5 Reasons Why Getting a Cosmetology Diploma is Right for You

From personal to professional, there are many reasons to get a cosmetology diploma5 Reasons Why Getting a Cosmetology Diploma is Right for You

If you want to work in a fun environment, love staying current on the latest trends in beauty, and have a passion for helping people look and feel their best, getting a cosmetology diploma is a great first step.

Still worried that it may not be right for you? Fear not! Read on to find out why getting a cosmetology diploma is an awesome pathway toward a fulfilling career.

You love it!

The old saying is true: If you love what you do, you never have to work.

Salon time can be super fun: hanging with your girlfriends, getting ready for prom or a wedding, or just relaxing and receiving a skin treatment. If you enjoy your time at the salon, why not be a part of it?

But you can’t go from cutting your niece’s hair to raking in tips at your own chair in a salon. You need training. And that’s where the cosmetology diploma comes in.

A good cosmetology school will teach you how to cut, color and style hair, provide spa treatments and apply facials, and give manicures and pedicures. Those in the beauty industry can find enjoyment in their work as they help people feel good inside and out, but they need proper schooling first.

You’ll learn things beyond beauty

Sure, going to cosmetology school will help you learn the latest industry trends and how to translate those looks to your customers.

However, you’ll also learn about the business side of the industry: tracking your sales and productivity, how many guests you retain, interpersonal relations, customer service and other behind-the-scenes aspects of the field. These are the kinds of skills you’ll be able to apply to nearly any industry.

Some schools also utilize technology, such as iPads, in the classroom, giving you the chance to use the latest programs and applications as you learn cosmetology.

It’s a growing industry

You don’t want to be stuck with a diploma and find yourself without any job prospects after you graduate.

That’s what makes the field so intriguing. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 13 percent growth rate for barbers, hairdressers and 5 Reasons Why Getting a Cosmetology Diploma is Right for Youcosmetologists through 2022. The demand for special hair services has increased in recent years, a trend that is expected to continue over the next decade, according to the BLS.

There will be future openings as people retire or leave the profession for other gigs, and you can find salons in every area of the country. Many in the profession are also self-employed, which would let you set your own schedule.

There are many other career options

If you’re fascinated by the beauty industry but don’t see yourself working at a chair all day, there are other options you might not even be aware of. With the right education and experience, there are unique paths you can take in your career as a cosmetologist.

Let’s take a quick look at a few:


Industry publications and the companies that make beauty products need people who know about cosmetology and can write in an entertaining and informative way.

Sales rep

If you like meeting new people and are passionate about a particular line, being a sales rep might make sense. You’ll showcase products at trade shows and events, or going to salons and spas and demonstrate their benefits.

Sales consultant

In this role, you works for companies that want their lines sold at salons and spas. With your schooling and expertise, you’ll know what beauticians are looking for and be able to tell people why they should sell a certain product at their location.

Brand ambassador

At conferences and other events, you’ll be interacting directly with potential customers, giving out samples and generating excitement about beauty products.

These are just of the few opportunities you can find outside the traditional salon setting. 

Do you want to own a salon?

If so, you’ll want an education in cosmetology. Many of those with experience in the beauty profession go on to open up their own salons.

If you’ve been working at a salon for a few years, you may come up with ideas for you own unique location. It can be thrilling and rewarding to be in charge and make the big decisions.

In this case, you should also consider whether getting a degree in business makes sense. There are schools that have specialized management programs related to the salon/spa industry. 

As you can see, no matter what you want to do with your career, there are plenty of reasons to get that cosmetology diploma. Start today!

MSC Students Take Project to the Next Level

Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC) students have a variety of projects and assignments that they complete while at MSC. One of the assignments is called the Muscles and Bones of Head/Face/Neck. A few students have taken this project to the next level and have used a human head instead of the Styrofoam head they receive.

“Jamie was the perfect person to work on the assignment with—he was bald already,” said MSC student Aida Jackson

This project is a great tool for students to understand where the different bones and muscles are on the human head, face and neck.

 Aida said, “Using an actual head helped us really understand where the different muscles and bones are.  We were very excited to see the students and instructors reaction to our finished project!”

The school offers the complete 1550-hour course in cosmetology, which is the art and science of beauty care. It involves the study and care of the skin, hair, scalp and nails. Students receive classes in theory, which gives them a basic scientific knowledge of various subjects such as chemistry, anatomy, physiology, haircutting, hair styling, permanent waving, hair coloring, manicuring, facials, pin curling, roller placement, and salon management.

In addition, practical classes are also given prior to clinic floor training. After successful completion of the course and passing the state board examination, several career options become open to the licensed cosmetologist, such as manager operator, nail technician or cosmetic technician, competition or platform stylist, salon owner, salon manager, or school instructor. This course is designed with the individual in mind, keeping up with the current trends in the field of cosmetology.

Minnesota School of Cosmetology Student Gets Hands-On Experience in Career Field She Loves

Heather Melton always knew she wanted to be a cosmetologist. As a student at Minnesota School of Cosmetology, she enjoys the daily interaction with clients.

“I’ve been interested in the beauty industry since I was a small child,” says Heather. “My passion is to do hair and make people feel wonderful.”

The experience she gets from working with real clients and practicing the skills she learns in the classroom is something Heather appreciates about MSC.

“Minnesota School of Cosmetology is hands-on right away, so instead of just learning from the book, I get to do everything right off the bat,” Heather says.

That hands-on experience is what Heather says has her ready for a career in the field.

“They prepare you for the nitty-gritty and also for all the technical work that you’ll be doing on a day-to-day basis,” she says.

One of the things Heather likes best about the program at MSC is the variety of things she can do with her education.

“They give so many different job opportunities and ideas out there, it’s not just a one track type of school,” she says.

Visit www.msccollege.edu to learn more.

MSC Loves Their Employer Partners!

We have amazing employer partners at the Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC). Throughout the year, cosmetology industry leaders visit our schools to perform demonstrations, participate in our career fairs, master panel discussions and advisory board meetings.

Every six weeks, our advanced students are lucky enough to have employers mentor them in a hands-on environment by offering tips and tricks on haircutting. The student is responsible for bringing in a model and the employers offer their advice on proper techniques and client consultations. The students also receive knowledge about the specific employer, characteristics the employer is looking for in an employee and network to land a job once they graduate from cosmetology school.

Are you a cosmetology employer who would like to share your talents with our students? August 13 from 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. is our next “Clipper Cutting Employer Extravaganza” at the MSC-Woodbury location. Contact Mindy, our career services director if you would like to join us!

Our most recent career fair included the following employers:

Spalon Montage

Fantastic Sam’s

Moxie Salon

Establish Salon


Sport Clips

Salon Lili

Great Clips

Stonewood Spa

Euphoria Salon

European Wax Center

We are very grateful for the number of salons and industry professionals that support our students and our graduates!

A Day in the Life: 5 Cosmetology Gigs You Never Would Have Expected

Within a traditional salon/spa setting, there are plenty of jobs available, from hair and makeup to nails and skin care.

But with the right education and experience, there are unique paths you can take in your career as a cosmetologist. You’ll still work in a fun industry—you’ll just use your knowledge of beautification in different ways.

Here are five careers in the cosmetology field you may not have even known existed.


You know how to make people look and feel great. Can you tell others how it works?

Industry publications and beauty-product manufacturers themselves need people who know about cosmetology and can write in an entertaining and informative way. Your time in school or on the job may have given you the insider knowledge these employers are looking for.

L’Oreal Paris, for example, has sections of its website dedicated to various aspects of beauty, while Allure has its own beauty writer. Who better to write these types of things than someone with an education and background in cosmetology?

If you don’t know where to start, try firing up your own beauty blog. It will help you:

  •        Build a knowledge of the industry
  •        Learn about the latest trends
  •        Practice your writing
  •        Develop a portfolio
  •        Make connections
  •        Advance your technical and social media skills

Writing about cosmetology also gives you access to the coolest products and trends.

Also, making your own YouTube videos can be super popular and turn lucrative.

Sales rep for beauty supply company

If you like meeting new people and are passionate about a particular line, maybe being a sales representative for a beauty supply company is a good career for you.

The work can take many forms, including showcasing the products at trade shows and promotional events or going to salons and spas and demonstrating the benefits of the products and how they’re used.

Many employers want candidates who have previously worked as a cosmetologist or in some position in the beauty industry, according to Education Portal. Moving forward with your education could also put you in a great position to get hired.

There are similar jobs you get at department stores, working in the beauty department and showing off features of a particular line to customers.

Bonus: You’ll probably get a ton of discounts!

Salon sales consultant

A salon sales consultant works for companies who want their lines sold at salons and spas.

With your schooling and expertise in cosmetology, you’ll know what those in the industry are looking for in a product and be able to tell people why they should display it at their location.

If you have a passion for the beauty industry and love learning about hot new merchandise, being a salon sales consultant could be right up your alley. In this job, you’ll get to travel in your territory, meet new people and talk about consumers’ favorite products.

You can also focus on a particular aspect of the world of beauty—hair, nails, skin, etc.—and find the best fit for your interests.

Brand ambassador

Brand ambassadors work to promote a product at salons and spas, as well as trade conferences and events.

In this role, you’ll be interacting directly with potential customers, giving out samples and generating excitement about beauty products. It’s your job to be professional yet fun and engaging, and represent the brand and educate people about why they should use it.

This is where your cosmetology background is a major plus. You’ll need to know how a potential customer would use the line—taking into account their hair type, skin tone and other factors—and be able to pitch the line with those things in mind.

If you’re outgoing and thoughtful and good at talking to people, being a brand ambassador might be a great fit.

Cosmetology instructor

This is where it all comes full circle.

If you simply love learning about the beauty industry—how to cut, style and color hair, give manis and pedis, conduct spa treatments and do facials—maybe you would also enjoy teaching others!

You will likely need to continue your education to get one of these positions, but it can be extremely rewarding to see people develop their talents and take what they’ve learned and apply it outside the classroom.

Remember your time in beauty school and how fun it was? You can shape the next generation of cosmetologists and help them achieve their dreams.


5 Trendy Industries That Hire Cosmetologists

If you’re thinking about getting formal training for the beauty industry, you might assume that working in a salon/spa is your only career option after Trendy Industries That Hire Cosmetologists, Beauty Schoolgraduation.

Yet there are numerous places where you can utilize your creativity and passion for cosmetology—and still be part of the latest trends that help people feel and look good.

Sure, salons can be pretty darn trendy, but they aren’t the only place where you can keep up with, and help develop, the latest and greatest in the profession. Check out these five hip spots where you can take your skills and apply them to a rewarding career.

Entertainment Industry

You can bet Lady Gaga doesn’t look like that before she goes on stage. The woman playing Cinderella at Disneyland? She didn’t look like a princess before she came to work.

The entertainment industry is one place where you can find work as a cosmetologist. Celebrities, musicians and even cheerleaders and dance teams at professional sports arenas need someone to do their hair, nails and makeup.

You should know that cosmetology jobs in this area are highly sought after, and more lucrative, so you’ll need experience and connections—and be prepared to utilize your personal and professional networks.

Getting a job in the entertainment industry can be super fun and put you on the “inside” of the coolest trends in cosmetology.

TV, Movies, Theater

Before the cameras roll or the curtain goes up, someone has to make sure the talent looks good. Cosmetologists can often find work in television, films and the stage.

Of course, the work differs depending on where you’re working. Makeup for a TV anchor will need to be more understated. The hair for actors performing in a movie set in Victorian England will be completely different from what you’d do at your chair in a salon.

Your talents will have to be versatile and you may need to communicate with production designers to give the performer the right look. For films and plays, you will be able to use your education and experience to help define the characters and what they represent.

With a cosmetology career in TV, movies or the theater, you’ll be able to put your creativity into practice and be on the forefront of cultural trends.

Fashion Industry

Hair, makeup, skin, nails… They all need to be just so before a photo shoot takes place.

While the clothes are the real star of the fashion industry, cosmetologists are needed to ensure the models not only look good, but also reflect the tone of Trendy Industries That Hire Cosmetologiststhe clothing and the designer’s theme.

Remember, too, that people who are interested in fashion are also looking for new trends in hair and makeup. You’ll need creativity, the ability to take risks and an eye for new styles to excel as a cosmetologist in fashion.

Beauty Product Manufacturers

If you have a passion for a particular line, working as a representative for a beauty product manufacturer could be the right job for you.

These companies want people who know the ins and outs of the field and are enthusiastic about the beauty industry. This is a job that may require you to travel and teach fellow cosmetologists about new products and how to best use them.

Being part of a company that creates new items puts you on the front line of the latest trends—and you’ll be able to see how the products are received by those in the industry.

Hotels, Resorts, Cruise Ships

High-end resorts and hotels often have their own salon/spas, as do many cruise ships. How cool would it be to work in an exotic locale or aboard a giant boat making its way around the Caribbean!

At these places, you won’t have to worry as much about building up your client base, but you will have to be a good communicator. It’s unlikely someone will sit down and ask for “the usual.” You’ll need to be able to listen and correctly interpret what your client is asking for.

Depending on where you work, you could also have the chance to meet people from across the world, or those who are traveling and simply want to spruce up their look. That exposure may give you insights about trends developing in different parts of the nation or globe.

Careers in Cosmetology

Whether you want to cut, color and style hair, do manicures and pedicures, provide spa treatments or perform skin-care techniques, there are plenty of options available to you.

As you mull potential jobs in the field, think about your interests, education and where you want your career to go. Cosmetology offers a wide range of possibilities.

How to Find a Cosmetology School That is the Right Fit

If you’re ready to jump headfirst into the exciting world of cosmetology, you’re probably wondering where to go for your education. Cosmetology school, finding a school, picking a school for cosmetology, beauty school

You probably want a fun and hip school that also gives you the knowledge and skills you need to start your career as a cosmetologist.

There are several factors you should consider when choosing a school. Here, we’ll run down a few of the things to think about as you weigh your options.


As you research cosmetology schools, be sure to consider the institution’s reputation. You don’t want to land in some fly-by-night diploma mill.

Take a look at the school’s history; ask about job placement after graduation; look into the faculty to see their credentials; ask your admissions rep about accreditation. If you find that the school you’re researching doesn’t measure up in one or more of these categories, you may want to consider looking elsewhere.

You could also ask your favorite stylist if she knows about the school and has some insight about how it’s viewed.

Reputation can be a big factor in your post-graduation job prospects, so be sure the cosmetology school you plan to attend has a good standing in the industry.

Students say…

A great way to find out whether a school is right for you is to hear from current students and graduates.

Many cosmetology schools have a section of their website where you can read testimonials, and you can also follow the school via social media to get a sense of how students feel about their schooling.   

If you can, try to track down a current student. Tell her you’re considering the school and find out what she thinks. It could be a great way to get the info you need to make the right decision.

Take a tour of the campus and observe the students—it will give you a sense of how much they enjoy what they’re learning and whether they’re enthusiastic about class.

How a student views his or her school can help you decide whether it’s a good fit for you.


In a perfect world, you’d find a cosmetology school near your home or workplace.

Location is a big part of the decision-making process, and getting your education close to where you live and work can make things much more convenient.beauty school, cosmetology school, finding the right cosmetology school

You need to be in class (and on time), so you should find out what the commute would be like and see if there is easy access to public transportation. How about the parking situation? Could you bike to school some days? Does the school have multiple locations that would make it easier for you to get to all your classes?

While location shouldn’t be your only consideration, it should be evaluated when you choose which school to attend.


You’re going to look at how much a school costs, but a big part of this equation is looking at how much help you can get.

Check out the financial aid opportunities at a particular school. Some offer low-interest loans, grants and scholarships that can really ease your financial burden.

You will have to apply for scholarships, and the school’s officials should be helpful and walk you through the process. You might qualify for more financial aid than you initially imagined.

Mull over all your options, your own finances and what the school can provide. Cosmetology school could be more affordable than you think.


Being able to take classes around your schedule can help you stay organized, motivated and on track to graduate. If you find yourself scrambling all the time because of a school’s rigid schedule, you’ll have a harder time being successful.

You want to have options available to you: day or evening classes, full or part time. A good school will work with you to find a schedule that makes sense for your lifestyle.

Flexibility can also refer to the types of programs the school offers. Be sure to choose a school that fits with your existing skills and career ambitions.

Job placement

There’s a reason you’re going to cosmetology school: to land a cool job in a field that you love.

You should ask a school’s representative about its job-placement rate for graduates and how they help students after graduation. If you see that there won’t be any support services for alumni, you might want to consider going somewhere else.

Will the school help you locate job openings? Assist you with writing your resume and cover letter? Can they help you polish your interview skills? A good cosmetology school will help you find a career in the beauty industry.

Continuing education

Do you see yourself running your own salon? Maybe working at the corporate level at a major beauty-supply company?beauty school, cosmetology school, reputation, location, cost, fun

If so, you should find out whether the cosmetology school you’re considering has further education options. Your cosmetology background, combined with a business degree, can give you the skills you need to get a job in management, marketing, as an entrepreneur or another position in the industry.

If you have big plans for your career, you might want to find a school that allows you to continue your education.

Go with your gut

Trust your instincts.

After you’ve done your research, visited the campus and weighed your options, you may find that you’re leaning toward one school over another. It could be the small class sizes, hands-on learning, salon environment or vibe with the instructors that tips the balance.

Getting a diploma from a cosmetology school can open the doors to an exciting, fun and rewarding career. Go for it! 

Volunteer Turned Cosmetologist Learns New Ways to Lend a Helping Hand

With a background in non-profit volunteer work, Nicole Bennett never thought she would end up in cosmetology. Now, she’s a student at Minnesota School of Cosmetology and is excited to begin this new career path.

“Walking into school I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I have learned that this is a never-ending learning experience,” she says. “I feel ready for my career, and now with the basis I can continue to learn from here.”

There are many things Nicole finds exciting about cosmetology and being a student at MSC, including the fun activities in addition to serving clients.

“There are plenty of avenues to explore with art in hair and explore your individualism, like doing holiday up-dos and Halloween mannequin heads,” she says. “I really enjoy the hands-on work, as well as working with people.”

Nicole says she chose MSC because the atmosphere was open, friendly and upbeat. She also likes that MSC gives her an outlet to express herself.

“Being able to cut, color and style with a vision in my head – and only mine – is one of the most free, artistic feelings,” explains Nicole. “On a daily basis I love to do cut and color and play around with options and techniques. There are many opportunities to be creative.”

One of those opportunities for Nicole was the chance to enter the Wella Trend Vision competition, where she got to see her ideas come to life on a model. Nicole also appreciates the guidance she receives from her instructors at MSC.

“I love my instructors. They move at your pace and know each individual student very well and how to work with them,” she says. “If you want it, they will help you get there.”

Visit www.msccollege.edu to learn more.

Cosmetologists are Natural Born Givers

Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC) is continuously finding ways, time and energy to give back to our community and to those in need. Year to date, MSC’s students, staff and faculty have donated 426 hours of community engagement by actively participating in many outreach programs and events, striving to make a difference in peoples lives.

Students who performed hair and makeup for the Children’s Hospital fashion show fundraiser

Cosmetologists have numerous ways they can make a person’s gloomy day turn into a pursuit of happiness. A simple human touch can mean a world of difference, especially to someone who may be homeless, elderly without family members to care and show love for them, or making a child who is struggling with cancer feel beautiful. Many of the lives we touch are people who long for the emotions that derive from a simple human touch that many of us take for granted everyday.

Some of the ways our students and employees have been able to give back include: making women feel beautiful about themselves, at the Harriet Tubman Center in Minneapolis, by giving women who are struggling to find peace, a haircut and a new hairstyle.

Another memorable favorite is providing confidence with a new haircut and style for children who are a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters. We have also had numerous visits to the Listening House Shelter for the homeless, in St.Paul, giving haircuts and hairstyles and even beard trims to many people who have never experienced what it’s like to have an industry professional cut their hair. We also enjoy making frequent smiles, to the Oak Meadows Senior Living Center tenants, providing manicures for the elderly.

The most memorable of them all would be a tie between the time we got to spend with the children at the Shriner’s Hospital, where our team of students and instructors had the opportunity to provide haircuts, hairstyles, makeup and manicures for children with cancer and other life-threatening medical conditions so they can attend their prom, and the time we spent doing hair and makeup for the models at the at Children’s Hospital fashion show.

Our most recent campaign, kicked off this week, is to grant one wish for a Make-A-Wish child. Make-A-Wish is a nonprofit organization founded in the United States that arranges experiences to children with life-threatening medical conditions. The cost to grant one child their wish is $6,500.  When asking our students if they’d like to be a part of raising donations for the Make-A-Wish foundation by walking in their 5K on August 9 in Bloomington, the response I received was astronomical. Cosmetologists have a true vision to give, give, give!

They were instantly engaged, they formed a committee, and together we decided our goal was to raise the $6,500 it takes to grant one wish for one child. I have seen students creatively finding as many ways as they can to find ways to reach our goal; I have even seen many of them donating their tips from the clients they serve while attending school. We are determined to reach our goal and to continue to make a difference.

I commend all of our amazingly talented and giving students and instructors for the love they have in their hearts to strive to help make our world a better place.

Written by Jill Hocking, campus director at MSC-Woodbury

Positive Energy at Minnesota School of Cosmetology Helps Student Succeed

Hannah Lewison enjoys when she’s made a client happy. She loves knowing they’re satisfied after they walk out of the salon with a smile on their face, and she says her educational experience at Minnesota School of Cosmetology gives her the chance to do that every day.

“I’m very passionate about making people feel good about themselves,” she says.

Hannah chose the Minnesota School of Cosmetology because she wanted the opportunity to work with as many clients as possible, and the salon atmosphere with the big clinic floor allowed her to do that. She also appreciates the positive energy that comes from her classmates and instructors.

“The instructors know I want to specialize in cutting and coloring, and they’re very good at helping me excel and get ahead because they know that’s what I want to do more of,” says Hannah. “It’s a great program where people love being here.”

Hannah says the hands-on experience she gets at Minnesota School of Cosmetology is one of the reasons why the school is the right fit for her.

“Right when I walked in, I knew that it was where I needed to be,” says Hannah.

Visit www.msccollege.edu to learn more.