techniques as well as how to improve your form, so you can effectively address your client’s concerns.

Benefit #4: Work in a Student-Run Salon

As a massage therapist, you will have the opportunity to work in a student-run salon before graduating from the massage therapy program. This experience will help prepare you to work in a salon after graduation and be great experience you can put on your resume. You learn how to properly disinfect and keep a clean environment, as well as how to conduct an interview with a client prior to the start of a session. By working in a student-run salon, you will become confident and instill confidence in your clients.

Benefit #5: Gain Additional Experience with an Externship

Massage programs have a great relationship with area massage studios. Because of this, you can enjoy externship placements to learn more about the job and have additional experience to add to your resume. These placements allow you to practice in a real-life setting, build relationships with other massage professionals, and even find a job upon graduation.

Benefit #6: Discover Great Job Opportunities Through Career Services

It can be difficult to look for a job in many career fields. Fortunately, attending a massage therapy program allows you access to career services. Career services can help you prepare for job interviews, create a professional resume, and seek out job opportunities and vacancies in your area. Career services will find out what you are passionate about and look for the perfect job fit.

Final Thoughts

If you’re forging a path toward a new career, consider enrolling in a massage therapy program. By becoming a massage therapist, you will help improve the lives of thousands of people and enjoy a robust and rewarding career. The first step of any journey is the hardest, but the Minnesota School of Cosmetology will be by your side and help you take that first step.

Massage Therapy Program

If you are interested in the healing powers of massage, you can begin your career in massage therapy at Minnesota School of Cosmetology. Our short-term massage therapy training program is designed to be completed in as little as 13 months. Our massage therapy training program is designed as a holistic program that will prepare students to focus on body mechanics of their patients as well as develop positive habits for the therapist. Together, those two areas will provide a foundation that can lead to longevity in the career field.

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a massage therapist and starting a rewarding career in the massage industry.

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