Massage Therapy for Stress Relief

Written by Lori Lucas, Front Desk Assistant MSC-Plymouth

Stress affects most of our lives.  Most of us are looking for ways to ways to reduce to amount of stress we experience. Massage is a good place to start, and helps release tension in your body. Regular massage promotes a stress management plan and can lead to healthier outcomes.

Woman receiving massage for stress relief

How to Heal Your Body After a Breakup

Finding happiness after a relationship ends isn’t just about healing your broken heart.  Your body feels the physical effects of a breakup, too.  Rejection physically affects different parts of our bodies.  Emotional pain activates the same pathways in the brain that physical pain does. ­

There are a lot of complex physiological changes in your body after a breakup, and most them are due to raised cortisol levels in your body.  Cortisol is the “stress hormone” and it’s released in much higher levels during major life changes.  This is a good time to learn how to learn how to deal with stress.

What is the Best Type of Massage for Stress Relief?

There are many forms of massage, including Swedish, deep tissue, sports, reflexology and trigger point. Each type of massage has benefits for stress relief, but vary in method.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massages should always be done in a calm and relaxing environment so that the client is able to relax. Because long, gliding strokes are often required to perform the massage properly, oil is often used in conjunction with the hand movements. Essential oils have many different beneficial properties on their own and becoming familiar with each is important when becoming a massage therapist.

Deep Tissue Massage

Likewise, deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage, but the massage therapist applies more pressure. The massage therapist focuses on the deepest layers of the muscle to release tension in the muscle tissue and tendons.

Trigger Point Massage

Trigger point massage consists of rubbing and pressing on trigger points. These trigger points are knots in soft tissue, or micro-cramps. Knots are common around injuries, and are often found in the back and neck.

Sports Massage

As the name implies, sports massage targets athletes of all sports. Massage therapists should understand their clients needs, so they can tailor their appointment correctly to relieve stress, tension, and pain.


In contrast, Reflexology applies pressure on the hands and feet to improve circulation, release tension, and promote health. People who suffer from stress, tension headaches, migraines, arthritis, sports injuries, and multiple sclerosis may benefit from reflexology.

Some forms use oils and others use warm stone to release tension and promote relaxation.

Stress Affects More Than Just Your Mind

It’s linked to headaches, fatigue, stomach problems, and difficulty sleeping. When you receive a relaxing massage you’ll be doing your body a favor.

Massage is the Perfect Way to Lift Your Mood

Are you feeling anxious or depressed or having trouble relaxing? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Whatever effect stress has on your mood, a massage is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways to let your daily stress simply disappear.

Relieving Stress Can Make it Easier to Meet Your Other Goals

Research has shown that massage therapy can help you manage the pain and stress of chronic health issues, including joint pain, sports injuries, soft tissue injuries, digestive disorders, and even hard to manage conditions like fibromyalgia. 

Massage Therapy Can Lead to a Healthier Heart

Research shows that regular massage helps lower blood pressure and heart rate.  Whether you’re working to be healthier, or trying to stay in shape, massage is a powerful tool to help you reach your goals.

So go out, enjoy life and get regular massages! 

Massage is safe when done by a trained therapist. Individuals who have chronic pain disorders or other medical conditions that involve musculoskeletal system should consult with their physician before receiving regular massage therapy.

Want to Learn More?

If you are interested in the healing powers of massage, you can begin your career in massage therapy at Minnesota School of Cosmetology. Our short-term massage therapy training program is designed to be completed in as little as 13 months with full time enrollment. Our massage therapy training program is designed as a holistic program that will prepare students to focus on body mechanics of their clients as well as develop positive habits for the therapist. Together, those two areas will provide a foundation that can lead to longevity in the career field.

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a hairstylist and starting a rewarding career in the beauty industry.

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