MSC Students Participate in Wella Trend Vision Competition

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MSC student Toni Wheelhouse Prepping her model for the photo shoot

Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC) participated in the 2014 Trend Vision Competition. Trend Vision is an opportunity for cosmetologists and cosmetology students to showcase their talents. Wella puts two inspirations out each year that students are encouraged to develop their vision from. This year the inspirations were:

1. Borderline Beauty movement that explores a new perspective: what will become the beauty of the future. Venturing beyond the boundaries of age, color and shape, connecting the real and virtual, future and past, it creates an unexpected, almost alien aesthetic.

2. Urban Native movement sees a new breed of experimental people de-cluttering, slowing down, and re-connecting with nature and city-life.

Minnesota School of Cosmetology-Plymouth had eight students enter the competition and two students that participated as models. Wella put together a photo shoot at Minnesota School of Cosmetology-Woodbury. MSC Students had time to style their models’ hair and do their make up before the shoot. The students were given the opportunity to work on their models and submit an order to our salon manager for products they would need to complete their vision prior to the photo shoot. Students had been prepping their model for the photo shoot weeks in advance.

MSC student Tiffani Rhodes said, “We had to lighten our model’s hair and that took a few days. I practiced the style I wanted for the photo shoot. It only took 20 minutes to do the style on the day of the photo shoot.”

cosmetology school
MSC student Jalyn Haug Last minute touches before the photo shoot

Minnesota School of Cosmetology hopes that students are inspired to use their creativity and think outside the box. We believe this is a wonderful opportunity for our students to grow as cosmetologist and receive feedback from other professionals within the industry.

Trend Vision is a wonderful way for our students to see the variety of things you can do with a cosmetology degree. It allows students to strive for a goal and watch as they meet it.

“Trend Vision was an amazing experience and gave me experience working with a camera crew. I learned about angles and dimension. It was validating of my creativity. Urban Native and Borderline Beauty inspired me and has given me many new ideas on this trend,” said MSC student Caroline Holmes.

Last year, Minnesota School of Cosmetology student Roselyn Bannerman placed first in the Student Division which secured her a place in the North American Trend Vision Competition. This year’s students are hoping to secure themselves a place at the competition. MSC student Katy Peters said, “Trend Vision was a good experience and a lot of fun. I would definitely like to do it again!”

Using iPad in the Cosmetology Classroom: An Instructor’s Point of View

As an educator at Minnesota School of Cosmetology-Woodbury, I am super excited that the iPad® has been brought into the campus. Our students are incredibly creative and thrive on the opportunity to offer our guests the ability to change their entire look and self image. We are utilizing the iPad on the clinic floor everyday to help guests better understand our “foreign” terms: remove bulk, texturize, piece. We can now show the guest exactly what we are talking about (smokey eye vs. racoon eye, for example). This also eliminates the guest’s wonder of “do we really understand?” and “am I getting what I asked for?”

Originally, I wondered if the classroom would use the iPad aside from reading the textbook and looking up cuts and colors. Would the temptation of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube prove to be more interesting than the classic demonstration? The answer? No!

The iPad has been the most useful tool ever. It does take some getting use to, however, most apps are user friendly and free. I can review with the students at their pace. I can record and allow them to test privately without interruption. We use color-coded highlighting to indicate review or exam. I now do interactive whiteboard presentations and the students can collaborate with me. They receive information that comes from trusted and reputable manufacturers about products and services. Rather than watching slide after slide of information to take notes, this information comes in small, digestible increments of text, photo, video or interactive media. My classroom is fun and creative and the students are just as excited about the technology as me. Everyday we inspire the next great idea.

Students are able to put together online portfolios of their work which they can present during a job interview. They can even make a video resume! Most employers are looking for an employee that is not afraid of technology and has the ability to use it…taking their business into the future.

Written by Amy Stolber, MSC-Woodbury Instructor and iPad enthusiast