Young People Get Glamorized for Shriners Hospital Prom

Shriners Hospital for Children® – Twin Cities hosted a very special prom for their young patients, and Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC) students were privileged to volunteer as the hairstylists and makeup artists. Thirty-seven young people had their hair and makeup done by our students at this remarkable event, held at the Minnesota Masonic Home in Bloomington, Minn.

Shriners Hospital for Children® – Twin Citiesis focuses on treating children with orthopaedic and neuromusculoskeletal conditions in a kid-friendly environment designed to help make them feel comfortable. Every member of the Shriners staff is focused on providing the highest quality care for the child and the family.

Lauren Herro, Shriners Hospital Director of Public and Community Relations exclaimed, “The event went GREAT!  The students were all very professional and efficient and I cannot say enough amazing things about what they do for these kids! The kids feel SO special after you’ve given them the royal treatment.”

MSC student, Bobbie Bednar, was touched by her involvement with the Shriners prom. “This has been one of my most memorable experiences. Seeing so many kids in their pretty gowns, plus having the ability to increase their confidence and make them feel glamorous is truly a blessing that I will always remember!”

Students and staff at the Minnesota School of Cosmetology look forward to enhancing the prom experience for special young people at this annual event.

One to Watch: Student Featured in National ‘Modern Salon’ Magazine

Minnesota School of Cosmetology student Kasi Baker was featured in a national and well-known cosmetology magazine, Modern Salon.  Modern Salon is a monthly magazine that provides cosmetology professionals with education, product news and trends in the beauty industry. Kasi and her model were featured in the magazine for participating in the Wella Professionals Regional TrendVision competition held at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis in April.

Below, Kasi Baker, Minnesota School of Cosmetology student, describes her artistic vision for the contest’s theme “decibel” and her amazing experience at the Wella Professionals Regional TrendVision competition:

“Decibel by definition is the unit system used to measure the intensity of a sound or the power level of an electrical signal. The definition gave me inspiration and creativity I needed to envision a degree of loudness no one has yet experienced. Therefore, the overall look created was a ’70s punk glam on a loud and brash color trip illustrating a sound wave or decibel measurement.

“My experience before partaking in the Wella TrendVision was extremely nerve racking at first; however, once I arrived and set up I dove head first into hair mode. Seeing how these types of hair shows are run and work was an amazing experience I am glad I can say I was a part of while still being in cosmetology school. Participating in hair shows and runways has been a lifetime dream of mine and this has brought me one step closer to achieving that dream. At the show there were reporters asking questions to all of the contestants asking how we came up with our visions, color scheme, style, etc. The Wella TrendVision was a phenomenal surprise and I am thankful for having the amazing opportunity; never did I dream that I, out of multiple other talented cosmetologists/students, would be placed in the Modern Salon magazine—that was an enormous accomplishment and makes me feel that my hard work has paid off.”

We are very proud of Kasi and all of our amazing students; their creativity, drive and passion for the cosmetology industry are extremely inspiring!

Moving to Solid Ground: Pampering Helps Moms Aim for Bright Futures

In honor of Mother’s Day, Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC) students were pleased to celebrate with an amazing organization from White Bear Lake called Solid Ground (formerly East Metro Women’s Council). The students volunteered to perform pampering services such as haircuts, facials, pedicures, manicures and hairstyles on their “mom” clients who are taking the necessary steps to ensure that their families have a brighter future.

The lucky recipients were all moms invited by Solid Ground. According to Director of Development and Communications, Mary Chung, Solid Ground provides housing and support for families emerging from homelessness in suburban Ramsey and Washington Counties. The mission of Solid Ground is to prevent and end homelessness for families with children through housing, resources and opportunity.  Solid Ground provides families not only with a place to live, but also the support and skill building opportunities that families need to achieve self-sufficiency. Solid Ground was also named 2011 Minnesota Nonprofit Award for Excellence.

Chung explained, “On this special day, which happens around Mother’s Day, MSC provides each woman with two spa services of their choice.  From head-to-toe, this gift from MSC provides these moms with much needed relaxation, rejuvenation, and the opportunity to be pampered.”

Cheryl Schindler, Solid Ground volunteer program manager, was thrilled to organize this event with us again this year and said, “Thanks once again for doing these services as they’re all looking forward to a day of pampering—and are so deserving!”

Minnesota School of Cosmetology invites Solid Ground to visit every Mother’s Day to show gratitude to women who are working hard to better their lives in order to create a healthier quality of life for their families.


6 Summer Cocktails for Your Hair

Summer is a great time to introduce your hair to new products. Every season has unique climate changes and these changes affect how your hair looks and feels. You should be in control of your tresses, and the right products can give you the control you need.   

“Cocktailing” products is a way to reach many goals in an efficient manner. You get to play “mixologist” with all of your potions until you create the perfect blends. To start this business of cocktailing, first take an inventory of the hair products you currently own. The final count is probably embarrassingly high. Don’t worry; you’ll soon put them all to good use! The cocktails you come up with will be your personal signature blends.  You purchased them all for different reasons but may not have thought you should be using more than one at a time. In reality no one hair product will make all your hair dreams come true.

Following are some effective custom hair cocktails:

  1. Gel + Straightening Lotion = Straight hair with light hold
  2. Shine Serum + Styling Cream = Soft hair with extra shine
  3. Curl-Enhancing Cream + Anti-Frizz Serum = Smooth spirals with extra frizz protection
  4. Strengthening Serum + Lightweight Hair Dress = Natural frizz-free look with movement
  5. Volumizing Mousse + Shine Serum = Soft waves with lots of frizz-free body
  6. Leave-In Conditioner + Styling Wax = Beachy waves

So go ahead and try a new summer cocktail.  Just as with any good mixologist, the key is finding which particular products you need to mix to have fabulous hair.

By: Tiffany Morvari, Minnesota School of Cosmetology Instructor