Hairstyles: Cornrows, Wraps, Bumps, Updos and Braiding

New hairstyles can be difficult to get comfortable with. Whether you got a new cut or have been stuck in a rut, trying a new ‘do can be intimidating. New styles feel unfamiliar and it can be discouraging when what you’re seeing in the mirror looks nothing like the picture or tutorial you were consulting.

When you finally find a style or two that works for you, it may be a challenge to keep yourself from falling into a hairstyle routine. It can be hard to motivate yourself to try something new. But even slight changes can make a big difference in the overall presentation of your hair. Here are a few things to remember about some of the most common hairstyles and variations you may want to try out on your beautiful locks.

Hairstyle #1: Cornrows

Properly Stretch or Straighten Your Hair Before Beginning

Flattening out the kinks in your hair is important to avoid inconsistencies in your cornrow hairstyle. The methods and tools used for this will depend on the kind of hair you have. The softer and straighter your hair is, the easier it will be to smooth out all the waves and curls. However, once stretched, coarser hair is far better at securely holding cornrows for longer periods of time.

Make Sure Your Parts Are Clean

Each part you make is a defining line in your cornrow hairstyle. It is important that each of your parts is as clean as possible no matter how thick or thin you’re planning on making your cornrows. You should use a finely pointed tool to create parts and separate each section, then clip each section to avoid confusion throughout the hairstyling process.

Make Sure to Plan Around Your Hair’s Unique Features

Don’t forget to take the specifics of your hair into account when planning out your hairstyle. The length, texture and volume of your hair are all important things to keep in mind. If you have questions about the possibility or impossibility of a specific style, you can always consult a licensed hairstylist.

Consider Going to A Professional for Complicated Designs

There are plenty of capable people who are able to create precise and stylish cornrows, but there are some designs that may be better left to the technique of a professional. You know better than anyone else whether you need to bring in a pro to complete a head-turning, jaw-dropping statement cornrows.

Hairstyle #2: Wraps

Secure or Style Your Hair Prior To Wrapping

Whether you are using your wrap as a style accessory to accentuate a hairstyle or are wrapping your hair to protect it, your hair needs to be sorted out first. If you are wrapping your hair for aesthetic reasons, you’ll want to make sure that you have your hair styled in a way that will show off your scarf/wrap and your hair the way you want it to. If you are wrapping it for a reason you will want to make sure that your hair is securely pinned to avoid rubbing and breakage.

Pick A Wrap That Is Comfortable and Fashionable

Wearing a wrap can be a tremendous attention-grabbing hairstyle move, but you want to make sure that it’s one you won’t regret throughout the day. Consider the weather and outside temperature when you choose a fabric to wrap your hair with. You’ll also want to pick something that isn’t too stiff but also will stay securely fastened.

Think About Wrapping for Bedtime

The tossing and turning of sleep can create a mangled mess in your hairstyle. Moving and rolling can mean tangling, breaking and splitting your hair. Keeping your hair tightly wrapped while you sleep will help avoid damage that can be done when you aren’t even awake.

Hairstyle #3: Bumps

Use the Right Bump Tools

Everything from the thickness and texture of your hair to the shape and size of your head are factors in choosing the tools to create the perfect hairstyle. While some hair can be teased into a bump without any additional aid, some hair is too soft or thin to get that kind of lift without a bump tool placed beneath a layer of hair for height.

Lift Your Ponytail

Ponytails are a common hairstyle that spans all lengths and textures. Giving a little bump to the front of those ponytails can completely revitalize an otherwise bland hairstyle. While you should use your own personal tastes and best judgement when choosing the size of your ponytail bump, longer, thicker hair can typically get away with bigger bumps.

Add Dimension to A Fancy Updo

Updo hairstyles are a classy way to bring elegance and sophistication to your look. You can keep that class from turning stuffy by pumping a bit of that glamour into the front of your refined style by simply giving it a bump.

Give Some Height to A Short Hairstyle

Short haircuts might seem like they run short in style options but adding a bump can really open some interesting style options. If your hair is long enough to cover a bump tool or thick enough to be properly fluffed and teased, a bump hairstyle is an option.

Hairstyle #4: Updos

Know What You Are Working With

Updos can be incredibly exciting and have the potential to be full of personality. The vast array of varying techniques and styles can be downright inspirational. However, not every hairstyle is compatible with all types of hair. Don’t set yourself or your hairstylist up for failure by marrying yourself to an unrealistic style. You should pick an updo that will flaunt just how fabulous it is.

Casual Tie-Up

Ponytails of all variations are a good way to get your hair up off your neck and draw attention to your face. The specifics of your hairstyle look can be tweaked and perfected by experimenting with the angle of the ponytail, how much of your hair is tied up in the ponytail and adding a variety of accessories.

Classic French Twist

Twisting up your hair can easily create a look of professionalism and refinement. The key to a French twist that will hold through rough days on the job or lively nights on the town is to remember that stability is everything. Whether you use pins, combs, or clips make sure that your twist is tightly in place.

Extreme/Unique Updos

There are some events that require something out of the ordinary. Your hair has unique qualities specific to you, and having a hairstyle designed with your hair in mind can add to a celebration or ceremony. Sometimes a hairstylist is the best way to go when you want to bring a little more art to your cosmetology.

Hairstyle #5: Braiding

Keep in Mind How Long You Want to Keep Your Braids In

Braids can be part of a one time look or be the foundation of all your hairstyles. It all depends on the qualities of your hair and your personal preferences. Softer hair will likely be easier to braid on a daily basis whereas coarser hair has more long-term braid options available. It truly depends on what you want, what kind of hair you’re working with, and the talent of your stylist.

Accent Your Hairstyle with A Statement Braid

There is no rule that says if you want to include braids into your hairstyle that it has to include all of your hair. Adding a tiny braid or two at the base of your neck or behind your ear can be a fun, carefree accent to almost any hairstyle.

Think About Deviating from The Typical 3-Section Braid

We all typically think of the same thing when we think of a braid, three sections of hair alternately overlapping. While that is certainly the most common type of braid incorporated into hairstyles, there are many different kinds of twists and braids that could add some spice into your look. The degree of complication varies which allows you to be as creative or efficient as you want to be with your hairstyles.

Braid It Up!

Your braids don’t have to fall to your shoulders. You could braid your hair upward into a messy. Trendy updo or braid your hair into a neat halo around the crown of your head. Thinking outside of the box with your braiding can lead to some magical hairstyles and memorable looks.

Infinite Possibilities

There are an infinite number of hairstyles and style variations you could try depending on how you’ve grown out or cut your hair. There are no limitations on the simplicity or the complexity of the style you choose to wear. If you are having more serious difficulty styling and coming up with ideas for your hair, it could be time to switch things up. Talk to your hairstylist. You can get advice on styling tips, product and tool recommendations for better results, and professional opinions on cuts and changes you are considering for your hair. Creating a hairstyle you feel confident and enthusiastic about wearing can make lasting impressions, even on those just walking by.

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