New Externship to Interview Program Gives Students a Cut Above

At Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC), we understand that finding the right stylists to join a salon team can be difficult. That’s why MSC has teamed up with Wella Professionals to offer Wella Global Elite salons a chance to interact with excelling MSC candidates, which could lead to new employment opportunities for both the salon and the student.

Taking part in this student externship program gives students:

  • Quality time with professional stylists and broadens their relationship with local salons.
  • The opportunity to increase their technical and professional skills, as well as network with some of the finest salons.
  • Increased outreach opportunities as new stylists who may be interested in joining a Wella Professional salon.

How it works:

  • Minnesota School of Cosmetology will enroll the top 10% of their students into this program.
  • MSC will match students with salons based on their qualifications the salon provides.
  • Students will contact the salons directly after they have been matched.
  • The salon agrees and schedules two days in the quarter for the students to shadow in the salon.
  • Any additional dates or opportunities will be at the discretion of the salon.

Minnesota School of Cosmetology Offers

  • 60-year tradition of educational excellence
  • Two convenient locations with reputable staff
  • Significant student and client outreach
  • Educated with Wella Professionals Color

Participating Twin Cities Area Salons

La Grande Salon, Ficocello’s Salon, Tease Salon, Lili Salon, Salon Ave


Mixing Cosmetology with Cabaret at Woodbury High School

Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC) students volunteered to be hair and makeup artists for the Woodbury High School Annual Spring Cabaret. The solo performers in the cabaret had the luxury of having their hair professionally styled and their makeup precisely applied for this extraordinary event.

Daryl Timmer, Director of Choirs at Woodbury High School (WHS), stated, “Thanks again for coordinating the hair and makeup for our Cabaret show.  The kids loved it.  It was fun to watch the makeovers and catch up with [former WHS student and MSC graduate] Jolene Wenneson.”

Jolene Wenneson was the mastermind behind this Minnesota School of Cosmetology service learning project. She explained, “In high school, I was part of the cabaret show for three years and every year was an amazing experience. While attending college at MSC, I felt like it would be an amazing idea to showcase our cosmetology talent with the high school’s amazing performing talent. I got to see the show and I had goosebumps. It was great to see my high school teachers and it was a pleasure to be a part of the cabaret show once again.”

Partnering with local high schools in the community is extremely important to the staff and students who attend Minnesota School of Cosmetology.

Wedding Trends for Today’s Brides: Remember Your Nails!

We all think about that special day.  Every detail has to be nailed down and be so very perfect.  Then it hits you—oh my, I forgot my about my nails!

Try not to wait until the last minute!  First of all, you should always be caring for your nails by getting regular manicures, keeping hydrated with water, taking vitamins, and minimizing overall damage. When it comes to your wedding, you want your hands to shine when you get your pictures done.  They always look so pretty with that new ring on the finger and threaded with your new spouse’s hand. 

Today’s brides are really not much different than traditional brides—they take similar photos (although today’s photographers are getting much more creative!) that show off their hands.  Start thinking about the condition of your nails at least a couple months ahead of the big date.

Now the question becomes, nail art designs, natural, or traditional French? Today’s modern bride has options galore!  It all comes down to personal preference.  Classic looks of natural or French polish application are still typically the most popular for most weddings, but don’t be afraid to add a little bling too!  Some brides these days are really making their nails stand out.  It all comes down to your personality and what you want to stand out. Maybe your nails could reflect “something blue?”

With all the nerves of planning the wedding, make sure you don’t take your stress out on your nails.  Instead, treat yourself to regular manicures.  It helps your nails and relieves your stress.  Trust me; it’s worth the time spent.

By Cori Omundson, Licensed Nail Technician, Minnesota School of Cosmetology

14 Back-to-School Fashion Trends

Just when we finally get some summer-like weather, it’s hard to believe that school is just around the corner again! Irene Grossklaus, an instructor at Minnesota School of Cosmetology-Woodbury, shares the cool trends that are hot this fall to make your wardrobe fun and functional for your first day back.

  • Prints, textures and patterns are here in big way – You’ll be seeing head-to-toe patterned and textured looks. Abstract, ikat, plaids, stripes, dots and more. If you want to try the look, add a plaid or tribal top and add a solid pant. You might also consider a patterned accessory such as a plaid purse, scarf or even a patterned flat.
  • Get the right boot and kick your way into the fall season with style – Yes, boots are not new but the super über thigh-high boot is once again making the scene, so find something that is fun, bold and fresh. But don’t blow your entire budget on boots. The colors that are hot this fall may not be next fall.
  • The heels vary in height and type, so get the style that you can actually walk in when the winter weather hits. From platforms to wedges, chunky to demure, pilgrim to catwalk, explore the possibilities. Color your world with fun shoes. With miles to walk, run and explore, kick off the school year in color trend with high and low top tennis shoes, pumps and flats with outlandish colors, pastels, patterns and the new look of metallic leather.
  • What girl doesn’t love to add to her shoe collection? This year the colors are over the moon. Since the color blocking trend started last year, you can try adding a color to an outfit, giving you a playful way to stand out but not stick out.
  • Your day is busy and you deserve to be comfy so be sure your shoes fit you well. A good tip when buying shoes is to always buy them late in the day when your feet are tired. Also wear them at home a few hours at a time to break them in before you wear them to school.
  • Hats, headbands and caps – The floral trend in dressing is even lending itself to headgear in playful floral headbands. It may have something to do with the royal wedding last year and the introduction of the mini style hats or fascinators.
  • Enjoy being a girl with lace and fitted dress to accentuate those curves—sugar and spice and everything nice. Lace, ruffles, peplums and puffy shoulders reminiscent of the 1970-80’s are back. It is always fun to see how styles come back and are reborn anew. This is a year to showcase the female form and show your curves in body hugging dresses.
  • Another idea is to pair a bright lace top with black pants.
  • Jeans with style – The skinny jean is still strong, as is the boyfriend jean with the comfy fit and casual style and jeggings.
  • The slim or skinny jean works for most figures if you get the proper fit and balance with a great long blazer, sweater or blouse. The boyfriend jean looks great if you combine it with a slim top. It’s never a good idea to combine a full cut style, unless you weigh 90 pounds or want to look like giant box. The jeggings are great with a large oversized sweater or blouse. Just be sure the fit on the jeans is flattering to you.
  • New for fall are the brocade and patterned jeans. Be sure to add a few pair or two of the colored jeans to the wardrobe, too.
  • Remember the rule of thumb. Fit your figure and the fashion will flatter you!
  • If it’s too tight it will actually make you look heavier, fit is key to a fabulous jean.
  • Long sweaters and leggings. I love when the weather gets cooler and sweaters come out and snuggle with the skinny pants or jeans. Comfortable and stylish, tunic  sweaters make the season even more lively and can go dressy or campus chic. Belt or add a scarf and you’ve taken the average sweater to sensational!

 By: Irene Grossklaus, Minnesota School of Cosmetology Woodbury Instructor

Don’t Get Burned By Your Sunscreen – 7 Rules for Skin Health

In December 2012 the FDA’s final regulations went into effect, making sunscreen effectiveness more reliable, but the rules of the game have changed.

According to, “One blistering sunburn in childhood or adolescence more than doubles a person’s chances of developing melanoma later in life. A person’s risk for melanoma also doubles if he or she has had five or more sunburns at any age.” So how do we protect ourselves?

  • RULE #1-The USFDA has now labeled sunscreen as an over the counter drug. Sunscreen offers a health claim and is now viewed as an OTC drug. This makes for a more accurate product now that it is regulated. If the bottle claims a SPF rating of 30, it must be an SPF of 30. Schools and daycares also must take caution in administering an OTC drug, so be sure to check with your child’s care providers for their policies.
  • RULE #2-All sunscreens need to be reapplied every 2 hours. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, meaning, if your sunscreen has an SPF rating of 30, you can stay in the sun up to 30 times longer than you could if you were unprotected. When selecting an SPF you must also factor in your skin type. The fairer your skin, the higher the SPF needed. Because most sunscreens can easily be washed off with sweat and water, they still need to be reapplied every 2 hours to remain the most effective no matter how high the SPF rating is.
  • RULE #3-Your sunscreen should be broad spectrum. The long and short of it is that broad spectrum means that it will offer both UVA and UVB coverage. UVA rays are the aging rays. Eighty percent of aging is directly related to the sun! UVB rays are the rays that give us that nasty sunburn.
  • RULE #4-SPF 15 and lower just aren’t enough. So plain and simple that the FDA states any product with and SPF lower than 15 must carry a label warning that it will not protect against skin cancer.
  • RULE #5-Don’t be fooled by high SPF. SPF’s higher than 50 have not been proven to be any more effective and often have a higher chemical content increasing the toxicity of the product. FDA officials are evaluating if these products should even still be available. Steer clear of products that have a new SPF 50+ rating.
  • RULE #6-There is no such thing as “waterproof.” Products can only claim to be water resistant for up to 40 or 80 minutes before becoming ineffective and must be labeled accordingly.
  • RULE #7-We still need the sun! Avoiding the sun means we avoid things we also need, like vitamin D. So if you are going to avoid the sun, be sure to have your vitamin D levels checked regularly and supplement if needed.

How to Make the Most of Your Next Makeover

When you see a need for change in your life it may be as simple as a beauty makeover.  Makeovers are a great way to cheer yourself up, diminish boredom, and simply make yourself feel good about how you look.  It may sound superficial, but let’s face it: feeling beautiful plays a major role in self-confidence.

First things first, figure out what you want to change.  Is it your hair and skin? Maybe you need a new wardrobe.  Make a list and begin making changes. Most importantly don’t forget the before picture!  Following are some considerations for a beauty overhaul. 

  1. Haircut – When choosing a new hairstyle there are many options.  You can visit Minnesota School of Cosmetology to meet with a future cosmetology professional and have a consultation during which you will be able to discuss what types of cuts look best on your particular face shape.  You can also upload an image of yourself to a variety of websites and literally try out different haircuts and see the results instantly. 
  2. Color – Altering your hair color is a dramatic change that can transform your whole look.  Again this is a great time to seek the advice of a future cosmetology professional at Minnesota School of Cosmetology.  Pictures speak a thousand words when it comes to explaining what color you would like.  Know your limits and decide how bold you want your change to be. Even something as subtle as adding a few face framing highlights can change the entire look of a haircut.   
  3. Make-up – Most people are stuck in a rut when it comes to make-up.  In order to gain new perspective on what colors would look pretty on you, get advice from others.  Go to a make-up counter or come to Minnesota School of Cosmetology and have a make-up application.  You’ll be amazed at the selection of colors.  Some of which you may never have considered! And remember, sometimes when it comes to make-up, a makeover could mean a make-under. 

You are unique, so don’t compare your looks to anyone else. A makeover is a great time to find ways to make those so-called “flaws” of yours look great! A fresh new perspective from a future professional may be just the place to begin generating fun ideas and help in creating a new you!

By: Tiffany Morvari, Instructor at Minnesota School of Cosmetology