MSC Students Show Off Their Work at Fall 2015 Fashion Show

MSC Fall Fashion showMinnesota School of Cosmetology hosted their 2nd annual Fall Fashion Show.  This year’s theme was Seasons.

We set our fashion shows up as a reverse career fair.  Allowing for our students to create inspiration boards with their before and after photos as well as what inspired their overall look.  We encourage our students to have resumes available to hand out to the industry professionals that would be attending the show.

After the show we gave the Salons and Industry Professionals the opportunity to meet our students and talk with them about how they completed their looks and their career aspirations.

We had our students choose the groups they worked with, as well as choosing a season they would like to be inspired by.  Our students chose their own music for the show as well.  We encouraged students to have a few different looks for their season.  The students had been preparing for the show for weeks in advance and all their time and hard work really showed through their looks.

Thank you to all the family and friends who were able to come out to the shows and for the continued support you give our students daily. They wouldn’t be where they are at today without you!

We would like to give a special thanks to all the Salons and Industry Professionals that attended our Fall Fashion Show! As well as to European Wax Center who created a “Best Brow” category!  Thank you for supporting our students!

Amazing Lash Studio

The Beauty Lab

European Wax Center

Fantastic Sams


Great Clips

Hair Envy Salon and Spa of Distinction

Lemon Water


Salon Halo


Sport Clips


You can check all the looks from the fashion show on our facebook page!


MSC Rings the Bell for Salvation Army

On Tuesday, December 15 from 10am to 8pm, 12 Minnesota School of Cosmetology-Woodbury students and staff members rang the Salvation Army bell outside the Key’s Café entrance at the Valley Creek Mall in Woodbury. We are thrilled to participate in this event as a team during the holiday season!

Jessica Lebens, Special Projects Manager of the Salvation Army Northern Division noted:

We are able to do so much GOOD in our communities because of our bell ringers. Our bell ringers average around $30/hour which is enough to:

  • Buy a week’s worth of groceries for someone
  • Shelter a homeless person for one night
  • Buy new coats for two children

FamilyTo add to the excitement of raising money for those in need, one of our staff members was recognized as the “Bell Ringer of the Day!” Lindsay Cooley, Education Coordinator at the Minnesota School of Cosmetology in Woodbury was highlighted on KOOL 108 on the morning we rang the bell.

When asked why she decided to ring the bell Lindsay said, “It feels so wonderful to help the community and change lives.  It’s very rewarding to see people donating money to the Salvation Army!” She explained the best part of being a bell ringer is knowing she is helping change lives and making a difference. Plus it’s fun and the sound of the Salvation Army bell always makes her happy. Next year Lindsay hopes to have her children (Talon, Ayla and Brecken) ring the bell with her and make it a family tradition.

Happy Holidays from all of us at MSC!


Perfecting Holiday Makeup – Top Online Resources for Holiday Makeup Ideas

When it comes to looking your best this holiday season, you can’t go wrong with sprucing yourself up with some holiday makeup. Whether it be a bit of green and red eyeshadow to get into the holiday spirit or glossy, ruby red lips that are sure to match Santa’s hat, these holiday makeup ideas will have you looking better than ever before. Here’s a quick look at some top sites you can use for some holiday makeup inspiration.

1. Babbleholiday and christmas makeup tips

Along with Christmas comes a happy New Year, too, meaning you’ll have lots of holiday activities to take part in to show off your new makeup. Make sure to check out Babble to learn about the many celebrity holiday looks you can do for yourself. Whether it be sultry and smokin’ eyes like Pia Toscano or a rich lip like Kim Kardashian, this site gives you detailed instructions on how to get these holiday looks for yourself.

2. Allure

There’s no doubt that one of your holiday makeup desires is to maintain a flawless appearance from the start of the season until the end. By checking out the many holiday makeup tips on Allure, you’re sure to discover lots of products that help your makeup stay on just as you applied it, so you’ll be looking great during every holiday event and party you attend. And not only does Allure help you with your makeup by giving you great ideas, but the site also helps you know which makeup mistakes to avoid.

3. Marie Claire

If you’re looking for holiday eye makeup ideas, you definitely won’t want to overlook Marie Claire. From color-splashed smoky eyes to cool new looks you can use for a variety of holiday events, Marie Claire has all of your holiday eye makeup needs met, including lots of ideas for eyelash extensions.

4. Harper’s Bazaar

When looking for red carpet holiday makeup ideas, Harper’s Bazaar gives you an assortment of ways to put a spin on traditional holiday makeup concepts. From incorporating nice spins from the 60s to adding black to your lipstick, Harper’s Bazaar is your go-to resource for today’s most unique holiday makeup ideas.

5. Pinterest

Don’t forget to check out Pinterest, too. This site has thousands of uncommon makeup ideas that you can use to put a twist on your regular holiday makeup regimen. You’ll find everything from blush tips to applying white foundation around the eyes to keep them looking lively all night long at your office holiday party.

6. Cosmopolitan

One of the best reasons to search the Cosmopolitan site is because you’ll find holiday makeup tips that match your face perfectly. Whether you have a round face, oval face, or more of a square or rectangular shape, you can rest assured there are holiday makeup ideas you can use to highlight your facial strengths while dialing down any weaknesses.
Armed with this list of top-drawer, megawatt sites, you’re sure to turn heads this holiday season. Merry merry!

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Perfecting Your Travel Beauty Routine – 5 Tips for Looking Great During the Holidays

The holidays are here, and for many of us that means it’s time for some fun holiday travels. Typically, you can’t bring everything you wish you could, so packing light is key. But it’s also possible to look and feel fabulous with just the cosmetics and accessories that fit in your travel traveling with makeupmakeup bag by following these five tips and tricks.

  1. Focus on the bag

Start your travel makeup strategy by thinking about your travel bag. If you don’t already have a great one, now’s the time to shop for a bag that’s small enough to hold just the most essential cosmetic items and has compartments for keeping your stuff organized. It’s even better if it has transparent areas so you can quickly find the items you need during hectic travels.

  1. Stick with neutral colors

You won’t have to pack nearly as many items in your makeup bag when you select products that coordinate with a variety of the clothes and accessories in your suitcase. Rather than trying to bring your whole makeup collection, the idea is to select some key favorites that are versatile enough for day, night, dressy and casual. This typically means going with browns, tans, grays, and black for your eyes. For cheeks and lips, that means choosing hues that coordinate with all of your traveling attire. If you’ll be going to formal events like holiday parties, bring some special items to achieve that look.

  1. Choose multipurpose products

One quick way to cut down on products in your travel makeup bag is to bring items that you can use for more than one purpose. That includes an all-in-one product you can use as blush on your cheeks, lip color and eye shadow, or one that doubles as blush and lip color.

  1. Downsize

Gather small or sample sizes of makeup items. These should be compact enough to fit into your travel makeup bag that you carry as you’re en route to your destination. The products should be ones you know and love rather than new ones. During a trip is not the best time to try out a new makeup product or routine. Stick with products that are familiar so you can create beauty quickly when you’re not in your usual routine.

  1. Simplify

Select just one each of your makeup items to bring on your trip – one eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, blush, concealer, lipstick and so on. Take makeup that you can put on without applicators and large brushes, because these items use limited space in your makeup bag. Do bring along items that you wouldn’t want to be without but that don’t take up much space – a fingernail file, nail clippers and tweezers.

As you prep for your trip, keep these travel makeup tips in mind for a trouble-free excursion. Remember, you don’t have to take your entire makeup collection on your journey to still look polished and beautiful. Who knows, after getting used to a more streamlined makeup protocol, you may decide to re-evaluate your at-home routine and put your simplified one into practice every day.

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