What is a Vocational School?

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Are you looking for a new career or ready to get a secondary education? Considering a 4-year college but not sure if you can be out of the workforce for that long? Consider a vocational school.

What is a Vocational School?

The short answer is that vocational schools focus on a specific vocation and teach you everything you need to start a new career on day one. Many vocations require a certification or license, and these vocational programs also prepare you for these exams.

Vocational schools typically streamline their curriculum so that you can graduate as soon as possible. Vocational schools are also respectful of your investment of both time and money. They offer many different programs, from healthcare and business to computers and creative arts. Each one has a unique curriculum. But even though the specifics of each program are different, the general nature of your education will be the same. Basically, you can focus on your future career path without diverting your attention to subjects outside your vocation.

What are the Benefits of a Vocational School?

There are many benefits to graduating from a vocational school. From completing the program in under a year and enjoying a precise and condensed curriculum to networking within the community. Taking advantage of these benefits will allow you to start an exciting new career.

Benefit #1: Start Earning Quickly

A vocational school operates on a shorter curriculum that allows you to graduate quickly. You can expect to graduate in less than one to two years. In fact, it’s quite possible for you to graduate in a matter of months.

Class loads are also arranged around a fast track to graduation. Vocational schools don’t make you take elective or off-topic classes that are non-essential. A vocational school will avoid all of those superfluous classes.

For example, consider someone pursuing a cosmetology career and another student working to become a programmer. The programmer wouldn’t find themselves stuck in a class about hairstyling. Likewise, the person pursuing a career focused on cosmetology wouldn’t take classes about programming languages. Vocational schools focus on the knowledge and skills you need to start your new career and nothing else.

Benefit #2: Well Curated Education

Vocational schools take the time to communicate with the community and identify the actual knowledge and skills that you will need to succeed in the vocation. The school will curate the education based on feedback from the representatives in the community, to prepare you for your first day on the job.

Not only will you learn the knowledge and skills needed, but you will also put the theory to the test with hands-on lab work. A medical assistant will perform venipuncture on fellow classmates, a computer repair technician will build a computer from scratch, and a cosmetologist will work in a student run salon. Each vocation will learn what they need to succeed and receive instruction from industry experienced instructors.

Benefit #3: Industry Experienced Instructors

Vocational schools look to hire instructors that have industry experience. They may have started in an entry-level position as a cosmetologist or massage therapist for example. They have worked in salons, franchise massage spas, seeing clients and even managing the spa or salon itself with a little bit of experience.

These industry experienced instructors know what the curriculum should teach in order for you to prepare for your new vocation. They also offer one-on-one attention and to answer any questions you may have. They can even be more than an instructor, sometimes they are a mentor.

Benefit #4: Network within the Community

One of the great things about vocational schools is that they have strong ties with the community. Most of the careers you are working toward demand qualified professionals. As such, the community organizations are eager to form connections with vocational schools that have a proven track record. After all, if an employer can be certain that you are graduating with a strong understanding of an industry then you will become a fantastic employee. Who wouldn’t want a new hire that didn’t need a lot of on-site training?

Benefit #5: Externships

Part of most vocational programs is an externship that offers you hands-on training and real-world experience to fully understand what the vocation is all about. During the educational process, you will get a chance to observe professionals on the job. This process involves shadowing fellow employees to learn how they operate in a wide variety of situations.

Externships are also a great way to add work experience to a resume. The more experience you have in a vocation, the more you are sought-after during recruitment.

Benefit #6: Career Services

Another great benefit of attending a vocational school is the assistance they offer in finding a job after graduation. Although a job is not guaranteed, a vocational school will help you with your job search and find the right job that matches your qualifications. They will help with resume building, practice interviews and job fairs. Most vocational schools will also follow an alum throughout their career, so they can take advantage of the vocational school’s ties with the community.

Final Thoughts

Do you have 2 to 4 years to get a degree that may or may not prepare you for a vocation? The good news is that a vocational school prepares you for a new vocation as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can complete the program in months, rather than years and start earning right out of school. If you are looking for a new career and have the time to learn a new vocation, then attending a vocational school may be the right path for you.

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