What are the Different Methods of Hairstyling?

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Enjoy learning about beauty tips and different methods of hairstyling? Have you considered a career in cosmetology? A cosmetologist is a trained professional who performs a variety of aesthetic services for clients, including hairstyling, professional makeup application, as well as salon and spa services.

A career as a cosmetologist is one of the most exciting and rewarding fields to be part of. Not only is a professional cosmetologist able to use their creative strengths within their line of work, but they are also able to improve the self-confidence and esteem of their clients on a daily basis. this field allows for financial stability and income growth, and it’s also an extremely fulfilling career. Read on to find out more about the field of cosmetology and hairstyling.

What are the Different Methods of Hairstyling?

There are a variety of methods cosmetologists can style their client’s hair. Following are a few of the most commonly requested hair styling services at hair salons.

Haircuts and Trims

Many clients who schedule an appointment with their hair stylist often request a haircut, or trim. Traditional tools used during haircuts include a comb, professional hair styling shears and detangling spray. These tools, along with a variety of specialized haircutting techniques help a stylist achieve the looks their client’s desire. While skilled hair stylists can deliver a wide variety of cuts and styles, the client’s hair texture must be taken into consideration prior to beginning the process. The most popularly requested haircuts include layers, bobs, pixie cuts, bangs, lob, and blunt cuts. Most haircuts require upkeep to help preserve the style, with many hair stylists recommending maintenance every six to eight weeks.

Color Services

Professional coloring services are one of the most popular reasons why clients visit their hairstylist. Coloring services require a variety of tools, including shampoo bowls, chairs, bleach proof towels, clips, spray bottles, gloves, brushes, combs, and color processing chemicals. A thorough knowledge of the chemical processes required to achieve the client’s preferred color is instrumental in the success of the coloring appointment. Sometimes, a particular coloring process may require multiple treatments over several appointments to achieve the client’s desired look (for example, lifting hair color several shades from dark brunette to blonde).

Blow Outs

This commonly requested styling service has gained popularity over the last several years. Many professional hair stylists dedicate much of their careers perfecting this shiny, sleek look. For a professional blowout to last longer than a few days, a hairstylist will utilize blow dryers, rounding brushes, and a variety of high-quality styling products. A high quality blow out is achieved by using the heat of the dryer and the continuous motion of the brush to cause curls to relax and lie flat. The final style is locked in by spraying liberal amounts of finishing product. Depending on the client’s hair texture and condition, a professional blow out can last as long as five days.

Curling Services and Perms

While perms are not currently as popular as they used to be, there is still a high demand for this service among some clients. A perming service usually takes about five hours to complete, due to the amount of time the chemicals processes require to take effect. Perms are an excellent option for individuals with coarser or combination hair types that take longer to style on a daily basis. For clients who enjoy the look of a perm, yet prefer flexibility in their hairstyle, an appointment for a professional curling or styling service can also be scheduled.

Straighten Services

Because a straight, sleek look is currently in style, many salons will offer a variety of straightening services for their clients. Most of these treatments will require a high-end flat ironing tool, specific hair products which are meant to give the client a sleek finishing look, clips to partition the hair into sections, and a brush or comb. Depending on the client’s individual hair texture and length, this service takes between thirty minutes to two hours.

What are Some Popular Hairstyles?

Because cosmetologists learn a wide variety of hairdos and techniques, clients often book an appointment to achieve a specific type of style. Following, are some of the most popular styles which clients request at professional hair salons.

Elegant Updos

Professional salons often become very busy around specific times of the year, especially during prom and homecoming season. Professional hair stylists are trained in a variety of elegant hairstyles that will complement the client’s facial features and bone structure.

Box Braids

Box braids are a popular modern look in a variety of communities, specifically among younger clientele. If professionally done, box braids can last for up to six to eight weeks if they are properly maintained and cared for. Many professional hair stylists will specialize in this service for their clients.


This hairstyle has remained popular over the last several decades, due to its ability to be universally flattering for a wide variety of people. A shag is a wonderful style for clients who are attempting to grow out a bob or a pixie cut. Shags can also be styled in a variety of way and can go from office chic to elegant with minimal effort.


A common misconception is that only specific facial types can pull off bangs. Bangs can be flattering on a variety of bone structures. They just need to be modified. For example, clients with a heart-shaped face look great with long, wispy bangs that fall at ear length. While those with an oval-shaped face look great with thick blunt bangs which fall above the eyebrow. It’s important to consult with clients at length prior to cutting bangs, to assure there isn’t any miscommunication on the desired end result.


While once seen as a “throwback” style from the eighties, the classic mullet has become popular again. However, instead of working against the client’s hair texture, special care and consideration must be taken to assure this look has modern flair. This style can be a fun way to change up an otherwise ordinary hairstyle.


Extensions are one of the most popular hair styling services that professional salons offer clients. There are several different methods to applying extensions, however, the longest lasting extensions are those which have been bonded to individual strands of hair. These bonded hair extensions can last six months with proper maintenance. Other popular methods to apply hair extensions is through clip-ins, weaves, and fusions.

How Do You Learn These Methods and Hairstyles?

Professional cosmetologists must learn a wide variety of ways to achieve the styles that their clients request. There is also quite a bit of chemistry involved, especially when providing coloring services, curl relaxers, or perm treatments. Each step of these processes must be completed in a methodical and precise manner, otherwise substantial damage to the client’s hair may occur. Professional hair stylists learn a variety of styling methods and processes by attending an accredited cosmetology diploma program at a vocational school.

Do I Need a Diploma to Become a Cosmetologist?

Because professional cosmetologists must develop their skills in a variety of services and styles, there are certain criteria which must be met to practice as a cosmetologist. A person who is interested in this career field must graduate from a diploma program and pass a licensing exam with the state of Minnesota to practice as a professional cosmetologist. Primarily, the license ensures the cosmetologist has the knowledge and skills to keep everyone safe within the salon.

What Do You Learn During a Cosmetology Diploma Program?

Students who are enrolled in a professional cosmetology diploma program get to develop their skills in numerous areas. One of the benefits of a career in cosmetology, is that it enables a person the ability to perform a multitude of services for their clients in many settings. Following, are some of the skills you will learn while enrolled in a cosmetology diploma program:


You will learn how to perform trims, as well as a variety of the most popular cuts requested by clients. You will familiarize yourself with professional hair cutting tools and techniques used on a daily basis.

Hair Coloring

During a cosmetology program, you will learn how hair coloring chemical processes work, as well as how to achieve a variety of shades and styles for clients. You will also learn how to perform color-correcting techniques for clients who may have attempted to color their hair at home.


Hairstyling helps you to recreate elegant updos, braids, waves, and other popular hairstyles requested by clients. You will also familiarize yourself in identifying your client’s hair type and suggesting hairstyles which work with a client’s hair texture and length.

Nail Care

In a cosmetology program, you will learn how to provide a professional manicure and pedicure, including how to properly trim cuticles, apply nail treatments, and apply nail varnish smoothly and professionally.


You also learn how to identify a variety of skin types, as well as which treatments may be most effective for a client. You will learn the proper application and removal techniques as well.

Professional Makeup

You will learn how to professionally apply makeup to a client’s face, as well as how to recreate popular evening and formal makeup looks for special occasions and events.

Final Thoughts

The job outlook for professional cosmetologists is projected to grow 19 percent over the next decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. There is a wide demand for professional cosmetologists who are knowledgeable in a variety of skills and services. If you enjoy helping others by enhancing your client’s appearance and improving their self-esteem, consider a rewarding career in the field of cosmetology.

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At Minnesota School of Cosmetology, we are dedicated to helping our Cosmetology program students develop a solid foundation and a flair for style through hands-on training in basic and advanced industry techniques. You will learn how to cut, color and style hair, give manicures and pedicures, provide spa treatments, and perform various skin care techniques from industry-experienced instructors in a professional salon setting.

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