Cosmetology Students Get Prom-Goers’ Hair Ready!

It’s that time of year again, when Minnesota School of Cosmetology-Woodbury students are booked to do beautiful updos and styles for local high school proms. Typically, girls will come in with pictures of a style or updo they have in mind, and usually a picture of the dress they will be wearing. With our new iPad technology incorporated into all of our salon services, our students are also able to find pictures and apps to inspire, also get their creative minds going to create the perfect hair style or updo to tie their look together for their special night.

What kinds of styles are the latest and greatest trends this season?

Messy Updo for Prom

One of the hottest hairstyle trends of 2014 is messy hair. Get the look for prom with a gorgeous messy updo! Ringlets are piled high and tumble down around the face and over the shoulders for a formal look that’s a little wild.

Side Bun for Prom

Another prom hairstyle based on a 2014 hairstyle trend is the side bun. Also known as a chignon, this is a popular look on the red carpet. Worn a little bit messy, this is a sophisticated yet simple look.

Side Ponytail for Prom

Prom doesn’t have be super formal…have fun with a side ponytail! Wear hair curled to add volume and romance. You can also style side swept bangs and add a prom hair accessory.

Half Up Half-Down Prom Hairstyles

Get the best of both worlds with half up half down hairstyles for prom! The gorgeous look combines volume at the crown, voluptuous curls, and just a hint of bangs.

Braids for Prom

It’s all about braids this year so why not for prom? Besides looking great, you can add braids into any hairstyle—updos, half up hair, and even hair worn down. “Headband” braids are a fun different way to accessorize your finished updo.

Updos for Prom

Classic updos for prom are always on trend! There are so many gorgeous looks to choose from and many even work for medium length hair. Just find a picture you like and show it to your stylist.

Long Hair Down for Prom

Show off gorgeous hair and the hottest hair color by wearing hair down for prom! Gorgeous curls highlight ombre hair and add lots of volume too.

Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

If you’ve seen the red carpet this year, you know that short hair is hot hot hot! Play it up with finger waves, blow drying it extra smooth, or adding a prom hair accessory. Don’t forget the ultra-glamorous red lips!

Prom Hair Accessories

For prom 2014, slim ballerina headbands and sparkly clips are all the rage. Or add a flower or feathers for a stunning final touch for hair of any length, including short and medium hair.

Faux Bob

Mix things up by going short for prom. Don’t make the chop but get a faux bob! This look highlights your face so wear it with smoky eyes, flawless skin, and soft subtle lips.

Still have no idea how you want your hair for the big dance? Let one of our amazing students consult with you on their iPad to help. Our resources to inspire are limitless!

Written by Irene Grossklaus, Educator, Minnesota School of Cosmetology-Woodbury


Minnesota School of Cosmetology Announces Top Beauty Trends for Spring 2014


Contact: Naomi McDonald
Phone: (651) 332-8269
Mobile: (651) 785-4171

Natural waves, braids, flowers, bold lips and animal print nail art top the list


MINNEAPOLIS (April 16, 2014) – Students at Minnesota School of Cosmetology are studying the art of hair, makeup and nails, learning how to create the hottest looks for their clients. As upcoming professionals in their industry, the students are also in tune with the latest beauty trends. This spring, the students and instructors say it’s all about the soft, natural look with touches of bright colors.

“Flowers in the hair are a must, along with beach waves and braids,” says Donna Dungy, instructor at Minnesota School of Cosmetology.

Beach waves can be achieved by using a curling or flat iron, and then combing your fingers through your hair to loosen the curls. If you’re pressed for time, curl your hair into tight curls or put it up in bun before you go to bed. When you wake up, you will have effortless, natural-looking waves. Smooth, sleek hair will also be in this spring, and anti-frizz products and flat irons can help get this look.

As for makeup, the goal is a natural glow. This means having fuller eyebrows, moisturized skin and wearing less makeup. Color comes into play with creative lipstick application.

“Bold shades like orange, peach, pink or coral are the hot colors for spring. Ombre hair has evolved into a makeup trend on the lips. It’s where you use two lip colors in the same tonal family,” says Nicolette Klenk, instructor at Minnesota School of Cosmetology.

You can achieve the ombre look by using two similar shades of lipstick. Apply the darker lipstick color to the middle of your lower lip and smudge with your top lip. Use the darker lip color to define the outer lines of your lips, and apply the lighter color to the center of your lips and blot together once.

Spring nail trends also include the ombre style, along with sheer colors. For a bolder look, the focus is on unique design and detail.

“Free style nail art is big,” says student Phylicia Cain. “Designs including lines, cheetah print, glitter, bows and diamonds will be trendy this spring.”

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 The Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC) provides hands-on training for careers in beauty and fashion. Working under the direct supervision of licensed instructors, students apply their skill and talent—providing high-quality, affordable services to the public. MSC has two locations: Woodbury (651-287-2180) or Plymouth (763-404-4800). MSC is part of the Globe network, a premier, family-managed system of career colleges, universities and training centers based in Woodbury, Minn. These specialty skills colleges prepare work-ready professionals for successful careers in a wide range of high-demand fields. Through its mission, We Care, the organization integrates hands-on and career-focused education with service- and applied-learning experiences that expose students to their communities and real-world situations. For more information about Minnesota School of Cosmetology go to

Minnesota School of Cosmetology Offers Fabulous Day of Beauty for Women in the Community

Each participant received a virtual makeover using an iPad app.
Each participant received a virtual makeover using an iPad app.

Six women arrived at the Minnesota School of Cosmetology-Plymouth campus salon on the afternoon of Saturday, April 12, eager to learn some beauty tips, tricks and techniques from the students. They are participating in a hands-on class as part of the Wayzata community education program, where they have the opportunity to see what it is like in the life of a cosmetology professional. This is the third class the school has done of this kind, offering beauty advice to members of the community.

“We’ve paired each participant with some of our top students to help with skincare, hair and makeup,” explains MSC instructor Nikki Klenk on what is to come during the exciting day ahead. “We’re here to pamper them today.”

The first part of the class was spent giving each of the women a virtual makeover. Photos were taken of each participant with the iPad and then uploaded to an app with makeover software. The Mary Kay app they used allowed for the women to visualize what different hair styles, colors, cuts and makeup looks would look like on them before trying it out for real. The students consulted one-on-one with their partners about which styles looked best, and once they decided their favorite looks, it was time to try them out.

“It’s really fun to be able to see different hairstyles all at one time and compare colors and lengths,” says participant Mary on her experience with the virtual makeover. “That was my favorite part.”

They started by learning some skincare techniques. The students removed all the participants’ makeup and explained the importance of a moisturized face. They used lotion with beneficial ingredients including seaweed and applied hot towels to the skin.

Next, half the women started with makeup while the other started with hair. With a clean face and freshly washed hair, the students started from scratch with their respective participants. As they showed the women how to achieve the looks shown in their virtual makeovers, they offered little tidbits of advice along the way. The participants were also able to ask questions about how to achieve certain styles and which products and tools to use. The students demonstrated how to blow dry for volume, create waves and control frizz, as well as apply makeup to go from day to night looks.

“I had a lot of fun! I learned lots of tips and tricks, and I like learning new ideas for my hair and makeup,” says participant Lisa. “I’d do it again.”

Each participant not only walked away with some new ideas and techniques to try at home, but they also received a gift bag that included salon products and a printed photo of their virtual makeover results.

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Food Isn’t Just for Eating Anymore!

Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC) students enjoyed an afternoon of creating at home facial masks. Students were able to try the masks and engage with one another to see the different results from each mask.

MSC students (right to left): Megan J, Amethyst D, Jalyn H, Tiffani R, and Rochelle P. Second row: Casey H
“It was fun for the students to see another side of skincare,” said MSC instructor Sheila Biondo

MSC student Daijha Wells said, “Trying the facial masks were a lot of fun. It was cool to see how the different foods had a lot of different benefits for the skin.”

Our students are very willing and open minded to trying new things. This is what makes it fun to experiment and incorporate new ways of teaching into the classroom. We like to be very hands on with our teaching style. We have found that many of our students learn and understand better this way.

“Making the masks and trying the different ones out was fun! I liked that it is something you can make with the ingredients that you have at home,” said MSC student Megan Jackson.

“Although the homemade masks can be beneficial and fun, it can’t replace a solid facial care foundation for long-term results,” said MSC instructor Sheila Biondo

Below are the recipes the students used to make these at-home facial masks.

Dry Skin Mask I

½ of a ripe avocado

¼ cup honey

Mash avocado add honey, apply to face and let set for 15 minutes. Rinse, and apply moisturizer.

Dry Skin Mask II

2 egg whites

2 tablespoons plain Greek yogurt

Mix egg whites and Greek yogurt together and apply to face. Let set for 15 minutes. Rinse, and apply moisturizer

Oily/Acne-Prone Facial Mask

1 teaspoon lemon juice

2 egg whites

3 teaspoons honey

1 cup strawberries

Mash strawberries with fork add lemon juice, egg whites and honey. Apply to face. Let it set 10 minutes. Rinse, and apply moisturizer (this one may be a little runny if strawberries are chopped in a food processor).

Minnesota School of Cosmetology would love to hear about your favorite at home facial!

Where Are They Now? 7 Questions for MSC Graduate Allie Oliver

Minnesota School of Cosmetology’s (MSC) primary mission is to produce employable graduates into the cosmetology industry. Since we are a career college, our number one goal is for all graduates to be successful in their field!

MSC-Plymouth alumni Allie Oliver

We were happy to interview our MSC-Plymouth alumni Allie Oliver who graduated in 2012. Allie works at Lavish Salon in Champlin, Minn. We love hearing graduate success stories!

What was your career path before graduating from Minnesota School of Cosmetology?

I went to a really small private school, and so many of the girls I knew, so many of my friends, went to cosmetology school.

I didn’t want to follow in their footsteps, so I chose to go to a university in South Dakota. To be honest, I was so unsure of what I wanted to do, but knew that a four year school was the route I would take. I figured I’d do something very broad, like business or communications so I’d have more options when I’d graduate.

I would get so bored in classes and think to myself, “How on earth does this even apply to my major?” I just stopped caring about the classes I was taking and eventually, I left the university. I took a few years to get my ducks in a row, working a few jobs here and there. I was driving down the road and saw a big sign for the new MSC in Plymouth, Minn., and figured it couldn’t hurt to get some information.

Why did you choose to attend MSC?

The admissions team and instructors really sealed the deal for me. When I had first sat down with my admissions representative, the school wasn’t even finished. But to be completely honest, I loved the idea of being a part of the first class at the Plymouth location.

Another big plus to me was the fact that credits transferred into the Minnesota School of Business if I decided to go back for salon management. I felt like that was something that no other school would be able to offer to me.

How did your education enhance or change your current career path?

I feel like my instructors really equipped me for so much more than hair or nails. Not only did they care about my haircutting technique or my ability to mix a great color, but they also really expected a certain level of professionalism out of us as students. Every day my instructors challenged me to be better or do better than I had done the day before. With each challenge, I would realize what kind of hairstylist I wanted to be, what kind of salon I wanted to work in, and the different roads my career could take me on.

What piece of advice would you give to students considering a career in cosmetology?

If you’re even considering a career in cosmetology, sit down with an admissions representative from MSC and talk to the instructors. They are so passionate about what they’re doing. It’s more than just hair, skin, and nails; it’s relationships being built, it’s creativity, it’s exciting! And if you’re going to pursue this field, pursue it with your whole heart. Whatever you put into it is what you’ll get out. So give it everything you’ve got for that 10-12 months and you will totally be rewarded in the end!

What do you enjoy about the cosmetology industry?

I love that I never do the same thing twice. Each client is a new adventure. There are new techniques, colors, trends every single day! I am constantly learning something new, I am never bored! But really, at the end of the day, it’s the best when you know your client loves the way they look. You know they feel great, more confident and that you had a hand in making them feel that way.

How has your education at MSC impacted your professional life?

Because I am constantly working with clients and building a career, the biggest thing MSC taught me was to build a relationship with my clients. I have clients that come in every two weeks and some that come in every eight or nine weeks, and I am so excited to catch up with them.

What is the most valuable information you learned while you were in school?

The most valuable thing that I learned while in school was that my time and my skills are worth something. If I put in the time and effort, the work that I do is definitely worth something! And having that in the back of my mind has pushed me to want to learn new techniques and take my time with a cut or a color.

MSC Represents at America’s Beauty Show: Chicago

Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC) students and instructors had a blast attending America’s Beauty Show in Chicago. Every year in March, cosmetologists from around the world travel to the windy city to participate in continuing their education. At the show, classes and workshops are offered so students and professionals can learn about new hair, makeup and nail trends. There are also on-stage performances by amazing industry leaders and product distributors, not to mention competitions and awesome prizes!

Nicole Bennett, student at MSC-Woodbury, attended the show and volunteered as a hair model. While a crowd watched intently, the hair-artist shaved stars and other funky patterns in Nicole’s hair. She was very pleased with her new trendy look and received many compliments.

Amy Stolber, instructor at MSC-Woodbury, was extremely inspired by the creative up-do styles that she learned at the show. Therefore, she decided to share her newfound knowledge with her students! She taught a specialty theory class focusing on up-do styles and encouraged the students to use their imagination to be original and artistic.

MSC students and instructors are highly encouraged to attend beauty shows to motivate and inspire them during their cosmetology education and assist them to excel in their career.