MSC Cosmetology Students Enter the High Fashion World

Recently, the Minnesota School of Cosmetology students experienced firsthand the world of high fashion. A total of 17 students and two instructors participated in the University of Minnesota’s College of Design Align fashion show.

MSC pic again

The day’s preparation started at 11:00 a.m. where the students first met with the models and the designers to go over the “creative vision” for the hair and makeup. Next, the students were given a tight deadline to complete the look and get the models camera ready for the photo shoot. The cosmetology students loved working with the designers to see their vision come to reality and complete the high fashion look.

Here are just some of the students’ recaps of the morning:

“I just felt inspired, my model was great, and she wanted BIG hair. I loved it.” —Sommer Lund

“The fashion show was a great experience. There was a time limit which challenged me to see how efficient I could work, I loved it! Thanks for the opportunity!” —Tianna Speidel

“It was fantastic to make the designers feel great about their work. It was great to see how the two creative fields are similar and different.” —Alyssa Krause

“It was amazing, I would definitely want to do this again!” —Tiffani Rhodes

When models finished with the photo shoots, students helped with touch ups and the work was complete. After a hard day of behind-the-scenes the students got to relax and enjoy the show!

A special thank you goes out these students and instructors who helped make the magic happen behind the scenes:

Chris Prieve

Nikki Klenk

Pordea Carpenter

Keely Frisvold

Jalyn Haug

Alyssa Krause

Katie Peters

Tiffani Rhodes

Rochelle Persaud

Ingris Trejo

Kelsey Weisberg

Peace Telar

Cosmetology Students Team with Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters visited Minnesota School Cosmetology (MSC) in Woodbury, Minn., to be educated about cosmetology and how healthy appearance affects self-esteem. The MSC Student Council taught a class to the “bigs” (adult mentors) and the “littles” (young girls) about hair care, skin care, and nail care.

Minnesota School of Cosmetology student council members

Afterwards, the eight young girls paired with our student stylists to receive a complimentary haircut, style, makeup or manicure. Many of the girls had never been pampered at a salon before, and they felt very beautiful and special.

After the event, MSC student, Melissa Martin, exclaimed, “That was awesome! I got a chance to talk the ‘bigs’ and ‘littles’ one-on-one, and they were happy to come. It was fun to share things with them. Thank you for the opportunity!”

Sarah Gatlin, Match Support Coordinator for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities, thought the event went very well.

“The girls had a great time and they all walked out with big smiles,” Sarah said. “The students were so great. We would love to do it again!”

In the future, MSC-Woodbury plans to partner with Big Brothers Big Sisters to provide similar educational events.

Salon Reality: Cosmetology Students “Get Paid” to Learn

Students at the Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC) will be making “money” hand over fist in the month of February! Participating in an educational experience called Salon Reality, MSC students will be treating school like a real salon. School Manager, Angie Durkee, created Salon Reality to prepare our students for employment after graduation and to show them the value of the work that they do. The goal of Salon Reality is to show students that their hard work and dedication can really pay off.

MSC students, Jenn Hawes (left) and Devon Chadwick (right). For the first week of Salon Reality, Jenn is the manager and Devon is the assistant manager of Team Phre$h and Fierce

Broken up into five mock salons, students will compete with one another to see which business will have the highest retail sales for the month. Using the business and retail knowledge they have learned in the classroom and the hands on practice they have gained on the clinic floor, MSC Salon Reality participants will get the chance to see if they can keep a salon afloat in the face of competition.

Each week the five salons will appoint a manager and assistant manager to oversee their teams. The managers’ responsibilities will be to keep track of the stylist’s retail sales, attendance, and daily sanitation duties. Ideally each student participating will get a chance to gain some management experience during the month.

Students will also earn commission based “paychecks” for their retail sales. They can then use their Salon Reality money to purchase rewards such as professional dress or the chance to pick the radio station on the salon floor for the day. In an actual salon, stylists are typically expected to have 10-20% of their sales come from retail items such as shampoo, conditioner and styling products.

Another important aspect of salon life is good attendance. To encourage students to have good attendance once in the job force, an attendance incentive will be incorporated into Salon Reality. The team(s) with perfect attendance each week will get to split the in-house retail sales to increase their mock “paychecks.”  Students will see a direct correlation between the paychecks they receive and their sales and attendance.

At the end of the month, MSC staff hopes that the students will see that those who are motivated to show up and work hard will be successful!

Written by Katie Savior, MSC financial aid manager

Minnesota School of Cosmetology Students Create Looks for Timberwolves Dancers Fifth Annual Fashion Show

In a narrow, crowded hallway in the basement of Seven Ultralounge in downtown Minneapolis, 14 Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC) students, two instructors, 13 Minnesota Timberwolves dancers and a few others improvise to create a mobile salon.

They are prepping for the Fifth Annual Timberwolves Dancers Fashion Show, for which MSC students were selected to do the hair and makeup for the dancers, who serve as the models. The show, produced by JD Style Group, helps sponsor local nonprofit youth groups to attend a charity event held in the spring.

“Minnesota School of Cosmetology has worked with JD Style Group in the past, and they asked us to participate in this event,” explains Josh Luhmann, school manager for MSC. “We’ve chosen certain students who we thought would be great for this opportunity and who excel in different dynamics of hair and makeup.”

The students had just two hours to create hair and makeup looks for 13 Timberwolves Dancers.

The students were asked to create one look to go with four different outfits the dancers would be modeling in the show. The looks included casual chic, swimwear, Valentine’s Day glam and the official Timberwolves dancers’ uniform.

“I’m really excited and a little nervous,” says MSC student Emily. “We’re stepping out of the ordinary salon atmosphere, so that’s fun.”

Just as the styling process was getting underway, the group was informed that they would be moving upstairs to continue the transformation. With just two hours to get all 13 dancers’ hair and makeup done, the MSC team was already on a time crunch. They quickly packed up their hairspray, curling irons and dozens of makeup supplies and headed up the elevator, only leaving behind a few stray bobby pins. Overall, the transition was pretty smooth, and MSC instructor Molly Brouhard thought the students did well.

“I thought they handled it very gracefully,” she says. “They rolled with the punches, which is important in this industry. They got a life lesson in what it’s like in the real world of beauty.”

Once everyone was settled in again, the group began to have fun as the students demonstrated their professional skills and creativity. The dancers were pleased with the final results and enjoyed the experience.

“I like how my makeup is more natural to go with all my looks,” says Timberwolves dancer Camille. “We usually do our own hair and makeup for the games, so it’s nice to just be able to sit in a chair and have someone else do it for a change.”

Even with all the last minute changes and chaos, the students were able to complete full hair and makeup for all 13 girls in less than two hours. The dancers looked great, and they were ready to walk the runway, modeling the looks JD Style Group put together.

“At first, it was overwhelming, but once we jumped in, it was easy,” says MSC student Madeline. “I was proud of us!”

A few of the Timberwolves Dancers with their final looks.

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