What Kind of Services Do Cosmetologists Provide for Prom?

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Prom season is upon us. Fun and fashion collide to make this night truly magical. Your client’s night will likely be filled with moments they will think of for years to come. They may even be lucky enough to come away from their prom with nostalgic memories they will look back on fondly for a lifetime. With such a fun event on the horizon your client might be struggling with how to make the most of it. They know how they want to look, they know how they want to feel, but making those things a reality might be easier said than done. That is why you may want to think about all of the different ways you can help your client get ready for their special night. Let’s take a look at the many different ways a cosmetologist can help their clients prepare, then you can decide which ones apply to your client’s personality and style.

Hair Services for Prom

Your client’s hair can be a big part of their prom night look, not to mention that their hair will be in every one of their many prom pictures. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that a professionally trained cosmetologist can help a client elevate their look from amateur to exceptional.

Hair Styling for Prom

This is probably what the average prom-goer has in mind when they think of “getting their hair done for prom.” Styling refers to the curling, straightening, twisting, braiding, pinning, and otherwise manipulating of a person’s hair into a wide variety of styles and looks. This can be done using a variety of different tools and products to help achieve and secure a look. Curling irons, hair straighteners, sprays, pins, and barrettes can all be part of what gets your client’s hair to prom-going perfection. You may also choose to include hair fashion accessories such as a tiara or hair charms to add an extra special dazzle to your client’s look. Even if your client is comfortable styling their own hair, getting it professionally done can be the difference between hair on an average day and a style fit for a special event.

Hair Cutting for Prom

Cutting your client’s hair for prom might seem like a drastic step for one night. However, if your client is someone that likes to make a strong visual statement and they don’t mind taking a big leap, a vastly different cut will be sure to turn heads and have cameras flashing. This is a particularly good choice for those who are comfortable with change. On the other hand, if your client is someone who gets anxious about big changes to their hair, or if they really love their current style, you might want to consider a touch-up or a trim. Cleaning up their look before they hit the dance floor can make a bigger difference than they might realize.

Hair Extensions for Prom

Getting extensions means different things for different people. People have different kinds of hair and different style needs. Some extensions can be clipped in and be easily removed at the end of the night. However, they are less secure than extensions that are glued or sewn in. Those options are harder to remove than the clip in options and would be more permanent than just prom night.

Hair Coloring for Prom

Changing the color of your client’s hair is an exciting style step at any point, but it is made even more dramatic and exciting when you coordinate that change with such a special event. Unveiling a newly lightened, darkened, or colored hairstyle at prom can be a great way to stand out. It can also subtly elevate your client’s look, if drastic change isn’t exactly their thing. You may also want to consider temporary dyes that coordinate with their outfit. Finding a quality temporary dye that won’t damage your client’s hair or transfer onto their clothes or skin, however, can be difficult.

Makeup Services for Prom

Makeup is something that many prom-goers are already intimately familiar with. Your client may be wondering if seeing a professional makeup artist is really worth it, particularly if they are someone who has a passion for facial cosmetics already. The experience, tools, products and techniques that come with professionally done makeup can make a much bigger difference than your client might think. Here are some of the ways you can take your client’s look everyday-amazing to magazine-cover quality.

Classic Coverage

Makeup doesn’t always have to be thick or obvious. If your client likes to have a more natural look, they can simply ask you to keep things simple. Rather than bold colors and thick lines they can ask for even tones and natural shades. The benefit of going to you as a cosmetologist to get their natural beauty touched up before prom is that you are trained to perfectly blend and match colors to give them a truly flawless finish.

A Little Bit Daring

You may be excited about the idea of stepping a little bit outside your client’s comfort zone this prom season. If they comfortable with experimenting with their look, now might be the perfect time for you to try something thrilling and new. Ask them to use an exotic lip color. See if they are interested in trying a flashy eye color combination or an unusual liner. You may even want to give some unique false lashes a try for your client.

Living on the Wilder Side

It could be that you are the kind of person who sees a formal event like prom as a fashion and style challenge. Perhaps your client likes to take big fashion risks and enormous style statements whenever the opportunity arises. If this sounds like your client, then you are going to want to seize this opportunity to make your mark by discussing more edgy, trendy, extravagant options with their makeup. Your options for individualizing their prom night look are endless, so feel free to let loose and go wild with your makeup style.

Nail Services for Prom

Manicures and pedicures are another common component of prom night. Your client wants to look good from top to bottom, which means fingers and toes, too. Don’t let jagged nails, damaged hands, or weathered feet derail your client’s fantastic look.

Natural Nails for Prom

People sometimes assume that nail technicians only work with people who want to get or maintain artificial nails. In actuality, they offer a lot of services to people who want to keep and/or grow out their natural nails, including all kinds of painting and polishing options to make a special night even more glamorous. If your client is someone who likes to keep their fingers and toes more naturally manicured, try nail strengthening and skin conditioning treatments along with a professional polish job.

Artificial Nails for Prom

The options in this department are infinite. It all depends on your client’s aesthetic preferences, their lifestyle demands, and their outfit for the special night. It helps to have a few things decided before you go in, even if you don’t quite have everything decided. That way you don’t feel like you are wasting your client’s appointment time. Do they want long nails? Short nails? Square tips? Pointed nails? French tips? Do they want a polish color? Any glitter? Do they want a pattern with multiple colors, or just one? Are they hoping to match their nails to their outfit? Do they want to match their nails to their eyeshadow or lip color? These are all things to consider so that you can get any color references they may need to match. Getting artificial nails can really help polish the edges of your client’s prom night look while helping you tie it all together.

Extreme Length, Color, And Design

If your client is someone who already indulges in routine manicures and pedicures, they might be looking at this special event as an opportunity to take their nail fame to the next level. This can be done in several ways. The first of which is by choosing an extreme color. Rather than perfectly coordinating your client’s nail color with their prom outfit you might want to choose an opposing color to make them stand out. You may also want to consider something like a bright neon shade that will really draw attention to the detail in the nails. You might choose to highlight their manicure/pedicure fashion by deciding on an extreme length for their nails. Choosing to have long nails will help make their cosmetic choice more visibly noticeable and allows more room for detail and design. You can always suggest that they be trimmed back at a later appointment after prom is over. The exact length you and your client decide on will vary based on the size of their hands and the length of their fingers. Nail artistry and jewel design are a couple of other ways to take your client’s nails into head-turning territory. The sparkle of a rhinestone, the detail of a tiny pained picture, and color layering techniques can all be enough to stop the show with a simple waive of the hand. All of these are ways to keep your client’s nail style fresh and exciting for their special night.

Spa and Skin Treatment Services for Prom

Getting a spa treatment isn’t always something that people associate with prom season. It might not be the most common thought, but spa treatments can be a significant part of a successful prom night. There are a couple of different considerations when deciding which spa treatments will help your client get ready to wow their friends and family.

Feeling Good

Arguably the main reason people visit the spa is for relaxation. Prioritizing body comfort before posing for pictures and dancing the night away may not be such a bad idea. If your client is someone who is active or athletic, they may want to consider a specialty steam or soak. You can also indulge them in a hand or food massage. Any cosmetologist who specializes in skincare, would be able to walk a client through relaxing soak, wrap, and steam treatment options to help them decide on the right ones for their body and lifestyle.

Looking Good

Spa and skin treatments can also be beneficial when it comes to how your client’s skin looks when prom night rolls around. Getting a facial can help firm and clear a client’s skin to facilitate a healthy glow. Their radiant skin will help make every smile in each photo a little brighter and will accentuate their naturally fabulous face. You may also offer facial and/or body hair wax treatments before prom. This can make skin smoother and give clean edges to their lines and features.

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