Wella TrendVision 2013: Student Roselyn Bannerman Takes Gold

Minnesota School of Cosmetology-Plymouth (MSC) student Roselyn Bannerman took her style skills to the stage at Wella Professionals Regional TrendVision competition held at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis in April. The competition was open to cosmetology students, young professionals and seasoned professionals. Roselyn took first place in the student division, earning her a place in the North American Trend Vision Competition on July 19. The winners of the North American competition will be invited to attend the world competition held in Germany.

Roselyn Bannerman won the student competition at the Wella Professionals Regional TrendVision, securing her a spot at the North American competition.

“The reason I am pursuing an education in the cosmetology field is because it is what I love doing,” 19-year-old Bannerman said. “It has always been my dream to do hair.”

Wella Professionals is a leading innovator in hair trends, style and color. Each year, they identify trends, inspiring stylists worldwide. This year’s theme is “The Sound of Color” which is illustrated by the variety of hues presented. These competitions are a showcase of those trends.

The stylists are asked to put their own unique spin on the trends by creating works of art, with hair being the canvas. Hundreds of stylists enter the competition by submitting photos of their visions and creations online. Judges from Wella then narrow that pool of applicants down to those who are invited to compete on stage in front of a panel of judges. About 15 students participated in the live competition.

Roselyn submitted this hair design, which earned her an invitation to compete on stage in front of a panel of judges. Makeup by MSC student Teagan Mohs. Model is MSC student Lindsay Van Lith

“A competition like this introduces students to the professional aspects outside of school,” said Kelvin Shoulders, an instructor at MSC. “It teaches them how to work with deadlines. It prepares them on how to have forethought and execution. These things translate in a smaller capacity, like working with clients.”

Another benefit to competing in such an event? “It helps bolster their self-esteem,” Shoulders said. MSC students are fortunate in that they have many opportunities available to compete in such events, as well as fashion shows and other competitions held on campus. These offer students a chance to experiment, practice, and, most important, learn.

Roselyn expressed interest in competing after representatives from Wella Professionals came and spoke to the students.

“I decided to enter the competition because I wanted to put myself out there,” Bannerman said. “I wanted people to see my work and what I can do as a person. I also wanted to set the bar high for myself and others that were in the competition.”

Shoulders offered Roselyn guidance throughout, from refining her hair creation to suggesting she pick a floor-length dress to wear. After all, this competition is about more than just hair—it’s about style.

“It is exciting to have a young student be rewarded so highly for the struggles and challenges they face from day to day, because sometimes just getting to school is an accomplishment in itself,” said Angie Durkee, MSC salon school manager. “I still remember the feeling that came over me when they announced [Bannerman’s] name. I had a feeling she was going to get in the top three, and when she won the gold, it was surreal.”

Bannerman teamed up with other MSC students for the competition. Teagan Mohs did the makeup on Lindsay Van Lith, who was the model.

“I want say thanks to my friends and schoolmates, Lindsay and Teagan, for their hard work,” Bannerman said. “Without them, I wouldn’t be here. I love them both and appreciate all the hard work we put into the competition. This experience taught me that if you put your mind to it, anything is possible.”



DIY Gel Polish? Proceed with Caution

Gel polish is becoming increasingly popular and is a wonderful addition to a nail service at a salon.  But you’ve probably noticed more and more do-it-yourself home gel nail kits becoming available for use.  As a licensed professional, I can think of a number of reasons why you shouldn’t do them at home.

Professional manicurists go through intensive training specifically on nail diseases, fungus, weak nails, nail injuries, etc.  Most average people do not carry the knowledge of what can happen if nails are not prepped properly.   Gel polish should be treated no different than any other nail enhancement, like acrylic nails or gel nails.

If a nail is not prepped correctly (cleaned properly, completely dry, and cuticles pushed back) the gel polish could come off pulling some of your natural nail with it or a fungus may develop from even the tiniest piece of dirt or bacteria. Fungus can sometimes be unseen under the gel polish for as long as the polish is on your nail and can develop into a bigger deal without you even knowing.

The removal of gel polish should be taken just as seriously—you need to soak off the nails properly so you don’t damage your natural nail.

If you choose to do an at-home gel polish service, use caution and make sure that you are doing it on completely clean, dry nails.   Also, do your research first. Find the best one out there.  Spend a little more on it if you can.  LED lamps are best because they cure the gel polish fast and do not use UV rays.

Or best yet, trust your professional manicurist! Then you get the joy of getting out of the house and chatting with a friendly person who cares about what happens to your nails.

Learn more about nail technology education at Minnesota School of Cosmetology.

Photo provided by Milady’s Standard Nail Technology © 2011

Learning from the Masters: Cosmetology Pros Share Industry Insights

Top cosmetology industry leaders in the Twin Cities visited Minnesota School of Cosmetology in Woodbury to share their knowledge, experiences and professional advice with students. The Master Panel included representatives from Spalon Montage, JUUT, Moxie Salon, Fantastic Sams, Cole’s Salon, Euphoria Salon, Great Clips, and Lili Salon Spa.

To start off the afternoon, our creative students did each other’s hair and makeup and presented their work by strutting down the runway in a fashion show. The members of the panel enjoyed acting as the judges and awarded the top three most artistic overall looks.

The students had the luxury of asking the members of the panel important questions about the cosmetology industry to gain beneficial insight. A few of the many questions raised included:

  • Who was your mentor and how do you suggest finding a mentor?
  • What do you find most challenging about the cosmetology industry?
  • What are your tips for resume writing?
  • What is the best way to network within the industry?

The industry partners also answered specific questions about their particular salons.

Julie Diedrich, Industry Relations Specialist for Great Clips, exclaimed, “Thanks so much for having us…we all thought this was one the BEST panels that we have EVER served on! Mary Jo (Fantastic Sams), Sara (Great Clips) and Steven (Moxie) agreed!  What a blast! I hope the students enjoyed it!”

Our student cosmetologists benefit greatly from the guidance and expertise of our amazing industry partners. The Minnesota School of Cosmetology is very appreciative to have such outstanding relationships with the employers that hire our students to work in the career of their dreams.