The Many Benefits of Massage Therapy

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Did you know that there are many benefits to becoming a massage therapist? These benefits can help you as a massage therapist and your clients. You can help improve your work/life balance at the same time as helping a client relieve stress and improve relaxation. If you are looking for a career that offers the ability to help others while starting a challenging career, this might be the right path for you. Let’s start by looking at the benefits your clients may receive from massage therapy.

What are the Benefits of Massage Therapy?

There are many different benefits of massage therapy. They include relaxation, stress reduction, headache relief, increased flexibility, better posture, increased blood circulation, immunity support, and removal of toxins and scar tissue.

Benefit #1: Relaxation

Massage therapy offers relaxation to those with stress. Working, exercising and daily life can all cause stress and tension in the body. Massage helps relieve the tension and promotes relaxation. Massage therapy can also release endorphins, the feel-good hormone, in the brain during a massage therapy session. Further, the atmosphere plays a role in relaxation during a massage. You can use massage oils, candles and scents to help the client relax during a massage.

Benefit #2: Stress Reduction

Sress is a part of daily life and massage therapy can help. Stress is caused in the body as a reaction to physical, mental and emotional factors. This stress can affect a client’s ability to relax and recover. Massage therapy is a great way to reduce stress in the body.

Stress is also caused by childbirth. Prenatal massage allows the reduction of stress during pregnancy. This helps mothers-to-be relieve the stress put on the body during and after pregnancy.

Benefit #3: Headache Relief

Headaches or migraines can be debilitating, and massage therapy can help relieve those headaches. Massage improves the flow of blood and helps blood move throughout the body. This blood will travel to the brain and offer more oxygen and nutrients to help relieve headaches. Massage therapy is a great way for your clients to reduce the pain caused by headaches.

Benefit #4: Increased Flexibility

For those that sit or stand all day, muscles can lose their range of motion. These muscles can shorten from inflammation. By elongating the muscles with the help of massage therapy, you can help your clients to increase their muscle flexibility and range of motion. Massage also helps lubricate joints, further improving muscle and joint flexibility.

Benefit #5: Better Posture

Many of us have poor posture when we sit or stand. This poor posture can cause tension in the muscles, accelerating pain and discomfort. Massage therapy relieves this pain and discomfort to allow better posture.

Benefit #6: Increased Blood Circulation

Massage helps to increase blood circulation by opening up blood vessels to allow the movement of blood to sore muscles. This increased blood flow helps remove toxins and supply the muscles with oxygenated blood. Increased blood circulation can also help at the beginning of the massage allowing muscles to warm up. The increase in blood flow is also important during prenatal massage, offering a mother-to-be the movement of blood to improve immunity and relaxation in the body.

Benefit #7: Immunity Support

With the increase of blood circulation and the releasing of blood to the body’s muscles and organs, massage can result in a healthier immune system. The reduction in stress and increased relaxation will continue to support the immune system, making massage therapy an aid in immunity support of your client’s body.

Benefit #8: Removal of Toxins and Scar Tissue

Toxins, waste and scar tissue can build up in the muscles, specifically after strenuous exercise. Exercise can trap toxins and scar tissue in the muscles. Through massage therapy, these toxins can be expelled from the muscles, relieving pain and easing tension. The reduction in scar tissue allows muscles to rebuild stronger and healthier during the process of massage.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Massage Therapist?

There are many benefits to becoming a massage therapist. You have the opportunity to help others by reducing pain, relieving stress and improving their health. Massage therapy can change the lives of your clients and lead them on a path to a healthy and stress-free life. Many mothers-to-be will come to you for prenatal massage, and you will have the opportunity to improve their quality of life during pregnancy.

Becoming a massage therapist also allows you to create a flexible work schedule. Many massage therapists work part-time while attending to family or enjoying hobbies. You can also work full-time at a local spa allowing the spa to find your clientele. You also have the option, once you have gained some valuable experience, to become a self-employed massage therapist. This gives you the flexibility to work for a spa or go out on your own to start a massage business. While self-employed, you decide your schedule, where you work and who you work with. While working for yourself (depending on local city and state licensing laws), you have the ability to go to clients’ homes and offices or work out of your own home or office. Becoming a massage therapist offers the flexibility that you want to make a positive work/life balance.

Growing Career Field

Once you become a massage therapist, you have the opportunity to work in many different places. You can work with other massage therapists at a spa or resort. You can go to conventions, malls, casinos and other locations that bring people together that may need to relax and enjoy a massage. Finally, you can also work for yourself and create your own clientele, meeting them at their homes or offices. Some massage therapists even travel on cruise ships, go to luxury resorts and find new ways to enjoy the benefits of becoming a massage therapist.

Furthermore, massage therapists are in high demand. Employment of massage therapists is projected to grow 22 percent from 2018 to 2028, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. More people are realizing that massage therapy is a great way to relieve the stress of the day-to-day and escape without the need to travel. Massage therapy is becoming more popular for many that want an alternative way to relieve stress, rehab after a sports injury or just enjoy a relaxing day off.

What are the Benefits of Attending a Massage Therapy Program?

While attending a massage therapy program full-time, you have the opportunity to start earning in as little as 5 months. During this program, you will learn about anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. These classes give you the knowledge of the body and the functions that massage therapy effects.

Another benefit of attending a massage therapy program is small class sizes. You will get one-on-one instruction from industry experienced professionals in the art of massage therapy. These small class sizes will also allow you to meet fellow classmates and make life-long friendships.

Some vocational schools have career services that offer graduates and alumni support in finding a job. They help identify opportunities and assist with cover letters, resumes and portfolios. Also included in career services are mock interviews to prepare for a real-world interview. Finally, career services offer the ability to network with instructors, classmates, externship colleagues and industry professionals in an effort to find a job after graduation. Attending a massage therapy program at a vocational school can provide benefits for you and your future clients.

Want to Learn More?

If you are interested in the healing powers of massage, you can begin your career in massage therapy at Minnesota School of Cosmetology. Our short-term massage therapy training program is designed to be completed in as little as 5 months with full time enrollment*. Our massage therapy training program is designed as a holistic program that will prepare students to focus on body mechanics of their clients as well as develop positive habits for the therapist. Together, those two areas will provide a foundation that can lead to longevity in the career field.

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a massage therapist and starting a rewarding career in the massage industry.

*Completion time for this program is defined by 35 hours per week.

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