14 Beauty Services to Increase Cost Per Visit

Sales can be a serious hurdle for those working in the various fields of cosmetology. Even if you are gifted and passionate, you will also need to get people to purchase your beauty services. You will also need to market your beauty services and maximize your revenue opportunities. For this reason, careers in the beauty industry require a significant level of sales ability. Getting clients in the door is one thing but getting them to spend money once they get there is something else entirely. Trying to increase your cost per visit can be an easy task with the right beauty services.

Why Are Beauty Service Add-Ons Important?

There are a few things that you can keep in mind to help you increase your profits with your clients. First of all, no matter what career in beauty you choose to pursue you will need to remember two very important things with each client: first expand on the services your client requests whenever possible and also suggest additional complimentary services. For example, you can up-sell the beauty services they request and suggest add-on beauty services.

How do you put that into practice in your chosen field? What are some specific examples of how to put this advice into action? Let us take a look at some of the ways you can boost your income in various beauty professions without also being pushed too far out of your comfort zone.

Hair Services: Increasing Cost Per Visit

Hairstyling is one of the easiest careers in the beauty industry when it comes to add-ons and up-sells. There are 4 basic reasons that a client will make an appointment with a hairstylist. Whatever their appointment is for, you can make suggestions in other services they may be interested in. Here we are going to explore some of the suggestions that can be made in the four main areas of hair: coloring, conditioning, cutting and styling.

Hair Color

Getting someone to add some color to their hairstyle doesn’t mean convincing them to completely change their hair color. You can suggest more subtle or incremental changes like highlights, lowlights, complimentary blended colors and strategic sections of color. Additionally, if your client is looking for a more short-term shake-up in their look you can offer fading or temporary color options.

Hair Conditioning Treatments

It is pretty safe to say that most of us struggle with the moisture balance and general conditioning of our hair. Styling with heat and extensive hair dying along with the daily impact of the surrounding environment also affects the integrity and appearance of our hair. For this reason, deep conditioning treatments are something that most people may need–especially after color services.

Hair Trimming and Cutting

Getting your client to change the entire style of their haircut is probably unlikely. However, suggesting a trim or something less dramatic like bangs or layers might be an easier sell. It will give their hair a healthier, fuller look.

Hair Styling

Some simple styling can go a long way for your client’s experience. Change can be jarring at first. A tutorial can help boost confidence and increase enthusiasm about the changes. It also helps in educating your clients about new products, helping them become more familiar with a new hairstyle.

Esthetician Services: Increasing Cost Per Visit

Esthetician services are a bit trickier when it comes to recommendations. Services like hair removal, evening skin tone and various other cosmetic procedures and services are not always wise to recommend. These are all subjective areas of cosmetology that your client may not feel need correcting. What some people find unattractive or off-putting isn’t always seen as a problem to others. Suggesting that someone correct something that they don’t mind or may even like about themselves is not a good way of interacting with clients.

Most importantly, your job as an esthetician should be to make beauty recommendations that help your clients feel better about themselves. So, when it comes to these specific areas, it is best to let the client lead unless you are extremely well acquainted.

Now that you know the areas to approach with extreme caution you might be wondering if there is anything that is appropriate to recommend as an esthetician. What suggestions can you make without being offensive? There are a few services you can easily suggest to clients that highlight the indulgence and health aspects of esthetic beauty rather than focusing solely on correction.

Professional Exfoliation

This service is not just about making your client’s skin smooth. It certainly helps to create a healthy glow, but it also has health benefits in addition to the superficial ones. For example, you can highlight how certain exfoliation techniques help restore a healthy moisture balance or help remove toxins when suggesting these services.

Soaks and Steams

These are services that can easily be recommended to any client. Soaks and steams are luxuriously indulgent to keep skin hydrated and stay relaxed. Additionally, they help to facilitate healthy, youthful skin and deep relaxation while also providing a lot of sales opportunities.

Body Wraps

This is a very versatile and profitable service upgrade. There are a lot of different ways to apply a wrap, several different areas of the body that can be wrapped, and a lot of different products and elements that you can incorporate in a wrap. As a result, these options give you a lot to choose from when making suggestions to clients.

Makeup: Increasing Cost Per Visit

The vast majority of those who come to get their makeup professionally done typically do it for a specific event. It may be for a wedding or a party. Or it could be for a photo shoot or video project. Whatever the occasion, people usually have specific boundaries to work within. These restrictions can make it feel like it is impossible to add anything, but there are a couple of different areas you can suggest upgrades and additions that won’t completely overhaul the look your client already has in mind.


False lashes or lash extensions are a fun way to add glamour into any look. They can add a subtle sophistication or extreme enhancement depending on the occasion and the preferences of your client. Lashes are an additional cosmetic service that can complement most styles of makeup and are appropriate for almost every event.


Getting someone to change what style of makeup they want is not easy, or even productive most of the time. Rather than trying to change what your clients want perhaps you should focus on getting them to upgrade how they get it. As a result, application tools and techniques will increase your revenue and ultimately gives your client a better result.

Nails: Increasing Cost Per Visit

Clients usually have a specific concept or idea when they come to get their nails done. Manicures are typically straightforward. On the occasions that a client is indecisive or open-ended about what they want there is a lot of room for suggestion that will help you increase the value of the appointment. However, when your client’s mind is made up about what they want you might feel like there is nowhere else for you to go. There are, however, a couple of different things that you might be able to suggest that can help you expand the bottom line of even the most determined and decisive clients.

Hand Soaks & Conditioning Treatments

Focus on preparing and tending to your client’s hands rather than focusing exclusively on their nails. For example, there are a variety of salts, oils and other elements that can make a soak more luxurious while also preparing and conditioning your client’s hands before their manicure. This add-on can be as indulgent as you and your client choose.

Artistic Design Elements

You probably won’t have much success trying to substitute a more expensive design idea, although you might elaborate on what your client already wants. Adding accent details on certain nails and suggesting nail jewels or nail tattoos can be great ways to support and embellish your client’s ideas.

Products & Accessories: Increasing Cost Per Visit

Products are something that every area of the beauty industry can utilize to increase profits. Similarly, you can increase your fee based on the products and brands you use. You can sell products that correspond with your services. There are many ways to include products as a part of your plan to widen your profit margins. Go through every single service you provide, and make a note of all of the products, tools and techniques you utilize throughout each service. Are there product choices you can offer during the service? Similarly, is there anything you can recommend they purchase to use at home? These are things that you can consider no matter what career path you have chosen.

Don’t Be Pushy

There are ways of achieving the success you want and deserve without being pushy or inconsiderate. Finding clients will be the most crucial part of securing your income, but these are the ways you can make the most of every single client you see.

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