Employer Spotlight: Great Clips

Great Clips has been around for 35 years, has 145 locations in the metro, 4200 across the country, and has competitive training and wages, room for advancement and management positions.

Kristin Hoogheem, Great Clips Liaison

Great Clips has been working with the Minnesota School of Cosmetology for years and they have hired many of our graduates. They also provide a school liaison named Kristin Hoogheem. She is always staying engaged with the students and graduates at all times, according to Minnesota School of Cosmetology’s Campus Director, Jill Hocking.

“She attends our graduation ceremonies and brings gifts for every graduate, she pops into campus and brings flowers at graduation clock outs, she substitutes at Minnesota School of Cosmetology as needed, they attend our fashion shows and career fairs, they bring our students additional education seminars, they offers full benefits, competitive wages and additional compensation on top of hourly wage,” said Jill.

Windy McGuire, Minnesota School of Cosmetology graduate, is currently employed at Great Clips, and shares that she couldn’t be happier with where she is in life.

“I thought I wanted focus on color at a full-service salon, but after working at Great Clips and seeing that I don’t need to find my own clientele and still I’m still able to make a lot of money, I decided that Great Clips was where I wanted to begin my career,” said Windy. “I have been completely happy and impressed with both my schooling at Minnesota School of Cosmetology and my career at Great Clips!”

Minnesota School of Cosmetology graduate, Jessica Castillo, who also works at Great Clips shares how she loved going to Minnesota School of Cosmetology.

“The teachers were very caring and did everything they could to help you be successful. All of the product knowledge we got was fantastic and I won’t forget it! Now working at Great Clips, I’m very happy. I’m making a living and wouldn’t imagine anything to be different,” said Jessica.

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Graduate Performs ‘Man Makeover’ on Twin Cities Live

Holly Kleshold’s, Minnesota School of Cosmetology alum.

“Want it more than you’re afraid of it”, is one of Holly Kleshold’s, graduate from Minnesota School of Cosmetology, favorite quotes and something she reminds herself of every day.

Holly’s journey started seven years ago when she decided to enroll at Minnesota School of Cosmetology. Little did she know, that was probably the best decision she ever made, according to Holly.

“I enjoyed my time at Minnesota School of Cosmetology, I was in the evening program, as I worked full-time during the day. That was the first thing that prepared me for the real world,” said Holly. “I also had to work two jobs my first year in the industry.”

She has been at working at Simonson’s Salon & Spa for more than four years now where she works 30-35 hours a week. Her current income at Simonson’s exceeds what she used to make working two jobs, 70 plus hours a week, according to Holly.

Holly on Twin Cities Live: 

I am so thankful for the opportunities given to me through Simonson’s. We have consistent education, to keep current with trends and we are also partnered with/the official salon of Twin Cities Live (TCL). They do segments every few weeks featuring different services we offer.

Holly’s Man Makeover on Jim on Twin Cities Live.

I was asked to do an on screen men’s makeover for the show, I was so excited but incredibly nervous at the same time. We shot the segment at the salon, with the hosts and a one man camera crew. We focused on waxing, men’s color and cut.

Jim was my model, very nice guy, with a mustache that hadn’t been shaved in over 20 years. We waxed his brows, ears and nose, blended his gray hair and gave him a much needed, updated haircut. Last but not least, Jim shaved his mustache. He looked at least ten years younger and I could tell he felt great, he had that genuine smile, a sure sign of a happy client.

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Holly’s Experience at Minnesota School of Cosmetology:

My time at Minnesota School of Cosmetology was inspiring, exciting, overwhelming at times. There were many times where I questioned if I was right for this industry, but this industry has helped me discover who I really am. Also, my instructors pushed me to get out of my comfort zone which, I think, is the key to growth.

I am continually faced with challenges, because every client is different and has different needs. However, that’s what I love about my job. I love that I can make people feel good about themselves and in turn they make me feel good about myself. It is amazing how one client can turn your whole day around.

When I graduated five years ago from Minnesota School of Cosmetology, never in a million years did I think I would be teaching people to do the things I struggled with nor would I have ever imagined I would be on television, but hard work and stepping out of your comfort zone sure do pay off.

I am so thankful for the opportunities that I have been given and will go in to every day with an open heart and mind. How rewarding it is to be a part of this ever changing industry. I am so thankful I decided to take my first steps at Minnesota School of Cosmetology.


MSC Grad Places Third in Junior Style Star Competition

Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC) graduate, Mukhayyo (Maya) Tursunova placed third at the Junior Style Stars National Hair Competition in the High-Fashion Updo division.

Maya’s High-Fashion Updo.

“We are so proud of Maya!” said Jill Hocking, MSC campus director. “She is a very talented hairstylist and we knew she would thrive in this competition.”

A mannequin was shipped to each competitors school and under strict instructor supervision the competitors had to style their mannequin with a high-fashion updo. Once complete, the competitors were required to submit 5 photos to Junior Style Stars to be judged:  One front (with competition number showing), one back, one left side, one right side and Signature photo. (See photo)

About Junior Style Stars:

Junior Style Stars allows all students, regardless of location, to compete on a completely level playing field, void of all the usual politics. Each competitor competes on the identical mannequin and receives the same photography. All work must be done at the competitor’s beauty school under strict instructor supervision. Judging is done via the internet. There are safeguards in place to insure total honesty.

“Thank you and congratulations on your student making it into the TOP 10 of the Junior Style Stars competition!” said Junior Style Stars Vice President of Operations, Heather Chaffin. “This is an amazing accomplishment!”

MSC Advanced Techniques:

Having the right hairstyle to compliment the art you’ve created is a must! You will receive plenty of experience in mastering the art of hairstyling on a wide range of hair types. MSC has a busy and diverse clinic floor, which allows you to get the vital real-world, hands-on experience you need to be successful in the industry. Some of the hairstyling techniques you’ll learn include:

  • Era-specific styling methods
  • Up-do’s
  • Specialty perm wraps
  • Quick styling methods
  • Celebrity look-alikes
  • Marcel irons
  • Braiding
  • Sew-ins
  • Extensions
  • Weaves
  • Relaxers

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Alumni Spotlight: ‘Support and Education at MSC Led to Success’

When Betsy Schafer was looking for a cosmetology school, she said the friendly and welcoming environment was one of the reasons why she chose to attend Minnesota School of Cosmetology.

“Talking with the instructors, I was able to see that they were there for the students. The cost of the program, as well as what that consisted of, were also reasons why I chose MSC,” Betsy said.hair, cosmetology

Now more than eight years after graduation, she says the instructors still know her name. Betsy landed a job at Moxie Hair Salon in St. Paul just a few months after she graduated and is currently working there today.

Betsy has transitioned to a lead shift manager and said she loves the variety her career offers.

“I have had the opportunity to learn about the business aspects of the industry – everything from productivity, to inventory, to guest relations, to promotion creation, to training, and everything in between. There is a constant opportunity for education. I work with an amazing team, have built relationships with guests, share the same focus and values that Moxie has, and have enjoyed working with Arrojo,” she said.

Schafer credits her success to the support and education she received from instructors at MSC.

“There was constant support, guidance and motivation. I also appreciated the variety of product and color lines I was educated in. It allowed more of a range of opportunities following graduation, and made me better-rounded,” she said.

When she graduated, Schafer said she felt prepared and was looking forward to entering the beauty industry.

“Not everything will come easy, but keep your focus and have goals for yourself. Find your “WHY”: what brings you to work every day. Also, know there are SO many opportunities in the industry; so don’t limit yourself and your abilities,” Betsy said.

MSC Graduates Share Wisdom with Current Students

Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC) – Woodbury alumni recently spoke with the current student body at the annual MSC Alumni Panel. The graduation years of the members of the panel ranged from 2008-2016. Our amazing graduates represented a wide variety of salons from all over the Twin Cities area such as La Grande Beauty Spa, Ficocello’s Hair Salon, Cole’s Salon, Sephora, Simonson’s Salon and Spa, Moxie Salon, and European Wax Center.

Two of our graduates have recently made their lifetime dreams come true and opened their own salons! Rachel Lentz opened Man Cave Precision Hair in Stillwater and Kerri Wildes is the Co-owner of Alabaster to Onyx Salon in Minneapolis.

The graduates introduced themselves by stating their name and year they graduated from MSC, where
they had worked since graduation, why they choose their current job, their greatest challenge while in beauty school and how they overcame that challenge.

Great questions from the student body included:

  • How did your MSC experience prepare you for your career?
  • In your experience, what are some attributes of individuals who are most successful in the cosmetology field?
  • What is your advice on building a clientele?
  • What could I do to improve my professionalism skills?

Our most recent graduate on the panel, Mat Porten stated, “The women on the panel have wonderful personalities, passion, and truly inspire me. Thank you. MSC, thank you as well for giving me the opportunities that you have given me and giving me such great people to look up to.”


Where are they now? 9 Questions for MSC Graduate Ashleigh Carberry

Minnesota School of Cosmetology’s (MSC) primary mission is to produce employable graduates into the cosmetology industry. Since we are a career college, our number one goal is for all graduates to be successful in their field! We were happy to interview our MSC-Plymouth alumni Ashleigh Carberry who graduated in 2015. We love hearing graduate success stories!

What was your career path before graduating from Minnesota School of Cosmetology? My career path before graduating from Minnesota School of Cosmetology was working 12 years in the fast food industry at Arby’s.Ashleigh C

Why did you choose to attend MSC? I choose to attend MSC because I loved the atmosphere. When I walked in, all the faculty and students made me feel welcome and a part of the family.

How did your education enhance or change your current career path? I landed a job at JCPenny’s Salon where I have continued to learn and enhance my skills.

What piece of advice would you give to students considering a career in cosmetology? Take your schooling very seriously and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Take a lot of notes.

What do you enjoy about the cosmetology industry? Every day is different. This industry is always changing and you are constantly learning new things. I love building relationships with my clients and making them feel good.

Where has your job taken you? I have started my career and have already learned so much from my mentor, he plans to retire within the next five years and would love to see me replace him. I can just see my career going very far.

How has your education at MSC impacted your professional life? MSC helped me learn how to communicate with clients over the phone, at the front desk, and how to talk to clients professionally during a consultation.

What is your favorite memory of MSC? I have two favorite memories from MSC. My first is I have Turners Syndrome and MSC allowed me to invite the TS girls from my chapter to get mini makeovers. It made them all feel special and gave them a boost of confidence it really meant a lot to all of us. My second favorite memory is when the school did my wedding party’s hair, nails and makeup.  The students did an amazing job and I was asked all night where we had gone.  Everything turned out better than I had ever dreamed and we all looked amazing.

What is the most valuable information you learned while you were in school? Client consultations are very important, and you should be doing them for every client. It is also very important to follow manufacturer’ instructions.


For Minnesota School of Cosmetology Graduate, Beauty is More Than Skin Deep – It’s in Her Blood

You could say cosmetology runs in Kennidi Schultz’s family.

Growing up, her mom would take Kennidi to the salon owned by her grandma, where she would watch all the stylists and do little chores for them. Then, when Kennidi’s parents bought Salon Ultimo in Woodbury, Minn., she worked there as a receptionist. Kennidi always knew she wanted to be the one doing hair, so she enrolled at Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC) right after she graduated high school.

“Ms. Donna [Dungy] caught my attention,” explains Kennidi on why she chose MSC over other cosmetology schools. “She has so much passion and love, and that really stuck in my mind.”

Kennidi says everyone at the campus was welcoming and friendly, and it felt like a great atmosphere.

“The whole staff was awesome,” she says. “I loved all the instructors. They are so helpful and really care; they take the time to get to know you. I also got to know a lot of really great girls and made a lot of friends.”

MSC offers many resources to its students, which were a plus for Kennidi. Students have the opportunity to learn specialty skills from outside professionals in the industry, as well as hear from salons and other various organizations about possible career paths. Kennidi says she also enjoyed the applied learning and community outreach projects she got to do with MSC.

“Doing the hair, makeup and nails for the kids at Shriner’s Hospital Prom was a great experience,” she explains. “There are so many other volunteer opportunities, too, and I really enjoyed that.”

Kennidi graduated in May of 2015, and was hired as a stylist at Salon Ultimo. As for the future, she says she’s thought about owning her own salon or taking over her parents’, but she’s seen first-hand how much work goes into it.

“In one or two years I would like to go back to school for my business degree,” says Kennidi. “But for now, I want to work on building my clientele, mastering my skills and getting more education in the industry.”

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Where are they now? 8 Questions for MSC Graduate Miranda Hills

Minnesota School of Cosmetology’s (MSC) primary mission is to produce employable graduates for the cosmetology industry. Since we are a career college, our number one goal is for all graduates to be successful in their field!

We were happy to interview our MSC-Plymouth alumna Miranda Hills who graduated in 2013. We love hearing graduate success stories!

1. What was your career path before graduating from Minnesota School of Cosmetology?

Before attending MSC, I worked from home as a graphic designer. I always had a passion for the beauty industry but wasn’t able to commit to the time requirement with my children at home with me. Once they started school, I was able to pursue my own aspirations and communicate in person with people other than kids.

2. Why did you choose to attend MSC?

I loved the aspect that MSC was a new school and in the suburbs where I felt comfortable. I didn’t even consider other schools after my initial visit at MSC. The flexibility of schedules and fast track to finish in under a year was such a great feature.

3. How did your education enhance or change your current career path?

The education that I received at MSC was something I don’t think I could have received anywhere else. There were always opportunities to learn advanced techniques, specialty classes, and the instructors were always willing to help you learn the latest trends. If you wanted to learn something specific, they found a way to bring you the information or training. I love diversity and a challenge, so I knew right away that I didn’t want to do anything simple. As cosmetologists, there are many options available to be successful, I love that so many opportunities were given to us at MSC.

4. What piece of advice would you give to students considering a career in cosmetology?

I would say, jump in and learn everything you can during the time you are in school. The opportunities are endless so enjoy the year you are there because it goes fast. The industry can be a lot of fun so learn how to do everything really well.

5. What do you enjoy about the cosmetology industry?

I love how unique the cosmetology industry can be! The trends are always changing so there is always something new to learn. The best part about the cosmetology industry is the positive impact you can make on someone.

6. Where has your job taken you?

After graduating, I went on to receive advanced training for eyelash extensions and hair extensions. I fell in love with eyelash extensions! In my opinion, there isn’t any job or service that can change someone’s appearance as fast as eyelash extensions. I have one of the coolest jobs out there. My clientele grew so fast that I was able to open my own storefront salon, Flair, in Minnetonka in under a year from graduating.

7. How has your education at MSC impacted your professional life?

The education that I received from MSC is indescribable.  he techniques and attention I was given to achieve success in all aspects of the beauty industry will never be forgotten. I feel confident in performing specialized techniques because of the instructors at MSC.

8. What is the most valuable information you learned while you were in school?

MSC focused on more than the general practice of cosmetology. They made an effort everyday to teach above and beyond to create the best cosmetologists they could. I consider everything I was taught at MSC to be valuable information.  Formulating color, safety and sanitation, laws and rules, product knowledge, customer retention, sales, customer service, management and numerous other practices that continue to help me in running my own salon.

Graduate Turned Salon Manager Says She Wouldn’t Be Where She Is without Minnesota School of Cosmetology

When Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC) alumna Leniesa Williams learned how to round-brush hair when she first started at MSC, she says she didn’t like it and thought she wasn’t good at it. Now, she is the salon manager at Blast Blow Dry Bar in downtown Minneapolis and is using the skills she learned on a daily basis.

“I do hair, makeup and waxing. I have request clients every day, and I love doing what I do,” says Leniesa.

Leniesa still speaks to her instructors who helped her realize her full potential in the cosmetology industry.

“I loved the instructors. [They] really cared whether or not I knew the material … and whether I got a job when I was finished with school,” she explains.

Leniesa didn’t just land a job when she was finished with her program, but she was hired by Blast Blow Dry Bar before she graduated. She says MSC’s career services department was there every step of the way – from setting up career fairs to helping her with her resume.

“I was at school during a career fair, and there was Blast [Blow Dry Bar],” Leniesa says. “I sent them my resume and had a technical and interview within a few days.”

A television commercial and its convenient location were what first piqued Leniesa’s interest in MSC, but after taking a tour of the Woodbury campus, she quickly realized that MSC was different than other schools.

“Everyone seemed to be happy and liking what they were doing,” she says. “Everyone seemed nice, and it was clean.”

Now that she’s graduated, Leniesa has noticed other differences in the quality of education MSC provides to students.

“Being in this industry, I have worked with people from different schools, and I have learned that MSC teaches their students more than other schools,” explains Leniesa. “They have the best instructors, and they teach you everything you need and want to know.”

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MSC Alumna Hired Before She Graduated, Thanks to Hands-On Training

Vyset Koumalasy is a nail technician at A La Mode Boutique and Nail Spa in Edina, Minn., a position she landed before she graduated from Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC).

“The program (at Minnesota School of Cosmetology) definitely prepared me for this career. It’s very hands-on,” Vyset explains.

Students at MSC learn to perfect hair, nail and skin care techniques through both theory and lab, and clinical hours. Vyset enjoyed the immediate hands-on experience she got working on manikins and fellow classmates, and eventually clients.

Vyset originally chose to attend the MSC campus in Plymouth, Minn., because it was brand new, but her instructors were far from beginners in the field. Not only did her instructors teach Vyset the techniques she needed to know for her career, but they helped her find her job.

“My instructors were awesome,” says Vyset. “[They] got to know you as a person. They figured out what your goals were.”

Vyset says she still keeps in touch with some of her instructors who helped her every step of the way while she was attending MSC, as well as after graduation, something she says she never thought she would find in a school.

“My overall experience was very exciting with MSC,” says Vyset. “Once you’re done … you have so many different fields you can go into with a cosmetology license.”

The cosmetology field is perfect for Vyset because she loves people, and she absolutely recommends MSC to anyone who has a passion for cosmetology like she does.

“It’s worth it,” she says.

Visit www.msccollege.edu to learn more.