MSC – Plymouth Hosts First Annual Fall Fashion Show

Written by Jeff Bishop, career services coordinator

MSC-Minnesota School of Cosmetology – Plymouth hosted their First Annual Fall Fashion Show on Tuesday, September 30th and Saturday, October 4th.

MSC Fall Fashion ShowThe Fashion Show featured an overall Disney theme. Each student or group of students were able to choose their own sub-theme to reflect their creativity and talent. MSC-Plymouth students had a month to imagine and practice their looks, and were allowed to have as many models as they wished. Minnesota School of Cosmetology partnered with Redken representatives, who provided tips to the students and donated fabulous prizes for our winners.

Sub-themes for the September 30th show included: a modernized Snow White, The Cheetah Girls, fairies and pirates from The Pirate Fairy, Ursula from The Little Mermaid (3rd place winner), Princess Jasmine and Raja from Aladdin, Alice and the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland (2nd place winner), and a lion, a high-fashion Zazu, and an everyday Zazu look from The Lion King (1st place winner).

Our part-time students’ sub-themes on October 4th included: Jack Skellington and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas (2nd place winner), Gem from Tron, Princess Elsa from Frozen, Snow White and Cinderella as Pin-Up Girls (2nd place winner), and Ariel and Ursula from The Little Mermaid (1st place winner).

Minnesota School of Cosmetology Fall Fashion ShowIn addition, local salon owners and stylists were invited to enjoy the show and to observe fresh, upcoming talent. On Tuesday, September 30th, salon owners and stylists from seven salons were in attendance to show their support and act as our VIP Guest Judges. After the runway show, these industry professionals were able to meet MSC students one-on-one, to observe their work up close, and to discuss potential career opportunities. One MSC student was even offered a job on the spot! Salons in attendance included: Regis Salon, The Salon at Macy’s, Simonsons Salon and Spa, Willow Salon, Christopher J. Salon, Alibi the Salon, and Mask Hair Designs and Day Spa.

Congratulations to all of our students on a job well done! Check out pictures of all the looks on the MSC Facebook page.


Halloween Makeup Tips for Kids and Adults

Happy Halloween from Minnesota School of CosmetologyAre you ready for Halloween? Candy and costumes all set out? Halloween is a great time to be creative and go all out. Halloween makeup can be a great alternative to masks for adults and children. They are more comfortable, safer and you get to show your creative side. Kids love it!

If you’re looking for some ideas for that last minute primping, we have some great tips and tutorials for you. And I’m including tips to remove that same makeup after the holiday without tears and scrubbing. You don’t want the fun to end with red and irritated skin and eyes.

Check out some of these sites for makeup and costume ideas. From cute to scary, we’ve got you covered.

Watch the transformations in these Halloween makeup tutorials from Glamour.

Halloween Makeup Removal

Halloween makeup is great, it’s just getting it off your own or your child’s face that can make for a scary Halloween. Don’t be afraid, here are some expert tips.

1.  Know what kind of makeup you are using. Halloween store makeup may include grease, cream-based makeup or rubber. Find out what you will need to take it off before you put it on. Experts recommend water-based makeup as you can take it off with warm water.

2.  Have plenty of cotton balls, Q-tips, creams and wipes on hand. If you are covering faces, hands or more, you will need plenty of supplies.MSC Halloween Makeup

3.  You may also need adhesive remover if you are gluing something on. You can also use a Q-tip soaked in olive oil or coconut oil to loosen the edges, just go slow and gentle. Don’t pull!

4.  Start washing off makeup with soap or shampoo. Lather up well. Use baby oil on the kids and after washing to remove the residue. Be gentle around the eyes to prevent tears.

5.  If the makeup is cream-based, used cold cream. Use a good amount, massage it in well, then wipe off with a warm washcloth.

6.  Use your regular face wash as a final cleaning step.

7.  Moisturize skin to prevent irritation after. Makeup and multiple cleansers are hard on your skin so pamper it once its clean.

**Bonus tip – If you have used glitter in your costume, it will end up everywhere. You can use scotch tape to remove it from skin. You can also use packing tape to pick it up off larger areas.

Have a safe and fun Halloween. Please share your costume pics with us!


MSC Students Compete at INsalon Beauty Show

This past weekend was the annual cosmetology event in the Twin Cities, hosted by the Salon Spa Professional Association.

This year, INsalon’s theme was Inspiring Vision. A number of Minnesota School of Cosmetology students competed in the INsalon student competitions. Categories included Women’s Day Cutting Total Look, Men’s Day Cutting Total Look, and Women’s Evening Comb Out Total Look.

We want to congratulate MSC-Plymouth students Emily B. and Lorina M. for participating, and Ingris T. for placing! MSC-Woodbury students Kaylee Strandness, Coral Luoma, Holly Cook and Pa Chia Vang also did an awesome job and Sarah Dodd received fourth place in the men’s cutting competition!

Interview with MSC-Woodbury student competitor, Sarah Dodd

1.  Why did you decide to enter the INsalon competition?

I entered the INsalon competition because I wanted to try something new and see what the expectations were outside of school. Plus I like to be challenged.

2.  Why did you to choose the men’s cutting category?

I have been told I am good at men’s cuts and I wanted to see if people who didn’t know me felt the same way.

3.  How did the competition motivate you?

I know that the next time I do a competition that I’m going to learn new tricks and work harder on my timing.

4.  What was your favorite part about the competition?

Seeing all the wonderful work of my fellow cosmetologists! It was exciting to be in a place where we could all be creative.

Minnesota School of Cosmetology encourages all students to expand their skills and creativity by participating in competitions and beauty events. These events showcase students’ talents as well as provide important networking opportunities within the cosmetology industry.

Minnesota School of Cosmetology Competes at INsalon 2014

Minnesota School of Cosmetology students had the opportunity to attend INsalon this past weekend at the Marriott in Minneapolis.  Minnesota School of Cosmetology Students

There were three different competitions that students could sign up to compete in:

*   Women’s Evening Total Look

*   Women’s Day Total Look

*   Men’s Day Total Look

MSC Plymouth had seven students sign up to compete this year.

Our students practiced on their models for weeks leading up to the competition. They were determined to get every detail perfect for the big day!

Here are the specifics for the three events in which students could compete:

Women’s Evening Total LookMSC student

Create an evening look for the appreciation of the customer featuring elegance, grace and beauty based on the elements of the hair, nails and makeup. Clothes completed the total look.

The student was allowed 60 minutes on this competition.

Women’s Day Total Look

Create a total image including haircut and finished style for the appreciation of the customer reflecting current fashion trends. The finished style must exhibit a quality that the customer can recreate, while maintaining a daytime feel. Clothes to complete the total look.

Men’s Day Total Look

Create a total image, including haircut and finished style, for the appreciation of the customer reflecting current fashion trends. The finished style must exhibit a quality that the customer can recreate, while maintaining a daytime feel. Clothes to complete the total look.

How did MSC do?

Minnesota School of Cosmetology Plymouth students took part in the Women’s Evening Total Look competition.

Emily Bloch: placed 2nd overall

Lorina Maya: placed 3rd overall

Ingris Trejo: placed 6th overall and also won the Creative Fashion Award

We are very proud of all our students who competed and are excited to see all the wonderful adventures their futures have in store.

5 Tips for Healthy Hair this Fall

The days are getting shorter and the leaves are changing color. The weather is getting cooler and drier. It’s a great time to get out and enjoy the end of summer. But have you noticed the changing seasons having an impact on your skin and hair?

The drier air means drier hair. And if you have spent a lot of your summer months in the sun, wind and water, your hair probably isn’t in the best shape right now. But we can fix that! Follow our fall hair tips to get your hair in shape for the cooler months.

1. Clarify

The end of summer can mean you have lots of build-up in your hair. Build-up from hair spray, suntan lotion, gels, chlorine, even from your regular shampoo and conditioner. Using a clarifying shampoo will help remove this junk that may be weighing your hair down.

You don’t want to use a clarifying shampoo every day as it will strip and dry your hair. Once or twice a month is probably often enough. If you have colored hair, you can still use a clarifying shampoo. Just don’t use it more than once a month and not right after you have it colored.

You may need to use extra conditioner after you clarify as it may not have the same conditioners your regular shampoo does.

2. Condition

Moisture. Get ahead of the weather and start adding moisture now. Your hair reacts to the cooling temperatures and drop in humidity the same way your skin does, it dries out. You may need to change your shampoo and conditioner to a more moisturizing formula. Consider deep conditioning once a week to keep hair healthy.

Now that you have added moisture, make sure you seal it in. Rinse conditioners out with cold water to seal the cuticle and keep the moisture inside. Use a leave in conditioner or oil if needed.

3. Get a Trim

Even if you are trying to grow your hair out, a trim will keep it healthy and looking good. Summer sun, chlorine and pony tails may have caused split or brittle ends. Fall is one of the best times to get a cut or trim to remove this damage from the summer. Consider a new style if you need an update.

4. Color

Less time out in the elements means that hair color will last longer. You don’t have to go darker for fall, but those rich gold, red and copper colors will require less maintenance than during the summer months. Don’t forget to avoid using a clarifying shampoo right after you color.

5. Protect

Do you blow dry? Or use a flat iron? Heat can damage your hair if you’re not careful. You can burn your hair just like you would burn your skin. But instead of feeling the burn, you’ll see the damage.

Too much heat styling can dry your hair and make it brittle, even causing breakage. Always use good quality blow dryers and irons. Get ones with adjustable temperatures so you can find the lowest temp that works on your hair.

Irons can be more damaging than blow dryers. Look for an iron with a Teflon coating, they allow hair to slide through easily, making it less likely to burn..

Use a heat protecting spray or balm to protect your hair when you are using heat to style it. Most products contain a type of silicone to coat the hair and protect it from heat damage.

The change of seasons is a great time to freshen up your hair and keep it healthy. Use our tips from Minnesota School of Cosmetology to make sure your hair looks its best.



Minnesota School of Cosmetology Partners with Dermalogica to Promote Skin Health


Contact: Naomi McDonald, Dir. of Communications
Phone: 651-332-8269
Mobile: 651-785-4171


Community members are invited to learn about skincare from experts at Face Mapping® event

MINNEAPOLIS (Oct. 14, 2014) – The Minnesota School of Cosmetology-Plymouth campus will hold a fun and interactive Dermalogica Face Mapping® event for the community on Thursday, Oct. 16 from 1 – 3 p.m. and 6 – 8 p.m. This event includes free make-up applications, product knowledge, skin analysis and Halloween face painting for children. Face Mapping® is a zone-by-zone analysis that helps people answer skin care concerns. Dermalogica Skincare experts will be on-call to examine clients’ skin, address concerns one-on-one and outline an efficient, daily-use regimen of products.

What: Minnesota School of Cosmetology Dermalogica Face Mapping® event

Where: Minnesota School of Cosmetology-Plymouth campus
1425 County Road 101 North
Plymouth, MN 55447

 When: Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014
1 – 3 p.m.
6 – 8 p.m.

Please contact Naomi McDonald, Director of Communications at or 651-332-8269.


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“This is a valuable resource for not only students, but faculty and staff, too,” says Katrina Neckuty-Fodness, project director of curriculum development for Globe Education Network. “Students can learn additional concepts by watching online video courses outside of class, and their instructors can reinforce student learning with hands-on application during class, making class time even more meaningful.” can be accessed directly through the Web with login credentials, or via the colleges’ learning management system, CampusConnect, on an iPad™ or computer. Thousands of courses and video tutorials are available on a variety of topics, including education, software programs, IT, media production and design, marketing and many more. Courses and tutorials can be searched for by topic, skill level, software and author. The content is continuously refreshed and delivered by industry experts, ensuring the most up-to-date information is available.

“We’re always looking to provide our students with additional resources,” says Neckuty-Fodness. “Some of our faculty members were already using for their personal and professional development, so it just made sense to expand the partnership formally.”

The subscription aligns with Globe Education Network’s mission of providing hands-on, career training to prepare graduates for the workforce through applied learning projects, technology and flipped classrooms.

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