Educating Clients About Hair Care Products: A Cosmetologist’s Guide

Cosmetologist using hair care products on a client

As a cosmetologist, you will help clients look and feel their best by providing them with custom beauty services like haircuts and hairstyles. You will also be expected to sell salon hair care products. This is an important component of beauty services that can create loyal customers. While selling hair care products is designed to make more money for the salon, this is also a terrific way to educate clients about the best hair care products for their unique hair characteristics.

Why Promoting Hair Care Products Is Essential

You may be hesitant to sell hair care products to your clients at first, but there are some valid reasons to rethink this essential education process. First, every one of your clients should get a top-notch education about their hair care and styling techniques at every visit. Education about and promotion of your salon’s line of hair care products offers many benefits to you and the salon. These benefits include:

  • Helps build a loyal clientele
  • Keeps clients satisfied & happy with your salon’s services
  • Allows clients to better manage their hair style & hair grooming at home
  • Product sales deliver higher salon profits
  • Offers higher rate of client retention with each sale
  • Makes you look knowledgeable & builds client trust
  • Should be part of every salon job description
  • Keeps salon owners happy
  • Encourages client recommendations to other potential clients
  • Increases client self-confidence

How to Excel in Client Hair Care Product Education

New cosmetologists often feel overwhelmed and nervous about how to best sell a hair care product without seeming overly pushy. This is why seasoned cosmetologists focus on taking the time during a client appointment to deliver expert and personalized hair related care and product education instead. This trick helps you reduce anxiety while coming across as more confident and assured to the client.

How exactly do you effectively deliver professional hair styling and hair grooming education and product recommendations?

Research & Understand Your Salon’s Product Retail Line

Every successful salesperson will strongly urge you to first investigate and thoroughly research whatever item is to be sold. When you feel knowledgeable about a subject, the process of communicating about the subject becomes that much easier. It is crucial to understand the salon’s line of beauty and hair care products before attempting to educate clients.

Pay Attention to The Important Elements Regarding Hair Care Products

Most salons will invest in high quality hair care products that help make your job easier while dramatically transforming the client’s appearance. Pay attention to these important questions to ask regarding the products that your salon sells. These questions include:

  • What are the benefits for each product on hair?
  • What are the uses of each salon hair care product?
  • Is the product ethically sourced?
  • How does each product work on different hair types?
  • What are the ingredients and are they wholesome and beneficial to healthy hair?
  • How much product does the client need?

Pick a Few Hair Care Products and Experiment with Them

Smaller salons and private beauty shops may begin with a handful of top-notch styling and hair care products. However, many larger salons have a multitude of product lines. It is best for you to pick out a few favorite products and practice until you feel very comfortable with those products and how to use them in different situations.

After you find your go-to product collection, display them at your station with the package label turned so clients can easily see them. This trick helps sell those products without even saying a word. Of course, when you take the time to explain how you are using each product on your client, the client is more likely to purchase the shampoo, conditioner, gel or other hair care product.

Always mention salon specials to help sway a client to try one or more items at home. Even if the client doesn’t buy the item at the end of the appointment, write down what the products are on your client preferences notes and then mention it again during their next visit.

Promote the Best Attributes Regarding Salon Hair Care Products

Clients love to try new cosmetics and hair related care products. Always try to promote the best attributes that each individual product item has as a method to soft sell the item. For example, if the product contains natural, wholesome and nourishing ingredients relay that to your clients. Suggest buying in sets like a shampoo, conditioner and styling gel or hairspray, or offer trial sizes if money is an issue.

Be Believable When Promoting Products Through Education

For best results, use a soft sell approach and focus more on client hair care related education rather than overt requests to buy this product. Simply bring up the products advantages, how to use it effectively during your session with a client. If your client experiences a dry scalp, give a complementary scalp dandruff product and/or a good luxurious hair conditioner.

Always sound believable when talking about the hair care products that you are promoting. A big part of building and keeping a loyal clientele is building trust.

Gain an Overview of Various Types of Hair Care Products Clients May Ask About

It is wise to anticipate some of the questions that a client may ask while you are working on their hair. Take the time to adequately research the different hair care products that your salon offers. Types of hair care products include:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair Gels
  • Hair Sprays
  • Deep Conditioners or Hair Masks
  • Dry Shampoos or Leave-In Conditioners
  • Hair Protective Products
  • Frizz Tamers

These products usually come in different formulas that are designed for use on specific hair types, colors, thickness and other hair characteristics. Be sure to recommend products that will work on your individual client’s hair. When clients are able recreate the style they loved in the salon, they are far more likely to make another appointment and recommend your services to all of their friends.

Involve the Client in the Styling Process Using Hair Care Products

Rather than trying to memorize boring details related to your chosen hair care products, use them and choose ones that you really like. The more experience that you have with any hair shampoo, conditioner or other hair product, the easier it will be to talk about.

Try to involve your client with using hair care products during the styling process. Have the client touch their hair to feel how silky or soft a conditioner has made it or hold up a mirror so your client can see how a styling gel creates natural looking curls.

Practice Hair Education Skills at Home & Role Play to Gain Confidence

Just like public speakers or actors practice their lines before a big event, you can also practice your hair related education skills by role playing at home with others. Practice on your kids, partner, best friend or siblings until it becomes natural and believable.

Learn to Identify a Hair Problem & Figure Out a Solution

Most people who frequent salons do so because they want their hair to look healthy. Clients will notice certain problems with their usual at home grooming routine. Casually ask your client about the issues they might be having with their unique hair or when styling at home.

Always try to identify a style or care problem that can be resolved with your salon’s services or hair care products. When clients feel beautiful, they are likely to keep coming back. Some common problems to lookout for include:

  • Too thin or thick strands
  • Frizz
  • Oily hair
  • Dry scalp & strands
  • Damaged strand ends
  • Unwanted grey strands
  • Dull hair
  • Brittle & over-processed hair
  • An uneven cut
  • Too straight or too curly hair
  • Lack of depth or shine on hair shaft
  • Dandruff & flakes or itchy scalp
  • Hard to style hair

Skills for Better Education About Hair Care Products

There are a number of skills that a cosmetologist will need to educate their clients about the best hair care and salon products for them to use. Some of these skills just need to be honed in a bit before launching your new career in cosmetology. These skills include:

  • Attention to detail
  • Being a people person
  • Friendly attitude
  • Professional behavior
  • Good communication skills
  • Even better listening skills
  • Knowledge & understanding of hair care products
  • Experience with different styling techniques
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Ability to work & talk simultaneously

Final Thoughts

If you have a desire to become a cosmetologist, use this information to improve your overall success regarding client hair care product education. Use client education as a tool to sell your hair care products. Cosmetology is exciting, rewarding and offers plenty of opportunities to grow.

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