5 Tips to Keep Polish on Your Nails

Ever wonder what works best to keep the polish on your nails?  Did you know that all companies that sell polish in the U.S. have removed the formaldehyde from polish so it is more difficult to stay on?  Here are some great ways to keep your polish on your nails just a little bit longer!

1. Use regular acetone or a polish remover with acetone to remove the natural oils from your nail surface.  It is so important to clean the surface before applying polish because otherwise your polish will not adhere to the surface.
2. Use a product like OPI Chip Skip to place on your nail before you use a base coat.  These products are made to help the polish adhere to your nail even better!

3. Wait 60 seconds between coats!  Trust me – just exercise a little patience and it will pay off later.   Typical application would be base coat, first thin layer of color, second thin layer of color, and then a top coat.  (Bonus tip: Make sure you are putting the color all the way over the edge of your nail and when you put the top coat on, top the edge too!  This is typically the first place people experience chips or nicks.)

4. Polish with a glitter or shimmer polish.  These types of polishes tend to stick to your nails better than regular polish.  And yes, as you probably all know, that means they are a little more difficult to get off!  (Bonus tip for hard-to-remove polish:  Soak a cotton ball in remover or acetone, place on nail polish, cover with a small square of aluminum foil & wrap around finger, and let “soak” for up to 10 minutes for hard-to-remove polish, then use cotton ball to remove.  This same technique is used in a similar way to remove acrylic from your nails so it works great to remove stubborn polish!)

5. Keep applying that top coat!  Seriously!  Think of it like waxing the car – it prolongs the color and fills in all the nicks and dings!  Apply a top coat layer every other day.  (Bonus tip: Put a drop of vegetable or olive oil on each nail after applying the top coat.  This helps for a few reasons – it helps seal the polish and makes it slick so that hair and things like that slide off until it is dry, and it helps moisten your cuticles.)


My name is Cori and I have been a licensed nail technician for 7 years. I work for the Minnesota School of Cosmetology in Woodbury and also received my training here.  Since MSC is an “OPI” school (meaning we use mostly OPI products) I typically will use OPI for my demonstrations, but keep in mind, most of my tips and tricks can be used with whatever nail polish you have.  I always recommend using professional beauty products such as OPI, CND, Zoya, or Venique, to name a few.

I have done a lot of traveling in my life and love experiencing new things and places. And I love people! I love what you can learn about people when you actually take a minute to have a conversation with them.  Networking and learning from others gives me a chance to get their thoughts on what they like for styles and trends.  I have a passion for the industry and love keeping up with all of the new techniques and trends.  Pinterest is a favorite place of mine to visit for some brilliant style ideas. There are so many creative people out there that share great pics!  I am so excited to share tips and tricks from the nail tech world with you.

Trends in Texture

For the past 10 years, straight, smooth hair ruled popular culture. Now that textured styles are gaining in popularity, people are looking for all kinds of ways to achieve movement and texture in their hair.
There is an abundance of techniques to add texture to your hair.  They range from soft sets to chemically changing the structure of your hair.  Products can also take the straight and narrow into soft and wavy with a bit of knowledge and patience.
An Iron for Any Occasion
There was a time when curling irons came in three sizes. These curling irons were used to make straight hair big, and bangs into sausage rolls. Today, there are irons in every size under the rainbow, along with crimpers, wavers, and rods.  There are even irons with interchangeable, detachable barrels that come with a variety of wands that allow you to create all kinds of looks.  With these tools you can give your straight locks shine, movement and texture at home in just a few minutes.
Chemical Changes
In the salon or cosmetology school, roller sets are not just for the seniors. They can give lifeless hair curl and texture that can last for days.  If permanency is what you’re looking for, you may opt for a chemical service that will give you soft waves.  Gone are the days that perms dried out your hair and looked simply frizzy.  Today’s cosmetologists can give you beachy waves, like with a chemical permanent wave service.
Product Junkie
There are also a number of products that allow you or your stylist to diffuse texture into your hair.  Kenra makes Curl Defining Crème, Curl Glaze, and Curl Spray.  Wella also has several products that assist in creating texture, including texture sprays.  Nearly every product line has beach sprays that allow you to simply spray texture right into your hair, making it feel like your texture came from the salty ocean waters.
Whether you’re fond of texture or it brings back bad memories from the ’80s, now is the time to experiment with the level of texture that is right for you. Check out our salon services at Minnesota School of Cosmetology, where student stylists can assist you in learning how to use irons to create soft waves, set you in rollers, or give you a chemical permanent wave.  Then, all you have to do is arm yourself with the latest texture products and you are set!
My name is Tiffany Morvari, instructor at Minnesota School of Cosmetology in Woodbury, Minn. I am excited to be able to update you on style and hair trends in the cosmetology industry.  I have been in the hair industry for many years and have worked in just about every corner of it. I love everything about hair, from color and texture to every new product on the market.  You might even be able to call me a product junkie!  I am thrilled to be able to pass on my industry knowledge. 

Top 5 Makeup Must-Haves For Your Purse!

For me and many other women out there the day is a balancing act of work, kids, running a household and much more. It can be exhausting and being on the go hardly allows for time to re-apply a full face of makeup in between it all, but we still want to look fresh and put together while we run from work, to meetings, to pick up the kids, to dinner out with the girls, to running errands. 

Here are the top five makeup products to keep in your purse at all times for a quick touch-up so that you can look fabulous all day–no matter how long it is!  

  1. A lipstick or lip gloss is a must for the purse and is your most effective makeup tool. You want a shade that is neutral enough for day wear and goes with everything. Invest the time in finding a shade that is right for you. Finding a lipstick or gloss that looks amazing on you will complete your look and can be reapplied often to pull your look together any time of day.   
  2. Add a concealer to the mix. It’s essential because it covers up blemishes and can help hide the dark circles that might be on display after a wild night out on the town (or a wild night up with a baby who hates sleep). Concealers come in both liquid and cream forms.
  3. Include a powder in your bag of goodies. There are plenty of pressed and loose powders on the market, but a pressed powder is the most convenient for quick touch-ups at your desk or in the car. It takes only seconds to apply but is necessary when it comes to covering blemishes, sun damage and absorbing oil.  Applying pressed powder throughout the day will give you a fresh look continuously.
  4. Keep a tube of mascara close by at all times; it enhances your lashes and is a great way to draw attention to your peepers. You can also add more coats of mascara for a dramatic, smokey eye evening look.
  5. A cream blush is mandatory in your bag of makeup must-haves.  Cream blushes tend to stay on the cheeks longer than powder blush, don’t require a brush to apply (use your fingertips) and in a pinch can be used to add color to the lips.

Side note: Always keep a tweezers in your purse, too. The natural light that shines in on you while in your car (and the horrendous, unforgiving light in dressing rooms) are the perfect places to spot a random hair growing on your face where it does not belong!  

I’m Jilean Harding and about eight years ago I knew I wanted a career change, so I quit my job in sales, went back to school and joined the exciting world of cosmetology as a Licensed Esthetician. I now work full time at the Minnesota School of Cosmetology as a Senior Admissions Representative helping others interested in cosmetology find their passion and start the journey toward a new career. I’m also a wife and mama to three kids, one crazy dog and an adorable kitten. Each month I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks regarding skincare and makeup that I hope will be fun and helpful. Cheers!

Behind the Scenes: Holiday Runway Show at AQUA Nightclub

Three students from Minnesota School of Cosmetology volunteered as makeup artists and hairstylists for JD STYLE Group’s Annual Holiday Runway Show, held at AQUA Nightclub in Minneapolis. The runway show featured models with Old Hollywood glamour, complete with red lips, dramatic eyeliner, and the hairstyles of that genre:  dramatic, beautiful wavy hair. They dressed in holiday themed attire, including candy cane stockings and Santa hats.

Jessica Dereschuk, CEO of JD Style Group, extensively praised our students for their extraordinary work.

“I just wanted to shoot you each a HUGE THANK YOU for your talents & vision behind the scenes!” Jessica said. “Not only do you bring your skills but you bring your amazing personalities & professionalism! You help make it a fun atmosphere backstage & put the models at ease as you transform their looks.  I just feel so blessed to have an amazing team behind the scenes, you really are a part of the magic we make happen on the runway & KNOW IT IS APPRECIATED!”

Minnesota School of Cosmetology student Amber Veness was thankful for the opportunity to do makeup for models at a high-profile fashion show.

“It was an amazing, phenomenal experience that boosted my confidence,” Amber said. “I felt so good after the show because of my accomplishments! Jessica, the other professionals and the models were awesome to work with and I will continue relationships with them after I graduate from MSC. It was amazing to be part of the behind-the-scenes group at a large fashion show. I’m very thankful for the experience.”

According to JD Style Group’s website, the company is “a full service event production and experiential marketing boutique firm. From creating and producing our own events to executing the vision of our clients, to working with some of the top names in sports & entertainment, we truly do it all. Unique, forward thinking and a zest for perfection keeps our brand not only relevant, but in demand with both our consumers and our clients.”

Let’s Dance: Practicing as Makeup Artists for Celebrity Dancers

Three of our amazing Minnesota School of Cosmetology students, Kimberly Hughes, Evea Hermann and Bobbie Bednar volunteered as hair and makeup artists for celebrity dancers who participated in a local celebrity dance competition called “Let’s Dance.”

The Let’s Dance event is held annually at the beautiful Saint Paul Hotel to benefit CornerHouse, an organization that ensures children’s voices are heard and understood in cases of alleged abuse. According to the CornerHouse website, “CornerHouse hears the voices of approximately 500 children each year when conducting forensic interviews and medical examinations of children who have reported sexual abuse, witnessed violent crime or who may have been otherwise victimized.”

Rut Newman, volunteer and administrative coordinator at CornerHouse, was thankful for the services our students provided. She stated, “The work you did, your positive attitude – it was so crucial to the success of the night. Thank you!”

Student Bobbie Bednar was thrilled that she made the decision to volunteer for the event. She exclaimed, “I had so much fun! Thank you again for the opportunity! We were surprised to see four other makeup artists there when we arrived, but it was awesome to get to talk to them about their experiences in the industry. A few of them are freelance artists that get paid to do the Target and JC Penney ads and catalogs as well as local TV commercials. It was awesome!”

Photography: Nancy Van Thorre

Cosmetology Career Prep: Students Give Manicures to Seniors

Students provide manicures to senior citizens at Woodbury Senior Living

Minnesota School of Cosmetology students and their instructor shared their cosmetology skills and passion for giving back by volunteering to give manicures for the residents of the Woodbury Senior Living Health Care Center. While lifting the spirits of the residents, the students also received hands-on experience to prepare them for their future careers in the salon industry.

According to the Woodbury Senior Living website, Woodbury Health Care Center offers residents advanced care in a comfortable setting. Many of these residents need round-the-clock assistance and medical attention. MSC students were able to provide a wellness-focused service to these clients while engaging with them in friendly, cross-generational conversation.

Kathy Dunleavy, campus director of Community Life/Recreation Therapy Services, praised the Minnesota School of Cosmetology volunteers. She said, “[The students] did great. You all were professional and so kind to our residents. You were super organized. We thank you for your service.”

MSC student Cori Colling thoroughly enjoyed the experience, explaining, “It pleased me to be able to go [to Woodbury Senior Living] and give the seniors manicures. They were so wonderful and really seemed to enjoy their time with us.”

MSC instructor Tiffany Morvari was inspired by the event. She said, “Bringing our students to the Woodbury Senior Living facility was an uplifting experience for all involved. The students were able to connect with an older generation and make them feel good about themselves. The residents enjoyed receiving the hand and arm massage as well as choosing fun colors for their nails.”

This outstanding visit to Woodbury Senior Living was one of many that MSC students make. The students genuinely enjoy engaging with the elderly residents while also improving their cosmetology career skills.