4 Tips for a Back-to-School Beauty Boost

It’s that time of the year again! You’ve probably received your class schedule and locker assignment, and power shopped for your supplies and the hottest clothes to look your best. But are you ready to put your best face forward? Here are some simple tips to get your skin in check:

  • Keep it alcohol and perfume free! Many skin care products and makeup contain alcohol and perfumes that can cause your skin to freak out. Use gentle cleansers and non-comedogenic mineral makeup to prevent your skin from looking like the class clown.
  • Pop goes the pimple! We’ve all heard, “don’t pop your pimple.” But the reality is who wants to walk around with a nasty zit screaming at everyone all day? Instead, after cleansing your skin, apply a drop or two of tea tree oil directly to the breakout. Yes, it is stinky stuff, but the smell goes away rather quickly.
  • Got bags? And no, not the cute Louis Vuitton! If those all-night cram study sessions leave you with bags under your eyes try boiling caffeinated green tea bags and then freezing two tea bags in a Ziploc bag. Then in the morning take out the bag and allow the tea bags to thaw and soften for about 15 minutes before use. Then put them on your eyes for 10-15 minutes to reduce puffiness and redness or darkness.
  • Summer is over but the need for sunscreen is not! You may not be outside all day anymore, but one year of sun exposure of just driving back and forth to school is the same as one week of being on a tropical island! Before applying makeup don’t skip sunscreen with SPF 30.

Also, practic “locker logic”: In a pencil case, stash some deodorant, breath strips, oil absorbing papers, a small bottle of tea tree oil, lip gloss, a few hair binders and bobby pins, and a small can of hair spray (can also be used as static guard).

By Michelle Henschell, Instructor at Minnesota School of Cosmetology