Beauty Shows Offer the Latest in Cosmetology Trends

I am reminded of when I was in cosmetology school.  I wished that I had had a chance to get more while I was in school.  I was that student who loved his education but wanted and craved more.  I attended every event that was being held locally, but no one explained to me that there were beauty shows going on or that I could attend them as a student.  I became aware of these facts after leaving school that I could have–and should have–attended them. To prevent current cosmetology students from missing out on attending beauty shows and learning more about the industry, here are a few shows to put on your calendar:

America’s Beauty Show:  Chicago, March 9-11, 2013, McCormick Place. For more info go to

Orlando Beauty Event:  Orlando, FL, June 1-3, 2013, Orlando Convention Center.  For more info go to

IBS Las Vegas:  Las Vegas, NV, June 22-24, 2013, Las Vegas Convention Center.  For more info go to

Upon learning of the upcoming shows, one of our instructors at Minnesota School of Cosmetology, Shelia Biondo, says, “I find them exceptional because they help to keep you current and on point with new techniques and styles within our industry.  I sometimes feel, that while working in a salon, you don’t often get the chance to expand your horizons.  So by attending trade shows I can offer my clients more options, as well as keeping an eye on forward trends.”



Collaboration by Design: How Our Students Get Fashion Show Experience

Cosmetology students from Minnesota School of Cosmetology teamed up with apparel design students from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities by volunteering as hair/makeup artists for the College of Design’s 45th Annual Apparel Design Senior Fashion Show. The name of this year’s show was “Flux” which showcased the final works of fashion by the College of Design’s senior students and the emerging work of the sophomores and juniors.

MSC Instructor, Chris Prieve, volunteers with this project annually. She expressed, “We, the students of MSC, are lucky to help out the sophomores and juniors. Our students give hairstyles and make-up applications to the models and the designers. It’s so much fun to see our students work as they will once they are professionals. It’s a great learning curve for our students to fulfill the designers’ needs of hairstyle and make-up effects that show off the clothing design. The students always thank me for bringing them to this event.”

MSC student Vantha Pos also had a great experience at the fashion show.  “I had a great time! I loved every moment of it. The models were very pretty and kind. Thanks to Ms. Cris for letting me be a part of it. It was a good experience for me because I didn’t know I could do all that.”

Minnesota School of Cosmetology is enthusiastic about partnering with other colleges to share artistic talents and introduce our students to significant fashion show experiences.




Hear Us: MSC Students Advocate at the Capitol

 Minnesota School of Cosmetology students and staff from Woodbury and Plymouth participated in Hill Day at the Capitol in St. Paul. The Minnesota Salon and Spa Professional Association (MNSSPA) organized the event to create awareness about the 5.5 percent tax increase proposal on all salon services.

MNSSPA Lobbyist Jim Hirst led the group and announced a special thanks to MSC for our large turnout. He explained that when legislators visually see people visit the Capitol to voice their opinion, it makes a difference.

First, the students and staff camped out at the Senate chamber which was just about to go into session. Here everyone handed out flyers to senators and spoke with them about their opinion on the subject. Next on the agenda was visiting the individual offices of each person’s respective senator and then the representatives’ offices.

One group of students was very excited to speak personally with Minnesota Senate member, Foung Hawi who showed his appreciation for their cause by talking with them and taking a picture with them.

MSC Director Jill Hocking stated, “The legislators were impressed with our dedication and I believe it was eye opening for many of them to see that we all cared enough to take time out of our day to voice our opinion on Dayton’s 5.5 percent tax increase proposal on all salon services. I witnessed many students stepping out of their comfort zones, talking with senators, while remaining professional at all times.  I am very proud of our MSC Woodbury and Plymouth students for taking this opportunity to learn about our government and how it affects our careers throughout the beauty industry.”

Karis Steenberg, MSC student, said, “This was a great experience because now we know what to do in the future if we would like our voice to be heard about a particular issue.”

MSC student Nicole Volner was involved in a very passionate discussion with one of the Minnesota Senators. She stated that “visiting the Capitol and speaking to the senators is a very important piece of education for everyone. It’s important for students to learn what is going on in the legislature and to get in there and learn what they’re voting for.”