Questions to Prepare for a Massage Therapist Interview

As a recent graduate in Massage Therapy, you have a wealth of opportunities to land an entry-level position as a massage therapist at a local spa or franchise. Skilled massage therapists are in high demand, so don’t be surprised when you start getting calls for interviews!

Prepare for Common Questions at Your Interview

Here are a few common questions you may be asked at an entry-level massage therapist interview. Keep in mind that the interview process varies from employer to employer, so this is not a definitive list.

Question #1: What Massage School Did You Attend?

Massage therapy franchises and spas require therapists to be trained and licensed to perform massage services. Other related questions interviewers might ask about your training include your graduation date or any notable recognitions in school.

Question #2: Why Do You Want This Specific Job?

A common question for employers in all industries. Answer this question honestly. A simple answer is helping clients to feel better. Other reasons could include gaining experience working with a reputable company, advancement opportunities or flexible scheduling.

Question #3: What Is Your Availability?

You are expected to have an open availability when applying for entry-level massage therapy jobs. This may include evenings, split shifts, weekends, overtime, or on an ‘on call’ basis. To optimize your chances of getting hired, you should offer flexible availability to cover whatever shifts are needed. If you have limited availability, be clear with your interviewer to avoid complications later.

Question #4: What Massage Techniques Are You Most Proficient?

Spas and massage franchises offer a range of massage services to cater to a variety of clients. Tell your interviewer what type of massages you feel you are best at providing. Depending on the employer, there could be increased demand for specific skills.

For instance, if you are interviewing at a rehabilitation center, deep tissue massage skills could be more valuable than relaxation massage therapies. If you are interviewing for a holistic or day spa, the employer might prefer experience with hot stone or Swedish massage. In some cases, your interviewer may ask you to demonstrate your massage skills to evaluate your skills.

Question #5: What Ideas Do You Have to Improve the Business?

Regardless of where you are interviewing, companies search for candidates willing to provide outstanding services, as well as grow their business. Perhaps you can drive more business using your personal or professional network. Alternatively, you might have advertising or marketing ideas that may attract more customers.

Question #6: How Would You Handle an Inappropriate Client?

As a massage therapist, there is a chance that clients could make inappropriate suggestions or behave unprofessionally during their session. If asked this question during your interview, tell the interviewer that you will use your better judgment. You should handle the situation as outlined by the company’s employee handbook.

Employers want to know that employees will follow the rules, especially as it relates to improper behavior. Failure to do so can result in damage to the company, in addition to other financial or legal liabilities.

Question #7: How Many Massages Can You Do Consecutively?

At busier franchises and spas, having massage therapists who can perform multiple sessions during their shift is critical. Don’t get caught off guard if your interviewer asks how many massages you can complete in a row comfortably.

By asking this question, the potential employer is gathering helpful information for scheduling. Spa owners and managers want to assure that new and existing employees can handle their appointment schedules without compromising the service. By understanding the physical limitations of therapists they can schedule work appropriately.

Question #8: Do You Interact with Clients During Services?

Depending on the employer and type of services, interviewers may ask how you interact with clients while providing massage services. Undoubtedly, you want to be friendly, so you can build a relationship and rapport with your new clients. However, you want to be careful not to overstep, depending on the type of massage therapy you are to perform.

If an employer provides group massage sessions, such as rehabilitative or sports massage, chatting with clients is usually fine. Communicating with clients during sessions is critical to providing relief. In high-end relaxation spas, massage clients may prefer to keep small talk to a minimum, so they can close their eyes and relax.

High End Massage Clients and Communication

Generally, it is okay to ask high-end clients questions for feedback. Asking them too many questions about their personal life could be distracting and unwelcome. To get a better feel for what the client wants to treat, ask these questions before the massage. Some spas may have clients fill out a questionnaire beforehand.

The more you understand the massage therapist interview process, the more prepared you are to land the job.

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