Using YouTube for Your Massage Therapy Practice

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YouTube is currently ranked number two in global and domestic web traffic for uploading and viewing video content. The platform boasts of more than 2 billion monthly users, with over 70% viewing from mobile devices, according to HootSuite. Creating and posting video content on a YouTube channel as a marketing tool is a great way to boost your massage therapy practice’s visibility and potentially get more clients. How do businesses, namely massage therapy practices, create content to attract followers and potential customers on YouTube?

Getting Started with YouTube

Signing up for a YouTube account is quick and straightforward. You can go through the sign-up steps with a Facebook or Twitter account or use a Google account to expedite the process. Once logged in, go to your YouTube account, settings, create a channel, choose a business name, and begin customizing your massage practice’s channel.

Before you add any content about your massage therapy practice, ensure you complete all the information sections in their entirety, these portions are an introduction and the first impression of your massage business:

  • Profile Photo – Make your YouTube channel yours by adding a profile photo to your account representing you, your staff and your massage therapy practice.
  • Header – Add your massage therapy practice’s logo as a header and make it clear-cut, unique, and distinctive. A tagline (a catchphrase or slogan) that quickly describes your business at a glance is also helpful here. Example: “We Get You Moving In The Right Direction.”
  • Information – Supply as much information about your massage therapy practice as possible regarding services offered, hours of operation, and directions. Don’t be shy, brag about yourself and your massage therapy related accomplishments.
  • Hyperlinks– A hyperlink is a direct link to your massage therapy website. You can also create and share links to articles, anecdotes, and blogs related to the massage therapy field.

Your YouTube Video Content

Most people think you need to have a film producer’s ability or be a screenwriter to make a good YouTube video. What’s essential is the concise and vital information you provide to your viewers.

Using these 12 simple tips to create your video content helps your massage therapy practice stand out from your competitors that don’t utilize YouTube to assist in their marketing strategy:

Tip #1. Introduce Yourself

Even if you find it hard to speak on your own behalf, do a section of your video or an entire video on your channel called “About Me.” Learning about you, the business owner, creates a connection with a potential massage client before ever meeting them. Mention talking points like why you became a massage therapist, where you went to school, how you first became interested in massage therapy, and the ways you feel the viewer will benefit from your massage therapy.

Tip #2. Show Off Your Staff

Build a repour with viewers through your video content by featuring your actual staff. Announce each team member with an interview. Pose questions inquiring about their position at the massage practice, a favorite massage technique, and the reasons they chose a career in massage therapy. After all, they are the people that connect with your clients from the minute they walk through the door. A massage therapist is only as good as their support staff.

Tip #3. Let Existing Patients Do the Talking

Patient testimonials are probably the best way to convince a viewer to take the first step in coming to your massage therapy practice. These videos allow existing clients to talk up your massage practice for you. Customers identify with other customers, so don’t be intimidated to ask if you can take a video of them speaking on behalf of your massage practice or about their experiences when they visited. Ensure you follow the truth in advertising laws by including only real patients, and make sure the testimonials are not misleading. Avoid offering free products, services, or compensation in exchange for testimonials.

Tip #4. Constantly Update

A popular YouTube channel consistently updates its content when using videos as a marketing tool. Update at the same time daily or weekly, but no less. If viewers see inconsistency with your YouTube channel, they may think your massage practice is the same way. Subscribers to your channel receive notifications every time you post updated content, keeping your massage practice fresh in their minds. Creating all those videos may seem a little daunting but gather the staff once monthly to produce enough content for the entire month and discuss marketing strategies moving forward. Make it fun and offer lunch or dinner, so your team looks forward to taking part month after month.

Tip #5. Demonstrate

Demonstrate techniques and products your massage therapy practice currently utilizes. These videos always interest viewers because it’s natural for humans to wonder how things work. Take this opportunity to introduce new services, trending massage techniques, or an up and coming product on the market related to your massage therapy practice. Another possible demonstration is a tour of your facility. Here you can showcase the equipment you and your staff work with to help your patients feel their best.

Tip #6. Webinars

A webinar is where speakers from a hosting business share presentations or other content with audiences located anywhere. Webinars typically have audio and eye-catching visual components that entice the viewer and holds their attention, two main objectives for engaging content. Include videos of professionals in your field, while demonstrating new techniques or products related to massage therapy, lets viewers know you’re on top of breaking innovations in massage therapy. Webinars also break up the monotony of just you and your massage therapy staff creating content.

Tip #7. Photo Montage

Create a montage of still photographs into a video for your YouTube channel. Take pictures you already have of your staff attending the annual Christmas party, picnic, or other function and string them together. These fun little videos show viewers the camaraderie and fun your massage therapy staff share. You can also utilize a photo montage of your current patients with subtitles describing what they like best about your practice. A photo montage is also incredibly helpful if a patient wants to give their testimonial but doesn’t like the video aspect.

Tip #8. Add Hyperlinks

Connect all your advertising avenues effortlessly together by using hyperlinks. A hyperlink links a file or document to another location or file, typically activated by clicking on a word, phrase, or image. Suppose your massage therapy practice has a web page or uses other social media platforms as an avenue to advertise; a hyperlink is a perfect way to direct web traffic from one of your sites like YouTube to the other, what’s commonly referred to as a “call to action.” Think of a hyperlink as a traffic cop directing cars down different streets. Use Hyperlinks when quoting particulars directly from a resource you used in creating your content as well.

Tip #9. Choose Relevant Tags and Categories

When you upload your video with YouTube, you choose a video category to list under, making your video easy for viewers to find when looking for a specific topic. There are 15 categories to choose from like Product Review, Vlog, How-to, Educational, Memes, Favorites, and more.

Tags are descriptive keywords you add to your video that assist viewers in finding your content. Utilize the tags YouTube suggests since the platform deploys suggestions based on commonly searched items. You can also add variations of tags. For example, use the tags massage therapy, Swedish massage, etc.

Tip #10. Make It Your Own

The page viewers see when they click on your account name is your YouTube home page. Your channel doesn’t have to appear like countless other YouTuber’s. Your YouTube channel is customizable with colors, images, and information to foster your business’s identity. You can also customize your channel page’s layout with a maximum of ten sections. The default mode displays three sections: Created Playlists, Uploads, and Subscriptions you’ve made viewable to the public. Make it distinctly your channel by signing into your YouTube account; in the upper right corner under your profile picture, choose your channel, and select “Customize Channel.”

Tip #11. Be Interactive

When viewers see your videos, they can rate the quality and comment. It would be best if you kept up the momentum by monitoring and responding to feedback promptly. Personalize responses to each viewer’s comments and don’t use automatic, cookie-cutter replies, which viewers often misconstrue as lazy. Ensure your answers are informative, insightful, and professional; even if the comments get a little critical, keep responses positive.

Tip #12. Don’t Confine Your Videos

Don’t hide that video under a bushel; put it out there and often. YouTube videos don’t have to stay confined to YouTube; share them on all your business’s social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. When you post a new video, write an accompanying blog entry describing it, then share the link, or post it on Facebook. You can also embed videos on your websites or emails to your massage clients, like stretching tutorials, massage technique instructions, and product demonstrations.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget your YouTube videos don’t have to be perfect. YouTube viewers come to expect imperfection, and many viewers feel it adds a sense of authenticity to you and your massage therapy practice. Have fun with the process of creating videos for your business and watch your client list grow.

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