Veteran Spotlight: Lindsey Tollefson

Lindsey Tollefson standing in front of Minnesota School of Cosmetology backdrop.

Lindsey joined the National Guard in 2014. Lindsey’s base is located out of Arden Hills, Minnesota and is part of the FRU (Force Ready Unit).

Lindsey has always wanted a career in Massage Therapy and enjoyed giving people massages in her free time.  Her husband told her to “go for it” so Lindsey began researching schools and came across Minnesota School of Cosmetology.  She chose Minnesota School of Cosmetology Plymouth because it offered a full time massage program.  She was able to start school and graduate in a short time frame while still fulfilling her duties in the National Guard.

Lindsey knew she would learn a lot in the Massage program but didn’t realize how much each and every body part plays a role in massage not only for the person receiving the massage but also what the body can do when giving a massage.  She has also learned how important massage can be to someone’s health and well being. 

Once Lindsey graduates she is excited to bring massage to her unit by doing chair massages after major workouts or even if they have some down time. She also plans to assist the safety NCO (Non Commissioned Officer).  One day, Lindsey plans to own her own Massage Therapy business.

MSC Honored for Commitment to Military Community

Friday, June 14th is the United States’ observation of Flag Day. This holiday is intended to celebrate the adoption of the iconic national flag. In honor of Flag Day 2019, Minnesota School of Cosmetology-Woodbury was presented with a framed American flag from a group of U.S. veterans.

Kenneth Beale and Minnesota School of Cosmetology Woodbury Campus Director, Lindsay Cooley
Kenneth Beale and Minnesota School of Cosmetology Woodbury Campus Director, Lindsay Cooley

The flag, presented by Kenneth Beale, Jr Chaplain (Colonel-Ret., U.S. Army) hangs proudly in our Woodbury campus. Kenneth has high praises for Minnesota School of Cosmetology, saying:

“Since retiring from the U.S. Army where barber shops are on every installation, I found it necessary to find a civilian location to get my haircut. And because I no longer had to groom according to military regulations, I was interested in finding a hairstylist that could help me find that new look.  I found just that at the Minnesota School of Cosmetology in Woodbury.  Not only did I find professional service, but free haircuts for veterans every Wednesday.  I’ve gotten my haircut there ever since 2012.  I highly recommend this school to all my comrades-in-arms and fellow citizens.”

Inscription on U.S. flag plaque reads: "Presented by grateful U.S. Veterans to MN School of Cosmetology-Woodbury for the countless free haircuts you've provided service members over the year."
Inscription of U.S. flag plaque at MSC-Woodbury.

Commitment to Our Community

Kenneth’s statement resonates with Minnesota School of Cosmetology’s dedication to our communities and support of the United States Armed Forces. In the past, Minnesota School of Cosmetology has celebrated Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Both Minnesota School of Cosmetology campuses offer free military haircuts on Wednesdays. In addition to military services, our campuses also offer discounts and coupons to the general public.