What Career Field is a Hairstylist?

Do you have a natural talent for makeup and hair? Do you enjoy helping others feel great about the way they look? If so, a career as a hairstylist may be the right path for you. Hairstylists are professionals trained to provide hair and beauty services. So, what career field is a hairstylist?

What Career Field is a Hairstylist?

The official career field for a person working as a hairstylist is cosmetology. An easy way to become a hairstylist is to complete a cosmetology program. When you graduate from a cosmetology program, you not only prepare for your first day on the job, but you also prepare for the cosmetology licensing exam.

Why Get into the Field of Cosmetology?

There are many great reasons why you should pursue this career field. Following are some of the main benefits that may be draw you to this fun and fast-paced work of cosmetology.

Enjoy the Ability to Help Others

A brand-new hairstyle can improve a client’s self-esteem and boost their confidence. When a client books an appointment with you, they are looking for a boost of self-confidence, often before an important event or celebration. As a professional hairstylist, you will enjoy the satisfaction of helping others feel wonderful about the way they look. Not only will you positively influence your client’s self-esteem, but you’ll enjoy a feeling of self-fulfillment every day.

Express Your Creativity Every Day

Who doesn’t want a job where you get to express your creativity? Hairstylists are often naturally creative, and can visualize what haircut, style, and hair color might best suit their client’s unique features. As a hairstylist, you’ll get to use your creativity to help your clients achieve their perfect look and style.

Meet Interesting People and Gain New Clients

Hairstylists are often social and enjoy interacting with new clients on a daily basis. When a person books an appointment, they often look forward to engaging conversation with you. Many clients develop bonds with you and become regular customers for many years. As a hairstylist, you will enjoy the opportunity to meet and interact with a wide variety of clients from different walks of life. No two workdays are ever quite the same.

Enjoy Working Outside of a Traditional Office Setting

Don’t want to work in a cubicle all day? Many people feel this way and need a unique workplace environment that allows them to use their talents without spending hours in a cubicle. If this sounds like you perhaps you should consider enrolling in a cosmetology program. Not only won’t you step foot in a traditional office setting, but you’ll enjoy working in a fun and fast-paced salon setting. And, when you personalize your workspace and enjoy the open camaraderie between stylists and clients, you forget that you are actual at work.

Take Advantage of Flexible Hours

Do you have other interests outside of cosmetology? Do you have children who participate in after-school activities or take care of a family member? By becoming a hairstylist, you will enjoy flexible work hours and the ability to schedule appointments around your own obligations, so you can make time for your family and other outside interests you’d like to pursue.

How Do You Become a Hairstylist?

An easy way to become a professional hairstylist is by enrolling in and complete a program at a cosmetology school. It is important to prepare for the job and learn the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in your career. You also learn more than just hairstyling, but services like facials, manicure and pedicures, and makeup application.

What Do You Learn During a Cosmetology Program?

One of the main benefits of attending a cosmetology program is that you receive extensive instruction and hands-on experience so you will be ready to work with clients the day you graduate.

Hairstyling Techniques

By enrolling in a cosmetology program, you learn the latest hairstyling techniques from talented and experienced instructors. You learn how to effectively use salon equipment and tools to provide your clients with a variety of highly sought-after hairstyles. You become proficient in the use of sprays, pomades, gels, and other styling products that will help your client’s hairstyle last through their busy day. You also learn how to communicate effectively with your clients and teach them how to use hair products to keep up their style in between appointments.

Hair Cutting

As a hairstylist, you will spend time providing clients with trendy haircuts. You will learn how to use feather razors, clippers, trimming shears and other necessary tools to achieve the perfect haircuts your clients will love. You will also learn how to work with different hair textures as well as learn how to identify which cutting techniques with thick, coarse, or curly hair.

Hair Coloring

Highlights, lowlights, and full color are also quite popular services that hairstylists provide their clients with throughout their career. Learning the appropriate techniques to use when coloring hair is vital to prevent permanent damage. You will learn how to work with different types of  hair color to achieve clients desired results. You will also learn how to use a highlighting cap, mixing bowls and bleach applicators to provide your clients with expert hair coloring service.

Manicures and Pedicures

Cosmetologists provide a wide variety of services for their clients, including manicures and pedicures. While in training you’ll learn how to provide professional manicures and pedicures for your clients. Instruction includes how to file, trim, buff, and apply lacquer as well as how to provide a variety of other nail services. Learning how to administer manicures and pedicures will make you a more versatile cosmetologist and increase your earning potential.


Clients often request facials to address several skin issues including redness, dryness, acne, oiliness, and common signs of aging. You will learn how to identify the most effective facials and skin treatments for your client’s unique concerns. You will also learn how to properly apply and remove mask facials, gel facials, peel facials, and cream-based facials.

Professional Makeup Application

Everyone wants to put their best face forward, especially at a special occasion. During your training program you will learn how to apply professional makeup to enhance your client’s best features. These techniques include baking, highlighting, contouring, applying dramatic eyeliner, lashes, and creating bold, beautiful lips.

Where Can You Work as a Hairstylist?

Hairstylists can find gainful employment in many settings. Some hairstylists start their careers by working in local community salons. Others may decide to work at franchise salons and barbershops. Some decide to rent a chair at a salon. Some hairstylists may provide services on-site for a bridal party or other special event.

After gaining valuable experience working in a salon, some hairstylists eventually open their own businesses and manage their own professional salons. There are many occupational opportunities that hairstylists enjoy after graduating from a cosmetology program. This means that your chances of finding the right position to suit your unique needs and personality are greatly increased when you pursue a career in the field of cosmetology.

Final Thoughts

If cosmetology sounds like the perfect career for you, don’t hesitate. Take your first step towards a fun and fulfilling career in the cosmetology industry by enrolling in our cosmetology program today.

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At Minnesota School of Cosmetology, we are dedicated to helping our Cosmetology program students develop a solid foundation and a flair for style through hands-on training in basic and advanced industry techniques. You will learn how to cut, color and style hair, give manicures and pedicures, provide spa treatments, and perform various skin care techniques from industry-experienced instructors in a professional salon setting.

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