What are the Most Popular Hairstyles for Men?

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Professional cosmetologists specialize in the art of making people feel better about themselves. Cosmetologists provide many services for their clients including customized haircuts, hairstyling, coloring services, professional makeup application, and manicures. Cosmetologists enhance their client’s best features with professional beauty services, styling products, accessories, and by communicating with their clients about the looks they’d like to achieve.

Why Should Cosmetologists Learn Popular Men’s Hairstyles?

Cosmetologists can expand their offering by learning how to style men’s hair. Over the last several decades, more men are receiving their haircuts and styling services from salons instead of barbershops. Salons specialize in a variety of men’s haircuts and hairstyles, especially over the last several years. Men prefer the extra attention to detail that a cosmetologist often give their clients. Professional cosmetologists also personalize their services based on what their clients request. Because of this, men continue to make up a portion of salon customers and will continue to grow in the coming decade.

What are the Most Popular Hairstyles for Men?

While some may assume that there are only a few ways to style men’s hair, there is actually many styles to choose from. Men’s hairstyles have continued to evolve and grow, changing with the styles. Following is a short list of the most popular hairstyles for men, as well as how they are achieved using various hairstyling tools and products.


The pompadour hairstyle is a classic look for men which has remained popular over the last several hundred years. Featuring a voluminous tousle of hair at the front and brushed straight back, this hairstyle works best on clients with straight, thick hair. To achieve this haircut, the client must have at least three inches of hair at the front. The hairstylist then uses professional styling shears and a pair of clippers to create the right amount of length at front while tapering it in the back.


A fade haircut is a great style for both children and men because of its low maintenance upkeep. A fade is styled using a pair of clippers with 3, 2, 1, and 0 settings, with more length at the top of the scalp. A fade cut is versatile since the length can be adjusted depending on personal preference.


An undercut is very similar to the pompadour, except that it lacks the volume which is featured in the pompadour. This style was once very popular during the early 1900s, however, it has once again become popular over the last few years. It is the perfect option for men who are looking for a modern, professional hairstyle with minimal upkeep.


Some clients are looking for a style that combines the classic look of a pompadour with the ruggedness of a mohawk. The quiff hairstyle is perfectly suited for men who can’t decide between these two styles. The quiff is achieved with similar hairstyling tools used in a pompadour cut, but it is slightly less precise and polished. This is a great cut for young adults and teenagers who are going for a unique look that sets them apart from the crowd.

Comb Over

Many men deal with hair loss and premature balding. This can significantly affect their self-esteem. A combover style can be a great option for men with thinning hair. This style is achieved by combing the client’s hair with a fine-toothed comb in a sideways angle to minimize the appearance of thinning hair. A combover can help retrain the hair to grow out in a sideways manner instead of straight down and out.

Slick Back

Men who have longer hair at the top and shorter hair at the sides (such as the cut featured in pompadour, undercut, and quiff styles) often wear their hair slicked back when they want to minimize volume. Slicked back styles are created using a variety of styling products, with pomade offering the best hold and control for all-day wear. The hairstylists combs back the hair using a fine-toothed comb. Pomade creates a polished look that is perfect for the office as well as a night out on the town.

High and Tight

This hair cut is one of the most popular among young men and those who are serving in the military. The high and tight haircut is achieved by clipping or shaving the hair very close to the skin with a razor and clippers while leaving the hair slightly longer up on top. The high and tight haircut is preferred by many men due to minimal upkeep.

Buzz Cut

The buzzcut is a very masculine haircut that features a cropped look that lies close to the skin at the base with slightly more length at top. Maintaining this look requires a minimal number of supplies, and is ideal for those who prefer simple, yet stylish, hairstyles. The buzzcut is one of the most requested styles and has remained popular for the last several decades. One benefit of the buzzcut is that it works on many hair textures. It’s also a great cut for those who are suffering from hair loss, as it camouflages bald spots and thinning hair.


Different hair textures may require different styling methods and products to keep it healthy and free from damage. The afro is a great option for those with texturized hair who want to prevent as much damage as possible while maintaining length. A hairstylist uses shears, trimmers, and conditioning spray to create this style. The hairstylist sections off the hair before trimming to ensure an even cut. Protective styles should be used with an afro, and hair oil can also help keep it from drying out.


Initially popular in the eighties and nineties, more people are requesting this style than ever before. It is a great option for those who need to maintain a professional look yet like to relax and have fun on the weekend. A mullet features shorter length on top while being longer towards the bottom. The length of a mullet can vary from person to person, depending on their preferences. Modern mullets tend to be shorter than the mullets many people wore several decades ago.

Faux Hawk

Committing to a true mohawk takes time and energy. A faux hawk allows a client to experience the look of a mohawk without having to commit to it. While a true mohawk features shaved sides and several inches of length from the top to the bottom, a faux hawk still features length at the top and shorter hair down the sides. The longer hair is not nearly as dramatic as a mohawk, which makes it a fun, fresh look that’s perfect for work. The hairstylist can style the hair in a variety of ways and spiked upwards for a more edgy appearance.


Cornrows are a great option for those who have longer hair yet want to keep as much length as possible. Cornrows are achieved by weaving portions of the hair with the hands to create tight braded sections in patterns on the scalp. A hairstylist often uses a pick to section the hair before braiding it. The hairstylist can apply conditioning cream to make the hair easier to control while braiding.

Because this style can make it challenging for a client to fully wash their hair, special care must be taken to keep it healthy and damage-free. This style is perfect for those with frizzy hair since it keeps hair in place through tight braids and styling products. Depending on the length of hair, cornrows can take several hours to achieve. Fortunately, this style only requires upkeep every few weeks.

How Do You Learn Popular Men’s Hairstyles?

Cosmetologists learn how to deliver great men’s hairstyles and haircuts by enrolling in a cosmetology program. Attending full-time, students can finish a cosmetology program in as little as 11 months. During a cosmetology program, students learn the many hairstyles that women, men, and children request in a salon.

What are the Benefits of Attending a Cosmetology Program?

There are a variety of benefits that come along with attending a cosmetology program. While enrolled in the program, students can learn how to create great men’s and women’s hairstyles. Most of the time spent in a cosmetology program focuses on practicing hairstyling skills under the supervision of educators and industry leaders.

Complete Curriculum

Students can learn a variety of additional services which can add to their marketability and versatility. Learning additional services can have an enormous impact on a cosmetologist’s financial standing and help them become more well-rounded professionals. Other services may include manicures and pedicures, facial treatments, and makeup application for special events.

One-On-One Attention with Instructors

Students enjoy the opportunity to build a relationship with their instructors and can enjoy mentorship from talented instructors with years of professional experience. With small class sizes, instructors are able to offer one-on-one attention, making sure no one is left behind.

Career Services

Another benefit of attending a cosmetology program is receiving access to career services. Many students who attend a traditional 4-year college may have difficulty landing a job that allows them to showcase their skills and talents. Cosmetology students enjoy access to career services which can help them locate job opportunities, build their resume, and sharpen their interview skills so they can land the job of their dreams.

Want to Learn More?

At Minnesota School of Cosmetology, we are dedicated to helping our Cosmetology program students develop a solid foundation and a flair for style through hands-on training in basic and advanced industry techniques. You will learn how to cut, color and style hair, give manicures and pedicures, provide spa treatments, and perform various skin care techniques from industry-experienced instructors in a professional salon setting.

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a cosmetologist and start a rewarding career in the beauty industry.

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